Main Characters

New Design Additions

Mario: Brown stache/eyebrows, Visor has a black rim, Slit on overall straps to represent button hole, White buttons

Luigi: Brown stache/eyebrows, Visor has a black rim, Slit on overall straps to represent button hole, White buttons

Daisy: Freckles, Third Eye, Teal Eyes, Brown Eyelashes, Mix of her modern dress and her classic dress, Tanner skin

Toad: Brown Belt w/ yellow buckle

Bowser Jr.: Grey spinesd

Peach: AngularBlonde Eyelashes, 3 frills  *Mario

  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Toad- Toadette is Toad’s younger sister instead of his girlfriend.
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser
  • Wario
  • Princess Daisy: Willing to get dirty, doesn’t like her role as a princess, willing to get violent, has a bad temper.
  • Bowser Jr.

Major Characters

  • Donkey Kong
  • Rosalina
  • Diddy Kong
  • Toadette
  • Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Larry Koopa
  • Lemmy Koopa
  • Wendy O. Koopa
  • Morton Kooper Jr.
  • Roy Koopa
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Professor Elvin Gadd
  • King Boo
  • Bucken Berry 
  • Ala Gold
  • Toadsworth

Recurring Characters

  • Nabbit
  • Birdo
  • André Koopa
  • Pédro Koopa
  • Kat 
  • Ana
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Luigi
  • Baby Peach
  • Captain Syrup
  • Swanky Kong
  • Fawful
  • Popple
  • Geno
  • Gonzales Jr.

Minor Character

  • Pink Jr.


Season 1

World 1: Mar10


In the series premiere a day has been created to celebrate the Mario Brothers' great deeds! This festival proves a success until Bowser and his Koopalings decide to raise chaos resulting in the Mario Bros. and friends having to make their mark once more. (Character based sub-plot is Peach learning to stand up for herself and take initiative when kidnapped)

  1. World 1-1: Super Celebration- The date is March 10th and to celebrate the Mario Brothers's many accomplishments a festival is being held in the Mushroom Kingdom! People from all over the world have come to visit, in particular a group of mischievous Koopas... 
  2. World 1-2: Invasion of the Koopa Clan- The festival soon finds itself in chaos as King Koopa himself Bowser invades the Mushroom Kingdom. Accompanied by his eight villainous children, the Koopalings (and Bowser Jr.), Kamek, the Koopa Troop and numerous other baddies Bowser plans to take Peach by brute force and leave the Mushroom Kingdom in ruin.
  3. World 1-3: Chained for Time- Peach has been captured and Bowser has escaped to the throne room of his head airship. It seems as though everything is going in King Koopa's favor until the many residents of the Mushroom Kingdom band together with the visiting festival goers to chain down the Airship to the ground. With Bowser's forces quickly regrouping to break these chains, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Daisy must quickly traverse the airships innards and confront Koopa!
  4. World 1-4: Assault on the Airship- Bowser has barely managed to take flight, his forces breaking the binding chains while he's thrown Mario and friends out of the front window of the airship. However with some quick thinking the Toad Brigade is able to provide them with some flight based power-ups! Mario and friends take flight in one last ditch effort to stop Bowser from leaving the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach (who manages to escape Bowser's clutches and cause trouble for him in the airship herself once more) and for all!
Important Details/Takeaway
  • The character based sub-plot of the episode is Peach learning to stand up for herself and take initiative when kidnapped.
  • World 1-1 has a song that explains every Mario game canon to the series that also celebrates their many accomplishments.
  • Mario Party 10

World 2: Luigi's Luck


Luigi's luck has been known for being extremely sporadic; sometimes he gets where he needs to go by doing absolutely nothing and other times you wouldn't be wrong to assume his last name was 'Murphy' instead of 'Mario' (haha seriously though that isn't canon). E.Gadd is intrigued by Luigi's luck and what it could mean for the greater mysterious of their world and as such decides to do some experiments to see if Luigi's luck has triggers. The Koopalings catch onto this plot and begin to hatch another in an attempt to make it up for their last defeat in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

