Suzaku has alot of fire abilites as well as a few wind elemental attacks.

Peacock Strike

  • Suzaku's basic pecking attack
  • Rapid Strikes (At  rate of 50MPH)
  • Able to Break Any Shield

Plume Comets

  • Her Fire Elemental Attack
  • Able to fire Up to 200 Rounds per Attack

Phoenix Wave

  • Her Second Fire Elemental Attack
  • It is a Circular Wave of Fire Energy
  • Able to melt the 75% of all Steels

Mythology and Bio


Suzaku as it is called in Mobian culture is also known as Zhu Que or Feng Huang in which translates to mean roughly Red Bird or Phoenix.


Suzaku is God of the South, presiding over the summer season. It is also thought to be the incarnation of Fire in the Five Elements. In Mobian mythology, it is usually potrayed as a sacred bird with unmatched beauty and grace, who charmed many of her opponents before burning them alive making them part of her army of Fire Birds


Considered to be one of the four emblems of royalty in Eastern Mobius. This symbol of the Phoenix is often found sewn on femine robes, while the Symbol of Seiryu for males. The expression of Dragon and Phoenix means marital bliss for newly wed couples.


  • The Suzaku is based from Japanese culture.
  • She dissaproves of violence but manages to fight if she is told to or has no other choice.
  • She is Voiced by _____________________________

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