Swindle the Fox
Swindle the Fox
Swindle is the greedy businessman of the Combaticons






Expert con-man, great use of weapons like the Scatter Blaster, Path Blaster, Neutron Assault Rifle, and Throwback Blaster, amazing at chain grappling, forms right leg of Bruticus.

Love Interests



Money, making good deals, true business, treasure, etc.


Cheap work, lame tricks, being empty-handed, dumb weaponry, etc.

Voice Actor

Steve Blum

Swindle the Fox is a self-proclaimed Maverick entrepreneur and one of the five Combaticon mercenaries. He is a shrewd businessman that is essentially Onslaught's right-hand man for his usefulness in weaponry, mapping, and business dealings. He forms the right leg of Bruticus.


Swindle was once an illegal Maverick arms-dealer until he became involved with Alia's inaugural Combiner Experiment, which tested the hypothesis of two or more Reploids joining to form another, mostly larger. Gathered up with Onslaught, Brawl, Blast-Off, and Vortex, they formed the mighty monster Bruticus. Impressed by the successful power and stability, the Seeker Triplets gave Alia much praise and rewards.

After the incident, the five Mavericks formed the Combaticons, a group of Maverick mercenaries that take no sides at all and only accept work and missions from those with the highest bidder, whetehr they're Maverick or not. Swindle has been the biggest of help behind-the-scenes, mapping out potential targets and treasure sites, and doing the most elaborate plotting and dealing.


Swindle is more of a businessman than an actual fighter. Unlike most other Mavericks and some of his teammates, Swindle sees the Maverick Wars and conflicts as a good business opportunity. He likes to do most of the talking and dealing when the Combaticons are approached by or approaching a potential job for cash. He also has a good greedy side, which often comes in handy for his teammates.




  • Swindle is based off the Transformers character of the same name, most notably his Fall of Cybertron counterpart.
  • Swindle is Gurahk's favorite Combaticon.

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