  1. World 2-1: The (Un)Luckist Lifeform?!- After a near dangerous encounter with a duo of Koopas (by the names of André and Pedro) goes sour and turns in the favor of the Mario Bros., E.Gadd's curiousity about Luigi's change of fortune peaks and the three decide to look into the green-clad plumber's strange circumstances
  2. World 2-2: Koopa Regroupa- André and Pedro return to the people who hired them to harass the Mario Bros.: the Koopalings. Stricken with the grief of another defeat, they believe all hope for redemption in their father's eyes is nigh...until Pedro reveals that he and his brother managed to stay behind and gain some sick intel: Luigi may just be the luckiest thing to ever flutter across their world. With this in mind the Koopalings decide to 'borrow' Kamek's spell book and formulate a way to snatch the luck right out of Luigi.
  3. World 2-3: The Science of Luck(?)- E.Gadd has Luigi go through an assortment of different experiments to test the algorithim by which Luigi's luckiness, and unluckiness work. The activities range in subject from going to to Rock-Candy Canyon and avoiding boulders (and Gabons/Spikes), to intentionally aggravating to Wigglers, to coming over to Daisy's for tea. All the while the Koopalings attempt to survey, steal Luigi's luck when possible and overall cause a ruckus.
  4. World 2-4: ?- When all else fails, take the hard route. The Koopalings spring into action with André and Pedro backing them up. E.Gadd takes cover as the Koopalings wave their wands in a desperate attempt to make their fabled Luckshroom come true. It's up to Luigi and Ludwig (since you know. he's the leader and not larry.) to see who Lady Luck shines on most.
Important Details/Takeaways
  1. Character based subplot is the Koopalings not being sure if Bowser truly loves them, and thus overtrying to subdue the Mario Bros. to compensate.
  2. Ending of the episode features Kamek busting the Koopalings for the stealing the book, which they apologize for and reveal their intentions. Bowser of course isn't too upset about it and tells him that he loves them no matter what, win or lose. Establishes the loving relationship between the two
  3. After the Koopalings/Koopa Twins lose to the Mario Bros. in World 2-4 André states "You're paying us overtime."
  4. World 2-2 starts with the Koopalings overhearing Bowser talking to Junior about how he's upset about their last defeat, thus taking the matter into their own hands as they believe him only addressing this with Bowser Jr. means he doesn't love them as much.
  5. Wendy comments how she finds Luigi and Daisy's relationship cute 

World 3: Ghost Bros.ters


When the Boos of the world start acting weird, Luigi (and Mario) go searching some ghost hunting.

  1. World 3-1: Boo-Hoo, Boos!- Residence of the world have found that Boos have been acting shy--well, shyer than normal. They've been completely avoiding people rather than sheepishly following or flat out attacking and on the whole disappearing. Contacting a certain friend, Mario gathers that the villainous King Boo has been captured and decides to go on his own ghost busting adventure. Though at first reluctant, Luigi eventually comes around and joins him.
  2. World 3-2: Shady Dealings- After The Bros. hit up E.Gadd to have a new pair of Poltergusts, the Poltergust 6000-M and Poltergust 6000-L made, they decide to meet up with Bow, who believes she has an idea where they can learn about the wear-a-bouts of King Boo. The Higher Court of Suboordinates, King Boo's right hand partners, have sent out a notice that the D4C duo of André and Pédro were the last ones to see the King before his disappearance, essentially putting a bounty out for them. While Mario goes to the underworld (or in their case, underground) of the Mushroom Kingdom to find the two Koopas, Luigi returns home to contemplate whether or not he's up to the task.
  3. World 3-3: Surging Spirits- Luigi rushes back with some queenly wisdom from Peach on how to discover the whereabouts of King Boo while Mario uses the Booshroom to gain the Court's favor.
  4. World 3-4: One More Mansion- A new ghost captures Mario and Luigi's attention and together the two bros. go off to a mansion to end the mystery once and for all
Important Details/Takeaways
  • Humans are a relatively rare species in the world.
  • Race joke about Mario assuming Lady Bow would know what's going on just because she's a Boo.
  • Luigi's second banana complex and his fears that he'll never be able to do anything without Mario's taken actions being a deciding factor are a prominent conflict of the episode
  • Monarch Spooks gag
  • Luigi brings his Poltergust 5000 so that he can seem/feel prepared for whatever comes there way, but because of this E.Gadd remarks "Since you brought your old Poltergust I presume you won't be needing a new one then!" jokingly.
  •  Hunter Ghost who wants to add Luigi to his collection

World 4: Sass in Sarasaland


Luigi goes to visit Daisy while Mario, Toad, and Toadsworth look into something going on with Peach.

  1. World 4-1: Opposites Attract- Luigi decides to visit Daisy again per her request, but when he does sparks begin to fly over the last time he came over for tea. Meanwhile in back at the castle, Peach begins to act strangely secretive and distant
  2. World 4-2: The Strange and Bizarre Sarasaland- Daisy shows Luigi around Sarasaland as he attempts to prove to her he's not just an unlucky coward.
  3. World 4-3: (title relating to be plot) Luigi and Daisy escalate their battle of egos to a new foe as Mario, Toad, and Toadsworth also escalate their efforts to figure out what's wrong with Peach.
  4. World 4-4: Pushing Up Daisies- Luigi and Daisy work together when they prove to be in over their heads against their next opponent.
Important Details/Takeaways
  • Makes it more apparent that Peach really wants to escape her past of kidnapping.
  • Luigi: (sees Daisy singlehandedly takedown a Sphinx without a powerup; something amazing) Y-you are a human? (smaller) Right?
  • Daisy: (tying her ponytail back up) Well, duh.
  • Luigi: I-I don't-a even know if MARIO could've done that!
  • Daisy: He could've done it no problem! You on the other hand, I'm not sure. You don't look like you get out much.
  • Luigi: (comedically hurt) ...
  • Daisy: How about you? Are you human?
  • Luigi: What's-a THAT supposed to mean?!
  • Daisy: (teasingly/snarkingly) No, that wasn't a trick question. I honestly couldn't tell. You're a real short stack, and going back to that not getting out much thing you look REALLY pasty from standing in Mario's shadow all day. Like, yikes, you're pale. You sure you're not like, some sort've ghostly Mario cosplayer or something?
  • from there luigi dares daisy to show him what else they have in sarasaland for him to take on.
  • Establishes a unique relationship between Luigi and Daisy.
  • At the very end to thank him for his help, Daisy gives Luigi a 7 petal daisy for good luck. As Luigi hails a Lakitu/Cloud cab (which a joke is of course made about) he sits happily in the cab and begins picking the petals off the flower one by one while saying the classic "she likes me, she likes me not" deal. The episode ends ash e picks off petal 3.
  • Daisy handing Luigi the 7-Petal introduces the concept of the number 7 being lucky in the Mario world.

