Tango is a robot made by Iris that helps the Maverick Hunters when most needed




Assist the Maverick Hunters with multiple abilities


Mice, playing with toys, helping the good guys, balls of yarn, etc.


Dogs, feeling down, losing someone precious, having no fun, etc.

Tango is a cat robot made by Iris the Hedgehog that originally appeared in the classic Mega Man series, acting similar to Rush. Originally appearing in Mega Man V, Tango was brought into the Maverick Hunter X series with an alternate backstory and even gender.


Iris made both Tango and Maddie shortly after the Red Alert conflict. They were both finished and unveiled during the Copy X incident and they proved to be very useful to both Zero and Axl. She has since become quite a useful gadget for the Maverick Hunters, as well as Repliforce.


Tango is shown to be really playful and enjoys playing with some toys and otehr stuff that Iris and Maddie give her. She is mostly like any other cat, and also has a nack for jumping into situations to try and stop the bad guys. Tango really likes being around X and Zero the most, as they are the ones she is used with most on missions.

Abilities & Powers

Tango has many abilities at ehr disposal, but most would require upgrades by Iris to function properly. Her most common one is attacking enemies by tackling them, scratching with her claws, and spinning/rolling into them. Other abilities of Tango's include the following:

  • Tango Coil: A spring pops out of Tango's back, allowing her partner(s) to reach higher places.
  • Tango Jet: Tango transforms into a sort of hoverboard, allowing her partner(s) to get through difficult air sections. She has difficulty stopping, however.
  • Tango Marine: Tango turns into a sort of submarine-like vehicle and functions on and under the sea floor. She also shoots a few buster shots and torpedoes in this form as well.
  • Tango Bike: Tango transforms into a sort of motorcycle, equipped with sort of machinegun-like weapons. This form is rarely used due to the otehr Maverick Hunters having Ride Chasers.




  • Tango was brought in a sort-of Rush-like character and redone to be more feminine and keep consistant with Maddie's appearance.
  • Tango is named after a type of music.

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