Rather than do what I did last time and give a plethora of new episodes and a few designs, this time you get one episode concept and a one design. Introducing Princess/Queen Tangerina Toadstool, the mother of Peach.


Dawning a design nearly identical to Rosalina's beta design (which I chosed because gotta use that beta and I remember reading somewhere that in an early concept for Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina was the mother of Peach) with a few more Peach-y adjustments, Tangerina is still rather different. But enough about design choices, onto the episode concept

In the days where Toadsworth's kickin' mustache was still brown and Peach was a mere babby (on purpose), Queen Tangerina waged war against Bowser's father (who'll be using a green design akin to his earlier design) for the territory of Mushroom Kingdom. This didn't bother Tangerina at all however as she loves the thrill of battle (arguably a bit too much), that love only being surpassed by the love of her people and her daughter Peach. With her Mushroom Retainers, Toads and Goombas in tow she takes risks her life taking initiative herself and fighting the Koopa Clan herself. But as stated before she still puts her family and kingdom first before her rivalry with the Koopa King. As you can see Tangerina's (name obviously comes from "tangerine" which are like peaches. But different(?) ) crown, dress and ears all hold gems near identical to Peach's (the fourth gem on Peach's crown being on the back of middle arc of Tangerina's) . I wonder if it means anything....

As for the husband that's another story but what do you guys think of the queen herself? I feel as though I should add a few more unique features to her and make her a bit different? Once again, suggestions, questions and ideas can go to my ask fm . I know. I'm REALLY fuckin' thirsty today.

Next let's talk about the main ape. In Season 2, the Donkey Kong cast of the show will take a more direct role in the series. Accompanied with elements taken from the DKC Cartoon, the series will also be getting the "Donkey Kong Dimensions" arc where the main ape will be meeting some of his coolest and k.roolest cruelest counterparts! Why not show them off here and now!

Taking inspiration from the designs from Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Country's cartoon and the Rare designs we now have the finalized design for the OG main ape, Cranky Kong!

DKD Cranky Kong

Not much to say since we know pretty much all we need to about him. A grumpy old slag rejecting of modern advancements who still has some tricks up his sleeve. So let's move from the known to the unknown, these DK kounterparts yet to be showcased:

DKD Classic DK

The classic kong hailing from a dimension in which the soon to be King of the DK Islands is banished to the Earth and rescued/raised by the, admittedly neglectful but good intentioned Jumpmnan.

DKD Atari DK

This kounterpart comes from a much simpler world; almost no dialogue and minimal facial expression means a lot to them. To others with actually experience with normal emotional output they can come off as strange and almost non-human. But behind that blanket expression remains a Kong intent on raising hell and capturing a damsel or two along the way.


One of the more dangerous DK's, this Kingly kong serves a similar role to Bowser in his dimension, making the Kong Clan wage war against the Mushroom Kingdom with moderate success. 

DKD Mushroom DK

In high contrast with the previous Kong, this DK is from a Type-T (timeline) dimension split where the Kongs serve as Peach's greatest guards, defending her from the threat of the Koopa King. While not a technological genius, this inkarnation is definitely more conventionally smart than his fellow brethren.

DKD Dealer DK

This suave and koniving Kong has very strong set goals in his mind: 1.) Get. 2.) Money. He's a street-smart con-artist with no qualms of taking advantage of others, even if it means putting kingdoms in danger. He don(key)s more casual strength than the other DKs but his manipulative mindset could be enough to take on any Kong, any day (given they aren't predominantly dumb, otherwise this Kong may not be all he's kracked up to be...)!

DKD Alpha DK

The divided DK is here. This rebellious rapscallion divided the DK Island's populace into a struggle of Rebellion vs. Koopa vs. Mushroom. He fights with savage and brute strength, having a monsterous temper to back up the muscle. He lives life with no regrets and wishes to tower both of the primary kingdoms as to assert his dominance as the king of the world.

DKD Dorky DK

Who is this absolute DORK?! Ha, well this DK (if you can't tell from his face) is an absolutely clown through and through. He enjoys a good prank and tends to be relaxed, avoiding conflict. Absolutely not confrontational and most likely the weakest of the DK kounterparts.

DKD Music DK

While the DK Crew is known for their musical prowess, this teenager counterpart is absolutely obsessed with it, taking his love for instruments, woodwind to prekussion into all of his ventures, be they fun, romance or royal obligation.

DKD Orangutan DK

Now here's a sight to be seen! A DK counterpart, rather than a typical gorilla-type kong, is instead an orangutan type and...he's using one of Diddy's charged zen techniques?! Who is this kryptic and enigmatic kong...

DKD Akongination

A terrible amalgomation of Mr.X, a young DK and a mysterious unknown power, Akongination is quite possibly one of DK's toughest opponents yet. With the brains, brawn and knowledge of both Kremlings and Kongs, Akongination lives up to his name as one of the most kontempt-worthy Kongs. Still not as bad as Manky tbh...disgusting kreature...

DKD Cool(er) DK

Taking some kues(?) from Funky, this kool Kong works as a heroic bounty hunter, going around with his rocket barrel and kicking the asses of unjust kriminals, all while securing sick pay (in bananas, of course. He is a DK after all.)