World 5: The Kidnapped Koopaling Caper


After going after Bowser Jr. for (reason to be added later) Mario and all of the Koopalings go missing. Bowser asks Luigi to journey on with him so the two of them may find the other Koopalings. (fter 3 days of not coming home since his departure Luigi sets out to save his brother. On his way to Bowser’s castle he encounters Boss Bass and Big Bertha, two married Big Cheep Cheeps who want to exact their revenge on Luigi.)

  1. World 5-1: Mario is Missing (and the Koopalings Too!): It's been 3 days since Mario and the Koopalings' climactic battle ended in both of their disappearances, and now Luigi's TRULY started to be worried. The search for everyone's favorite red-clad hero has escalated to being a kingdom-wide effort, and Luigi himself has searched everywhere. He plans to embark to the Koopa Kingdom for more answers but soon find himself face to face with Bowser himself, who states that the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. are also missing. With this in mind, a reluctant team up is forged due to Bowser having some intel Luigi doesn't...
  2. World 5-2: A Cheap Cheep Cheep Attack: Luigi and Bowser's 'buddy' roadtrip takes them to Sparkling Waters, the small island town off the shore of the Mushroom Kingdom. Using the info given to him Bowser and Luigi find themselves at the docks, only to be attacked by the ferocious duo of Boss Bass and Big Bertha. How will they hold up?!
  3. World 5-3: Piranha Pipe Panic: With their next hint in tow, Luigi and Bowser enter an underwater adventure in which they must find the correct pipe to take them to their next destination. Only problem? It's a plethora of pipes with pesky Piranha Plants popping in and out. And with the lingering time limit of oxygen over their heads, Luigi and Bowser may find that they're also IN over their heads!
  4. World 5-4: Cavern Catastrophe: Bowser and Luigi come in contact with their last obstacle as well as their families! But do they have what it takes to take them back?
Important Details/Takeaways
  • Sparkling Waters is one of the many archipelagos of the Mint Archipelago 

World 6: Earnestly Annoying


One of Dixie's cousins comes over during a party of the Kong's and begins annoying them

  1. World 6-1: Carnival of Kong: The yearly celebration of the Kong clan is upon Kongo Bongo and everykong's come to celebrate! Including Dixie's long-lost (much to many of their relief's) cousin, Earnest Kong, a well-meaning but extremely buffoonish member of the clan. While happy to see him again, Dixie must enlist the help of her boyfriend Diddy Kong and his uncle (and heir to the Kongo Bongo throne), Donkey Kong on a new quest to keep Earnest from unintentionally ruining Carnival of the Kong.
  2. World 6-2: Gaining At-traction: While Dixie, Diddy, and Donkey prevent Earnest's chaos in a wide-variety of scenarios, Lanky, Chunky, and Kiddy begin to notice some khaos afoot (and hint hint, said foot's only got three toes)
  3. World 6-3: Kremling Krusade: The gang does their best to catch the rogue Kremling while Earnest attempts to rise to the occassion and help out.
  4. World 6-4: The Final Kurtain Call: All of Kongo Bongo bands together when the Kremling managed to swipe the coconut.
Important Details/Takeaways
  • Lanky is comedically threatened by Earnest returning and reestablishing himself as the clan clown.
  • "balloon buffoon" (comedic painting type overweight shot of earnest)
  • DK beats the Kremling up at the end ala the beginning of DKCR

World 7: Adventures of the Toad Brigade: Underwater Adventures 


Toad, Toadette, Bucken, Ala, Lime and Val explore the underwater searching for the elusive Minus World but instead get caught up with the vicious Gooper Blooper and his legion

