A Hack Idea by Apallo The Hedgehog. This is a hack of Super Mario World for the SNES. 

Cquote1 I'll try my best. Derp. Cquote2
Sushit the Phish

Sush*t the Phish Under Construction

Super Apallo World: Land of the Phoenix is currently being written by Apallo The Hedgehog. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.


Apallo the Hedgehog and his friend Bluray the Fox were relaxing on Redsun Coast on thier vacation. 

Apallo: Ah, nothing beats a day like today. The wam Sun. The shoothing sound of the waves, a umm plastic coconut filled with a tropical smoothie. This vacation is the best.

Bluray: Yea man, it beats staying in the castle for your week off. So what are we gonna do today?

Just as Bluray asked that question, a loud squack was heard and the sky turned black. Apallo and Bluray sat up just to see a giant black pheonix flying over head. The force of the wings flung our heroes across the beach. Apallo, who was now intrested picked himself up and ran to where the bird had landed, an island far off to the north of the beach. Bluray decided to follow his best friend to the island. 

When they reached it however they found the pheonix laying down. Or more like being held down by a group of strange looking Mobians. One set off a device that fhrew it under the pheonix creating a hole in the ground. The group sank into the hole and in an instant, they vanished. Apallo was now determined to save the poor creature.

He ran into the portal with Bluray and jumped in before it closed. Apallo and Bluray were now inside the portal, flying at high speeds after the bird-nappers, but before they could act, one of then shot a lazer at them knocking them to the side of the portal, knocking them out in the process. 

Apallo came to, in a Place he'd never seen before, he walked over to what he thought was water and looked at his reflection.

Apallo: WOAH!...I....I..Im Human?!

Bluray: -in his humanoid form as well, walking with a Pink Haired girl in a Yellow Dress- Oh there he is, boy am I glad to see you!

Apallo: What's going on? Where's the bird?

Bluray: seems we have some explaining to do Princess.....

and so...the adventure begins.




World 1: Spinel Kingdom

World 2: Emerald Fields

World 3: Onyx Cave

Wolrd 4: Lapis Coast

World 5: Citrine Canyon

Word 6: Ruby Volcano

World 7: Topaz Glacier

World 8: Zircon City

World 9: Tourmaline Kingdom

Final World: Quartz Underground

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