Taiki the Dragon is a Chillverse 2.0 character created by and based on SS3K.

Taiki the Dragon
OC Placeholder
Vital statistics
Title None so far
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Silver Bearded-Dragon
Fur/Feathers/scales Grape purple scales
Attire TBD
Romantic Interests None yet. Probably will be a lot.
Hobbies Gaming, Writing, Procrastinating
Favorite Color Plum
Favorite Food Pasta
Favorite Drink Dr. Pepper
First Appearance Chillverse 2.0
Appearances Chillverse 2.0 and related media
American/English VA Brian Beacock
Seiyū (Japanese VA) Minami Takayama


Taiki is often anxious and secluded. When put under pressure, he'll show symptoms of anxiety such as shaking, sweating and phasing out. As well as anxious, Taiki is also anti-social, being seen as misanthropic and cynical around other people.

Taiki has an affinity for digital entities and technology. Wanting to go into places such as Digital Mobius and seeing what the inside of hardware is and how it works. He is often heard also trying to work meetings into his schedule when talking with friends, due to his limited free time and part-time job.


Taiki is the youngest in a long historic family of bearded dragons who were notorious for terrorizing villages and kingdoms. Such dragons often ended up executed or imprisoned. but due to so many children at one time back then, the family tree still grows, albeit at a slowly decreasing rate.

Taiki was born on his own, but is fully aware of his descendance due to storybooks and history books, though he acts blissfully unaware of this in everyday life. 

In terms of education and work, Taiki is a 1st year student at Amaranthine and works at a technology store evenings and Saturday mornings at a tech store named Brandabacus.



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