  1. World 7-1: Myth of the Minus World: Lime motivates the Toad Brigade to look into an old urban legend passed down from generation to generation, the elusive Minus World, an inescapable pocket dimension (possibly used to banish people?). Wanting to give him a shot, (and also because things have been pretty slow since Mario's kidnapping) the Toad Brigade hits the road to Jolly Roger Bay and begins exploring.
  2. World 7-2: 7-2?: Using the trick fabled to reveal the Minus World, the Toad Brigade safely manage to lower one of their own into the Minus World...or so they think.
  3. World 7-3: Brigade v. Bloopers: The Toad Brigade finds themselves mixed up in a budding Blooper army that plans to seize the sea and rule over it's life. Their mission for Minus is side-tracked by a need to stop this fledgling organization
  4. World 7-4: Gooper Blooper Rises: The leader of the gang reveals himself and the Toad Brigade has to pull all the stops to stop him.
Important Details/Takeaways
  • 7-1 establishes the different Kinopio and their relationships

World 8: Super Wario World


Wario jacks the air waves and turns nearly all the world against Mario after finding that he's the only thing that can stand between him and one of the world's greatest treasures: The crown and gem of Princess Peach.

  • World 8-1: Gold Digger- Getting word of both the Koopa Troop's search for an effective Peach-kidnapper and the fact that Peach saved herself in the events of World 1 with the help of her trusty crown, Wario decides to play double-agent for Bowser in an attempt to get the resources to steal Peach's coveted Royal Crown (and of course settle the score with his old rival Mario).
  • World 8-2: The Contagious Collective Concious- With the help (and warning) of Kamek and Ludwig Von Koopa Wario unleashes one of the deadliest spells in the Koopa's arsenel: the Contagious Brain Washing spell. With this spell and Bowser himself's wand in tow, Wario makes his way to a Mushroom Kingdom news station and unleashes the spell onto the masses; including Bowser and the Koopalings (who he temporarily swiped the wands of)
  • World 8-3: Peach's Castle Siege- Wario establishes many parts of the Mushroom Kingdom as his domain and Peach's castle is put under siege by her forces and others' alike. Peach and Mario's peaceful tea party is interrupted by this and when Peach finds herself absorbed into the mob of Mario hunters she gifts Mario with her crown to protect it and himself.
  • World 8-4: Mario's Great Escape- Using some power-ups and Peach's crown, Mario plots to take up Wario's challenge and meet him at Bowser's Castle. Luckily he manages to catch Luigi and together the two of them take the land, skies, and seas to Koopa's foretress.
  • World 8-5: Attack of the Koopalings- The hyponotized Jr. and Koopalings (now wielding their real wands) have come to challenge Mario (and now by extent Luigi) in a 2v8 battle. However the odds begin to tip in Luigi's favor due to a supreme bit of ingenuity.
  • World 8-6: Clowncopter Capers at Sea- With Ludwig revealing his secret to the group the three manage to stall the Koopalings long enough to steal 3 Clowncopters and take the seas as they yield the quickest road to Bowser's castle. The Koopalings aren't quick to quit however and will give these three the chase of their lives.
  • World 8-7: Wario's Castle Siege- Mario, Luigi, and Ludwig give their all to storm the castle and stop Wario's nefarious plot.
  • World 8-8: Mario vs. Wario- The thrilling double length episode comes to a conclusion when Mario and Wario pull out all the stops to wear one another down and claim both Bowser's Wand and Peach's crown!
Important Details/Takeaways
  • "The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter (Emphasis on BOUNTY $_$)!"
  • People holding onto Magic Wands are immune to the spell
  • "Obey Wario, Destroy Mario!"

World 9: Tramplin' Stu's Rampage


A strange undiscovered alternative breed of Strollin' Stu has suddenly appeared and is reeking havoc on the newly developed Delfino City so Mario, Luigi, F.L.U.D.D., E.Gadd, Ala Gold and Bucken Berry go to stop him.

  • World 9-1: Peril in the Plaza: When a distress call is sent to the Mushroom Kingdom by Isle Delfino residence, Mario, Luigi, Professor E.Gadd, Ala Gold, and Bucken Berry rush in to save the day.
  • World 9-2: Tramplin' Stu is On the Loose!: A regular Strollin' Stu isn't much to sneeze at for ol' Plumber Boy, not much more threatenin' than a Goomba. However this new subspecies of Stu is proving fairly dangerous for the newly expanded Delfino Plaza. Can Mario and co. minimize the destruction before it's too late?
  • World 9-3: Strides in the Tides: Stu attempts to take the tower as he hurls all sorts of sea creatures and objects at the clan.
  • World 9-4: Boiling Point: While Stu may not be able to reach the Shine Sprite, he does have one last trick up his sleeve...

World 10: Brushes and Books


While taking a break after the defeat of Tramplin' Stu the group find a strange minature book in a bottle and attempt to fish it out, thinking something useful may be inside.

