Storm Eagle
Storm Eagle
Storm Eagle is a level-headed and honorable Maverick Hunter






Maverick Hunters, Sigma (formerly)


Doing what is right, being with friends


Loyalty and morals pitted against each other.

Storm Eagle is a level-headed and honorable Maverick Hunter with a strong affinity for getting out of troublesome situations. He was involved with Sigma 's rebellion, initially falling in line along with most of his other compatriots. However, he quickly formulated a plan with Armored Armadillo to escape Sigma's order(after some convincing). The plan was successful and now serves as leader of the Redemption Squad for his actions.


Storm Eagle was one of the best Maverick Hunters that the organization had, even next to Zero as Sigma's strongest and highest ranked Maverick Hunter. Sigma selected Storm Eagle to assist him in leading the rebellion by claiming air superiority, bribing him to do so with the use of hostages. Storm Eagle, however, was aware that Sigma had gone Maverick, but he did not want to be the cause of more innocent deaths. He quickly planned out an escape, and a way to rescue the hostages. He went to Armored Armadillo to try and convince him to join him, as the rest have already became Maverick along with Sigma, blindly following their Commander.

Armored Armadillo was the only one that did not have an ego complex that prevented the voice of reason to intervene. After much deliberation, Storm Eagle finally convinced Armored Armadillo to accept the fact that Sigma had gone Maverick, and it was their duty as Maverick Hunters to seperate from him. After faking their own deaths at the hands of X, Storm Eagle and Armored Armadillo then rescued the Mobian hostages that Sigma spoke of. Later on, they also had freed X from the grip of Vile's Ride Armor with a combination of Storm Eagle's speed and Armored Armadillo's weight, and quickly left soon after.

After these events, Storm Eagle and Armored Armadillo were reaccepted in the Maverick Hunters, starting the Redemption Squad, with Storm Eagle as its leader. When Flame Hyenard was delivered to the Maverick Hunter base and repaired for his extreme mounting damage, Storm Eagle gladly took Flame Hyenard in as a Redemption Squad member, while also trying to help him gain a sense of stability. When Dynamo arrived, Storm Eagle also welcomed him, however Dynamo did not want to fight, so Storm Eagle did not force him, but still allows Dynamo as a Redemption Squad member, in case Dynamo has nothing else to do but fight. In this case, Storm Eagle thinks that "a former Maverick that doesn't want to fight, is the best redemption that is ever seen."


Storm Eagle is often described as a proud and noble warrior. His fierce loyalty ensures unshakeable trust, but also his strong values keep him on the side of right. When these two collide, his values are usually what wins every time, because he perfers to be "a martyr rather than a villain". He's also somewhat soft when it comes to his former compatriots, that if any of them survived, that he'd try to get them back, holding out for his former friends. He also strives to be the "Commander that Sigma should have been" in his eyes. As leader of the Redemption Squad, Storm Eagle also welcomes former Mavericks that arrive, broken in any sense of the word. Flame Hyenard and Dynamo among them.


Storm Eagle's special weapon is Storm Tornado, which blasts a powerful tornado at his assailants for intense damage. He can also create a strong gust of wind with his wings, and can fly increadibly fast, using it as an attack on opponents. He makes an incredbile field commander, being able to create a strategy "off the cuff", as he did during Sigma's rebellion.




Original Counterpart

Main Article: Storm Eagle

Storm Eagle initially appeared in the original Mega Man X and its PSP remake, Maverick Hunter X as one of the eight Maverick bosses. In the games, Storm Eagle is presented as an honorable and loyal follower of Sigma, though he did not appear to go along willingly. While X and Zero had the upmost respect for him, Vile absolutely hates him.

His stage is the New-type Airport stage, which has multiple moving platforms, flamethrower turrets, and a Dr. Light Capsule which gives X either his Head Parts (in the original) or his Body Parts (in the remake). Storm Eagle himself is fought on the Death Rogumer aircraft. After being defeated, the ship crashes into Spark Mandrill's stage, which drastically changes it as the light orbs will stop appearing, but the stage will be mostly dark thereafter.

Storm Eagle also appears as battle data in Mega Man Xtreme, and in the boss rush mode of Mega Man Xtreme 2. Storm Eagle can also be seen if X uses a fully charged Metal Anchor in Mega Man X6. Storm Eagle's latest appearance was in the iOS platformer social RPG, Rockman ×over, as one of the bosses of World 1.


  • Though Storm Eagle is supposed to really be dark blue, he is mistakenly colored purple in several artworks.
  • Maverick Army commando, America Eaglyde, is a big fan of Storm Eagle and joined the army to fight alongside or against him.

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