Suri is a teenage girl and one of the protagonists of SS3K's continuity.

Suri the Unyielding
[[Suri the Unyielding kotc|250px]]
Suri in KOTC
Vital statistics
Title Unyielding, Suri
Age 16 Years Old(?)
Gender Female
Species  ???
Fur/Feathers/scales Brown, Tan
Attire -See Appearance-
Romantic Interests None, implied Ken the Anubis
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First Appearance Legacy -Battlers Lockdown, King of the Chill
Appearances Legacy -Battlers Lockdown, King of the Chill, Legacy -Battlers Stone Revision
American/English VA GK Bowes
Seiyū (Japanese VA) Romi Park


Suri has brown fur, though most of her body is of her muzzle and fur of muzzle color. She has long hair with a double fringe that looks as if gelled at the breaking point of her head and fringe, before spiking downwards. In terms of clothes, Suri wears a red sleeveless jacket over a black sports bra, with an armband on her left bicep, she wears a red schoolgirl skirt and has a strange sword-esque weapon carried to her back, it's very heavy, but taking the sword off can reveal that it has a magnetic pad on Suri's jacket, she uses this to keep the sword without it falling or her severely hurting her back. She has yellow eyes and a small button nose, and wears calf-high metallic boots and gauntlets. This appearance looks incredibly futuristic at first glance.


Suri is brash and rather bratty, she loves the oppurtunity to fight and takes nearly every oppurtunity to fight, but this can sometimes lead to her dismay as her brash attitude can put her in tough spots. Suri shows a friendly demeanor to some types -- Like Ken -- while showing a false-heroic facade to others -- Like Mask --, at times, Suri acts like a typical teenage girl, but dislikes being compared to them, she ignores it though, but it can stress her out if done with repitition.


Not much is known about Suri, considering her amnesia causing her to forget her own name, in which her oldest memory resides in blurs and the word "Suri" is heard uttered several times, in a conversation with Ken the Anubis, they would eventually go ahead to name her Suri, giving her confidence in herself and taking it on as her name, maybe it is her name, at this stage, we don't know.

She was given the name "Unyielding" at first for her tendency to fight and her brash personality. This would also go on to her current name "Suri the Unyielding".

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