  • World 10-1: The Book in the Bottle: While the group is relaxing in Noki Bay, two new issues simulataneously grab their attention! The topic of the Gaddbrush is brought up by Mario who states how it none of the locals ever said it turned up. Meanwhile, the Noki Elder alerts the group to the prized Noki Bottle's change of environment that has revealed some sort've mysterious book no one has been able to identify. With this, the group splits up, Mario, F.L.U.D.D., Bucken Berry, and Ala Gold going to check out the bottle and Luigi and Gadd searching the Gaddbrush
  • World 10-2: Brushing Up: Mario has to get used to F.L.U.D.D.'s underwater mechanics once more while also figuring out how to get the book. Meanwhile Luigi and Gadd head out to Gelato Beach to figure out where the Brush could've gone.
  • World 10-3: The Chase Is On: Things heat up as an slightly off coast cavern reveals some key clues to the Gaddbrush's locations (one such clue being that the entire cave has paint litering the walls like cobwebs. Meanwhile the book...starts to flee, and the group has to rush after it.
  • World 10-4: Beyond the Closed Door: The book manages to close itself behind a wooden door while Luigi and Gadd are attacked by the paint.
Important Details/Takeaways
  • When the book slips through the cracks, Mario makes an off hand comment about wishing there was some way he could become "paper thin" and slip through

World 11: A Break That Breaks

After everyone in the Kingdoms pledges to take a break from their normal adventures the group soon finds that warp pipes, zones and whistles are malfunctioning and taking people to random places. As such the New Mario Bros. crew (Mario, Luigi, Bucken, Ala) begin to investigate and on the way meet Nabbit, André, Yoshi, Gonzales Jr. and...Geno?!

World 12: The Mysterious Mansion

During a game of truth or dare 9-Volt is forced to go to an abandoned mansion which is said to hold a fiercesome anicent witch. He goes there only to find the rather avereage Ashley and her friend Red. 9-Volt is now stuck in the mansion and living with Ashley and over time discovers the secret of how she got Red as well as much more. 

World 13: Pionpi's Plight

Pionpi attempts kidnapping Daisy on his own for Tatanga's favor.

World 14: Mushroom Mistake

Bowser tries to use Kamek's magic and Zombie Mushrooms to create Dry Goombas, to have more enemies the Mario Bros. have to fend off. But instead of making a Dry Goomba it turns that Goomba into an undead zombie that runs away. Later on it attempts to eat a Yoshi it encounters. The Yoshi retaliates by eating the Goomba. However this turns the Yoshi into a seemingly indomitable force turning everyone world round into zombies. Without hurting him it’s up to the remaining powers of Peach, Yoshi, Petey Piranha and Dixie Kong to find a cure and defeat the zombie menace.

World 15: Yin-Yarn's Invasion Part 1

Kamek has gained assistance from a wool-wearing wizard named Yin-Yarn who wants to...CRAFT the world in his own image and to alter the...FABRIC of the universe by combining all of them into one yarn. However Kamek and Yin-Yarn think ahead, capturing nearly Mario's entire squad. A young group of Yoshi (calling themselves the FlutterKick Crew) decide to team up and do what their idle (Mario's Yoshi) would do and save the day against all odds.

World 16: Yin-Yarn's Invasion Part 2

The second half in which the Flutterkick Crew begins finding and saving their friends, obtaining the Wonder Wools and even growing wings!

World 17: Baby Rosalina

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Daisy find a baby awfully similar looking to Rosalina and attempt to protect it from the curious King Koopa.

World 18: Rosalina vs. the Shadow Triad

While exploring the universe Rosalina, Chiko, Polari and the other Lumas come in contact with mysterious aliens unknown to even them and must do battle to protect the Comet Observatory from destruction.

World 19: The Mystery of Mr. X

Donkey and Diddy set out to an abandoned island to discover the secrets of the legendary Kremling, "Mr. X".

World 20: MC Ballyhoo's Zero Gravity Racing Extravaganza

E.Gadd has finally managed to gather enough Super Mushrooms to super size part of the book from the bottle. By reading up he finds each Mushroom belonged to a kingdom that has or is existing and during this study the Mario Carnival from "Mar10" is reopened and MC Ballyhoo is hosting a racing cup where the winner gets a special mushroomy surprise. E.Gadd decides to enter in an attempt to get this surprise but along the way he'll be challenged by Bowser and his  Koopalings, the Mario squad and even three special extra-dimensional characters!


World 21: Waluigi's Warehouse

The Black Jewel returns and kidnaps Wario along with his entire WarioWare Inc. building and possesses all the electronics in the facility with the assistance of the newly discovered Voltage Mushroom. Waluigi flies solo on this journey as he attempts to save Wario and finally destroy the Black Jewel. Armed with a water gun, Slime-bomb given to him by E.Gadd of all people and his natural abilities to...swim through air and bend plants to his will (HOW?!) Waluigi will not only have to take on Black Jewel but the vengeful Captain Syrup, Pionpi and more. As Waluigi travels through the Warehouse, he st-- "borrows" as much of Wario's jewels, gold and money as he can in a bid to raise enough money to launch his own fast food company all while attempting to outrun a time limit that will eventually give Black Jewel the ability. Ashley/Red in Waluigi’s Warehouse

World 22: Fusiroom-Ha!!