DKD Primal DK

Essentially a victim of evolution's failure to pay-up, Primal DK is exactly what he says on the tin: a mindless ape with no sense of right or wrong. In fact, in his dimension, there is no Mushroom World. He exists as a normal pet on Earth. He truly is a pinnacle example of disappointment, huh?

DKD Koopa DK

While allied with Bowser and his kronies, this barrel chucking brute is completely, 100% sub-serviant and loyal to him. On a quest to defeat K.Rool once and for all, the two scratch each other's backs (or in Bowser's case, shell) and fight against both the Mushroom Kingdom and Kremlings.

DKD Childish DK

Enhanced with Super Mushrooms (we'll get to it another day), this DK is a mere child put into a body in it's prime. Still rather emotionally unstable (being a child and all) he's prone to temper and irrationality, but always manages to come through for his klan.


This DK is one chill dude: just check him! Not a care in the world AND reluctant to rule the DK Islands, this lazy inkarnation simply wishes to escape the life of pressure thrust upon him. Who knows what kind of things the absolute mad monkey will resort to to escape watching the Banana Hoard once a week...scary man. Scary.

DKD Brainy DK

Other than Dealer and Dorky DK, this is probably the weakest of all the kounterparts. Rather than a mix, this Kong prefers a technical and intelligent approach to defending his home. He loves to invent devices to fight back against the Kremlings, leading to his kingdom being a lot more technologically complex compared to the simpler kongtraptions we're used to in the normal universe.

DKD Princess DK

Contrasting with the evil King DK, this DK comes from a dimension where he rules the Mushroom Kingdom and defends it with an iron fist (and mace). While a strong Kong, he's also got a good sense of komedy allowing him to protect his kingdom and family with relative ease!

DKD Chained DK

This rather normal sized Kong is a bit off looking. He has some rather familiar chains on his wrists and ankles but something about him is off compared to the other DKs...can you figure it out?

DKD Blind DK

With a similar link to the strange zen powers as Diddy and the Orangutan DK, Blind DK primarily walks on his arms, feeling the vibrations on the ground as one of his keys to victory. Of kourse, since it was mentioned that he has a link with the mysterious powers, this only assists him on his vigilante defense against the Kremlings.

DKD Golfer DK

As a more good-hearted kounterpart to Dealer DK, this golf vacation manager loves spreading the joy of his favorite sport to the people around him. While golf is his primary kalling, he tends to do sale in other things including sports and even power-ups! Always willing to listen and learn, Golfer DK is sure to be a good ally be it for obtaining friendship or items.

DKD Krazy DK

On a lesser scale, this Krazy Kong is similar to Akongination, deriving from an Type-T dimension where the Kremlings gain and raise Donkey. Taking inspiration from K.Rool, this Kong features a similar irritated eye and savage mannerisms. Despite his big weight, he's one of the most agile Kongs.

DKD Classy DK

You can be mean when you look this klean, he's a klassic Kong! Klassy DK here is what it'd be like if DK was to play Bluster: just actually charming and not balding. Klassy DK oozes with Kharisma and Kommand, and despite his rather prominent narcissistic tendencies, he knows what matters most: defending his kountry (all while looking good doing it).

DKD Adventure DK

Kontaining no interest in becoming the future ruler, this ciddy kiddy juvenile Kong would much rather explore the world and endulge in a kongquest of fun and delight! 


Look at this brave little man! In spite of his small size, he isn't one of the kuickest Kongs we have here--no, rather he specializes in being a King of Swing, klimbing the sprawling jungles of the DK Islands and performing his duties of what else: stopping the Kremlings.

DKD Pilot DK

Another young version of the main ape, the three digit toting Kong loves the high skies and would do love to be able explore beyond the Mushroom World. But for now, he's stuck learning of, yeah blah blah blah duties, blah blah blah kremlings. You know the drill. It's no wonder he wishes for a bit more, you might be too...

DKD Crystal DK

Everyone's favorite banana slammin' buffoonish gorilla, the Crystal Coconut inkarnation of DK is one of his many counterparts. Fans of chiLL chaNNeL's Streamin' Saturday block (CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) know all about this dork: not the strongest ape on Kongo Bongo, but one of the most capable. His duty is to one day succeed the great Cranky Kong as ruler and protector of the illusive Crystal Coconut, a treasure encapsuling the power of the Subcon that allows the possessor near infinite possibility...if the Subcon's ruler allows such...

DKD Captain N DK

Possibly the epitome of an unlikeable DK, this neglectful ruler refuses to take ownership of his rightful throne, not even appointing a second in command. Rather he flees on his own personal conquests of greed and self-indulgence. With little regard for those who stand with or against him, the Kaptain N kounterpart of DK looks out for number one exclusively and on some ocassions may even look out to make misery and mockery out of the other billions of residence of the Mushroom world.

DKD Ancient DK

Finally, he's here for you!: it's the last member of kounterpart krew! This Kong's so old: he saw the Simian Struggle, got turned to a statue and burried with a shovel. Now recovered in the present, this DK's back to appease, his struggling people with revolutionary means! He may be old-school, not the sharpest tool but this Kong won't be taken for a fool! Huh!

Come on DK fans! Take it to the end!:

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