Starscream the Batfox
Starscream Redesign 2
Starscream is Megatron's treacherous and unpredictable air commander and second-in-command.




Bat-fox hybrid Reploid


Superfast flight, great mastery of weapons such as machine guns, Null Ray blasters, missiles, rifles, as well as airborne Juyo Chaosblade combat.

Love Interests



Dirty tricks, doing what he wants, being on top, showing off, stroking his own ego, killing, domination, successful battles and experiments, etc.


Losing, feeling imcompetent, weaklings, dying or getting beat badly, showing his cowardly side, being second-best, wasting time, extreme patience, etc.

Voice Actor

Steve Blum

Starscream the Batfox is a treacherous, scheming, and extremely unpredictable Maverick, that serves the Maverick Army in the Aerial Assault Unit as well as the Decepticon Platoon Unit, as Megatron's first liutenant and sky commander. He is the oldest of the Seeker Brothers, and he is a proud of full-of-himself Maverick that wishes to reign supreme above even Megatron and Sigma.


Repliforce and Science

Much like his brother, Skywarp and Thundercracker, Starscream was once a proud and powerful member of Repliforce until they were betrayed by their own unit. Although his then-best friend Jetfire knew nothing of this, he was afraid of being discharged or marked for death, so he sided against Starscream, much to his friend's anger.

To keep themselves from being killed or hunted down, Starscream and his brothers were forced to become Reploid Research directors and scientists, in charge of such scientists like Alia and Gate. As a scientist, he oversaw production of Gate's multiple creations and ideas and Alia's Combaticon combiner project, which he was extremely high about.

Joining the Maverick Regimes

After the science department crumbled, Starscream did some other research and development, such as the discovery and research of Dark Energon and Force Metal. When he saw Megatron being able to control Dark Energon--which was said to be uncontrollable--Starscream was anxious to return to the field of battle and pledged his loyalty to Megatron and his Decepticon Regime, whilst also secretly schemed to overthrow him once the time was right. The Decepticons would later become part of Sigma's Maverick Army, just as Skywarp and Thundercracker joined up, with Starscream named as Air Commander and Megatron's first liutenant.


Starscream is a treacherous and scheming Maverick, always planning well for situations and ensuring that power and victory goes to his side. He is very tricky to the point that not even his own comrades can fully trust him, as he can easily stab anyone in the back, and is not afraid to play outisde the rules to accomplish his goals. However, his biggest weakness is his own pride and ego, as he feels to be superior to all and often takes the time to gloat during battle or make his voice heard. Starscream also has a cowardly side which shows when he seems like he is about to be finished, but it's shown to his fullest when at the mercy of his own masters. When with enemies, he can sometimes use this to strike down when they are least expecting. All in all, Starscream is an extremely unpredictable Maverick that will do anything to be on top.





Original Counterpart

Main Article: Starscream (WFC)

Starscream is the name of several different characters in the Transformers universe. In almost all incarnations, he is a Decepticon traitor who wishes to overthrow Megatron and become leader. This particular incarnation in Transformers Prime is the basis of the Maverick Hunter X version of Starscream.

Before joining the Decepticons, he was in command of a patrol of Energon Seekers. He joined Megatron as his "faithful and loyal" second-in-command, though secretly plotted to overthrow him and become leader himself. In the first episode, he killed the Autobot Cliffjumper, which he would constantly boast about to seem important or goad the Autobots. Throughout Season 1, he would awaken Skyquake from stasis (and later revive him as a Terrorcon), capture an Energon Harvester, and nearly cause an environmental disaster throughout his short-lived tenure as Decepticon leader.

Later in Season 1 and throughout Season 2, Starscream went rogue and went into business for himself for ultimate power, but in "Operation Bumblebee, Part 2", he would have his T-Cog stolen by MECH, disabling his ability to transform or access his weapons. Nonetheless, he would constantly get the better of the Autobots, stealing a small chunk of Red Energon and the four Omega Keys before rejoining Megatron and having his T-Cog restored.


  • Though Starscream is mostly based off his Prime incarnation, he shares other traits from his other counterparts, such as use of saber mastery (from Armada), heavy artillery (from the Michael Bay films), and work as a scientist (from G1).

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