E.Gadd and Frankly sends Mario, Luigi and Goombella out to scout the undergrounds to see if the rumor of their being more Mushrooms than the ones they know about being true. The three meet Koops along the way (who's gotten into some trouble with André and Pédro, two more unsavory Koopas) who's discovered a strange batch of teal eyed-brown and orange headed Mushrooms that, at first seem to do nothing (other than taste good). But after making contact and eating the shrooms, Mario and Goombella and Luigi and Koops find themselves fused together as two powerful entities! They must now deliver the Fusion Shrooms to the two professors while avoiding the cunning André and Pédro.

World 23: Remaining Down to Earth

The Comet Observatory crashes on Earth and Rosalina explores to see how much has changed

World 24: Shadow Mario Strikes Again

Shadow Mario returns and takes over the Watermelon Kingdom with help from Tatanga, so the now vigilante Koopa Bros and Stanley the Bugman have to stop them from killing the two villains.

World 25: Duel for Delfino! Return of the Gaddbrush!

After defeating Shadow Mario, the Koopa Bros. and Stanley discover and viciously defeated Bowser Jr. who reveals that the Shadow Mario they fought was a clone diversion created by Il Piantissimo, the person currently possessing the brush...or rather being possessed by the brush. When Bowser Jr. attempted to get the original perfect union of technology and magic: AKA the Gaddbrush he was met with Il Piantissimo and in a freak accident Pianti is corrupted by the brush and turned into a monster who wants nothing more than to make everything itself (aka paint). E.Gadd has finally finished the book which he discovers has nothing on the other pages. Presuming it must be revealed with hidden means as he can vaguely see text, he takes the book (and Stuffwell) with him as he goes with the Mario Bros. to receive the brush. With ambitions in mind the Mushroom Heroes are deployed as well as the Koopa Clan and even Bloopers in an attempt to get the world shaping instrument back. However Gooper Blooper and his cronies have plans much bigger than anyone expects. Plans capable of changing life as we know. Can our heroes stop them before it's too late?

World 26: After Inkpact

The season finale in which Il Piantissimo and Sooper Gooper Blooper (the true leader of the Blooper species) fused with the Paintbrush and in their mixed ambitions accidentally recreate the world as the world of Splatoon. During First Inkpact (I'm sorry) the book from the bottle is covered in ink revealing a strange Squid shaped mushroom, Mario sprays it with F.L.U.D.D. similar to how he used to spray Shadow Mario "M"s and voila! He's used the Inkling Mushroom to transform into an Inkling. With nearly everything transformed into Ink, E.Gadd uses the last ditch effort to send himself, Mario, F.L.U.D.D. and Stuffwell to the future using the Warpulator. 14,000 years later (yeah) we cut to a young Inkling girl learning about the Octarian Menace and deciding she wants to do something about it. So she and her friends set out to help while discovering what happened between First Inkpact and now. an inkling of hope


As you can see some of the episodes take inspiration from recent Mario games. Particularly Splatoon (After Inkpact), Mario Party 10 (Mar10), Mario Kart 8 (Ballyhoo's Zero Gravity Racing Extravaganza), and Yoshi's Woolly World (Yin-Yarn's Invasion). More adaptive episodes of new I.P. and Mario games are coming with a Mario Maker episode definitely planned for season 2 (yes there are more episodes planned; yes they're being withheld from you) and potentially a Puzzles and Dragons crossover. So thanks for reading through the final version of Season 1! Oh and here's something for your troubles:

Season 2

  1. Thing's Aren't Peachy: After reversing the ink
  2. Daisy Chained
  3. Identity Crisis: Captain Syrup gets a bounty to discover the identity of Nabbit and sets sail to his rumored current location: Sarasaland. Daisy won't take Syrup's chaos lying down however and ventures forth to stop her all while trying to find out Nabbit's true alias herself. 
  4. Originally “The Secret Origin of Nabbit the Bandit Rabbit!”
  5. episode where peach was never born (or dies cuz seezin finalee iz edgeer)/so/who would bowser capture/what would the bros. Do/would the shroobs have taken over
  6. A Man of Style and Grace: Lanky tells the tale of how he made it back to the Kong Islands after an encounter with King K. Rool
  7. Never Again: Episode about Bowser/Bowser Jr.’s storming of Peach’s castle.
  8. Cranky’s Last Stand: Cranky is said to be dying which he doesn’t mind at all, meaning that he’ll finally be able to reunite with Wrinkly. DK doesn’t want this however, as he doesn’t believe he’s ready to rule Kongo Bongo.
  9. The Secret of Peach’s ???
  10. lift up your head princess if not the crown falls
  11. Wario: the Urban Legend: Andre/Pedro X Wario Episode
  12. A Koopa’s Revenge
  13. Guardian Games: Donkey/Diddy, Bowser/Bowser Jr., 9-Volt/5-Volt,
  14. Nabbit steals treasure recently earned from a Toad House
  15. A Third Mario Brother?! (Alfredo)
  16. Valarie Violet and Ala Gold are somehow able to sneak into the Koopa Castle whilst Bowser is away causing the Koopalings to think a traitor walks amongst them (Ludwig vs. Larry (Course/Chapter named “Ludwig the Leader” and “Larry the Leader”)
  17. Dr. Mario Chaos Cure(?): As the Mushroomy Gang look into the origin of the Viruses they discover an entire dimension infested with the five different types of pathogens! As such they decide it’s time to rise up against 
  18. Tango With Tatanga!: Pionpi and Tatanga penetrate Sarasaland’s forces and Daisy tries to keep herself from being kidnapped. (Originally: “Never Again”)
  19. Peach and Bowser’s duo episode
  20. Dixie Peach and Daisies
  21. Episode(s?) where Wario scouts talent for WarioWare Inc.

Other Episodes


  • Splatoon (After Inkpact)
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions (AU with Mario characters in an FE setting (maybe a dash of SMT idk))
  • Follow Your Luidreams (Wart; Prequel to Luigi Wish))
  • Year of Luigi (Luigi Wish Episode/2401)
  • Sun And Moon/Party 6 (obv comparison; maybe lead into odyssey adaptation?)
  • Federation Force (Toad Brigade goes after the Sky Trio)
  • Super Mario Odyssey/Wackly World & Super Mario Run (Brave New Odyssey/Run! is a celebratory episode post Odyssey where the Roving Racers host an on-foot race)
  • Star Rush (The Kinopio Games)
  • Ultra Smash/Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon (mix with Alfredo episode/Tennisyborgs)
  • ARMS (Peach boxing with DK)
  • Splatoon 2/Deluxe (Inklings come from the future to ask for help)
  • Breath of the Wild (Peach thinks going to chill in the wild with Daisy will help her become stronger)
  • Mario + Rabbids (x Rayman Rising)
  • Super Nintendo World (down the road)
  • Pokémon GO (Gadd's new biologist understudy and him travel the world and attempt to catalog all of the world's species)
  • MP100 (Full Mario Party Episode)
  • Samus Returns (Going to retrieve Toad Brigade in space)
  • Super Baby Mario
  • Super Mario 128
  • Ashley tries to find a way to look her age
  • Wario: The Legend: Wario & Syrup do battle for the infinite bag of money from the Shake it Dimension (appearance by shake queen)
  • Wario Gets a Cavity Episode
  • The Mario Movie: Mario 3 based episode; Shiggy diss (he's the director)
    • that's the mario 3 based episode
    • where like
    • some hollywood director comes and tries to make a movie based on mario's adventures
    • and he's a shitty stand in for miyamoto
    • and ruins everything
    • he replaces the nokis
    • "boy. this KOOPA TROOPA looks familiar." mario looks at screen and shrugs
    • dolphin district, mushroom kingdom
    • at first the mario 3 episode was just gonna be an elaborate ruse by koopa
    • but now i'm putting miyamoto on my diss track
  • Eek, a Fuzzy!, alternatively named Fuzzy Frenzy
  • Tiny’s Age and how she changed so fast
  • Hell Valley


  • Fire Emblem Warriors (Sequel short to the TMS Episode)
  • How to Defeat Mario 101 (Mario Maker)
  • Miitomo
  • Donkey Kong Dimensions (mini-series of shorts)
  • 1-2 Switch
  • Safario Jones
  • Yoshi X
  • Ma-Ri-Oh
  • Some characters try to find out what’s under Shy Guy’s mask.
  • Leave Luck to Coin Heaven
  • Bee-ter Sweet


  • Star Fox (The Next Horizon)
  • Skylanders (The Hammer Slammer vs. the Turbo Charged Banana Slamma)
  • Paper Jam
  • Sports Superstars
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Hey Pikmin!
  • Pokkén Tournament
  • Ever Oasis
  • Star Fox 2
  • Diddy Kong Pilot
  • Yoshi Baby Wiggler Delivery
  • D’oh I Memed: Wario’s infamous catchphrase experiences memetic mutation and Wario finds himself no longer taken seriously. (sub-plot or short)


  • The Second Great Mushroom War
  • Mega Mushroom Kingdom and Prince Hyugo

Dimension Hopping

  • Mario Balzo: Well I also read and it began to formulate in my head. I had an idea where Mario and possibly some of his friends go to a dimension with designs similar to the Sonic Boom like ones. In this dimension Bowser rules over the world due a war between the Koopa and Mushroom Kingdom that had gone on for generations. Due to this war, coins and items are extremely rare and a lot of the world suffers in poverty. Mario and Luigi were raised as Bowser's top underlings but were always told by their older cousin Stanley or how the world used to be before the world was left the way it is (as he was told by his parents and so on and so forth). Mario and Luigi are tasked to seek out out Peach and bring her to King Koopa for execution and when they meet her she informs them that she has the star rod and that if they can find the seven star spirits, they'll be able to get one wish and restore peace to the land. Bowser learns of the Mario Bros. betrayal and sends his best squadrons after them and the princess. Toad, Bucken, Lime, Violet and Ala are E.Gadd’s prodigies
  • Planet of the DKs

Crafts n' Arts Arc

  • Super Mario Tales X Kirby Universe: The Clayotic Crossover
  • Chapter of Bone Dry Dry Bones that’s frozen
  • Exposure to heat kills clay and turns it Bone Dry
  • Yin-Yarn later returns in the arc for further vengeance and a mixture between both yarn and clay
  • Possible Paper Mario apperance 
  • Tools as weapons (Ribs, Needles ETC)
  • Race to Kamek’s Kiln to become super clay between Mushcrew-m the Koopa Clan, Kremling Clan and Kong Klan
  • K. Rool makes it but is literally full of hot air and explodes.
  • Poochy gets out and Mario and Luigi have to stop him (Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World)


It's Super Mario Bros.' 30th anniversary so why not let it start off. With 3 decades under your belt you're bound to have a LOT of games. But what matters is pinpointing the brothers' most important escapades as to establish a good, prior-to-the-series timeline. As such here is the current list of games in canon with SMT (that occured before the series).

  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi's New Island
  • Yoshi's Island DS
  • Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. (The Lost Levels)
  • Donkey Kong Country 
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest/Donkey Kong Land 2
  • Super Mario Land
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble
  • Super Mario World (Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land) 
  • Super Mario 64 DS/Donkey Kong 64)
  • Wario Land 2
  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • Super Mario 3D World

Most of you have probably made not of some rather important missing titles: Donkey Kong Land III, Wario Land 3, Wario World, Wario Land 4, Wario Land: Shake It!, New Super Mario Bros. 2, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D Land and lots of the spin-offs among others. Well, let's just say these games will have a bit of a stronger connection to the series. Other games will be added to the pre-series timeline as we go on.

These are the Kongs you've been presented with today! I hope you liked it and enjoy your stay! The rest of this Blu News will sure be a blast! So stick around cause we have one more thing to cast, into this segment to close it up! Aspects of this canon are joining the club!

Ahem. So in kongclusion I hope you liked that bootleg re-lyricism and are prepared to see elements from the top notch Streamin' Saturday program taken and added to Mario Tales (I.E. the Crystal Coconut, the name "Kongo Bongo" etc.).

But this is Mario Tales! So where's the Mario news? First we'll start off with a pre-teen princess called Peach!

Young Peach

Last Blu News we took a look at Peach's mother as queen, but how about Peach herself, young, inexperienced and without a single kingdom guarding jewel in tow. Aside from the more prominent blush and shorter stature, Peach also dawns some new (or rather old) hair traits.. With a ponytail and an orangish-blonde hair color reminiscent of her earlier designs, Peach's childhood is sure to shine through with this design. I really enjoyed drawing her and think looking into her at a younger age opens up a lot of doors.

We've got enough on characters for now, so let's talk about episodes. The four episodes you'll be presented with will be tie-in episodes based on Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure and Super Mario Maker.

The Miracle Cure episode "Dr. Mario: Chaotic Cure" follows the good doctor and his companions uncovering more about the origin of the three Viruses, and uncovering a whole new dimension with the five types of pathogens crawling around, all with their own clans, objectives, abilities and motives the most prominent of which seems to be "escape this world and infect the Mushroom one". This calls Mario to pick up his special capsules once more and wage pathogenical (HEH?!) warfare against the menaces whilst protecting his own home.

The three Mario Maker episodes are The Mysterious Mushrooms Part 1, 2 and 3. In them on the Mario Brothers' birthday, the crew will discover three new and possibly world changing mushrooms, the Weird, Subcon and Morphing Mushrooms. Expect to get a cast-combining adventure with the return of Wart, universe exploring capabilities and the special origins of the previously showcased Childish Kong, Tiny and even Waluigi.

running of the bulb

mp1 wing cap cover

dark clouds start swirl (coin heaven is going through rain season early due to a forced circumstance; lakitu culture in which they get their clouds at a certain age)

where in the world is captain syrup

adopted koopalings

stanley the talking fish

characters get turned into babies

the climactic kong-kremling konflict for the crystal coconut

shelf life- episodea bout important books

episode titled: ?

alternate one-off gag universe where bowser is the hero and mario is the villain

Feeling Blue: imagine a member of bowser's species who like modifies his appearance to look like bowser but can't change the skin/shell color and like somehow does a Takeover of bowser's army so bowser has to turn to some people he wouldnt usually associate with for help and also "which one's the REAL bowser" "HE DOESN'T LOOK ANYTHING /LIKE/ ME, IDIOTS"

DK bets Cranky he could capture Pauline and get away with it much better than he could

that one streetpass puzzle that appears like mario and luigi standing back to back, but luigi is also there behind them

Hail to the Queen (check idea book)

MKWii Mission Mode

new donk is the big banana


  • </li>