Star Man
Star Man
Star Man is a romanticistic and mostly friendly Robot Master and member of Repliforce.




Hedgehog-Reploid (formerly humanoid Robot Master)

Love Interests



Operas, novels, poems, romantic things, traveling space, lovely girls, busting Mavericks, showing off, etc.


Realistic Reploids, being called a kid, getting bested, too much thinking, feeling lonely, Reploids without dreams, spacing out, etc.

Star Man is a Robot Master and young member of Repliforce's Air Force Unit. Originally created by Dr. Wily for space exploration, he is quite a juvenile romanticist that hates being called a kid and is trying to do everything in his power to prove his own worth. His ultimate goal is to one day travel space with a lover. He is very good friends with Galaxy Man and Wing Saber.


Original Creation

During his fifth attempt to conquer the world, Dr. Wily made Star Man for space exploration and for being a commander in Proto Man's army, as Dark Man 4 was impersonating as Proto Man. Star Man stationed himself at an abandoned space station but was defeated by Mega Man. After this, Star Man supervised the construction of Wily's fortresses, though this work made by lonely and unhappy. But he continued this until he was deemed no longer needed and sealed away with the other Robot Masters.

Joining Repliforce

The warehouse they were stored in was accidentally discovered by Gate. Impressed by the technology and potential they had, Gate stole the Robot Masters and all technology by Dr Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack and brought them to his world, where he made modifications as he saw fit.

When he awoke, Star Man was shocked at what he became and where he ended up. He continued his own ambitions to find a lover and travel the stars. He would end up in Repliforce's Air Force Unit, where his brothers Gyro Man, Wave Man, and Crystal Man also joined up. Using special air-based modifications made to him, he helped keep the skies cleared, while getting crabby about being called a kid.

Star Man would be tricked into thinking I the Hedgehog and her allies were Mavericks that stole a chunk of Supra-Force Metal by Colonel Redips (in reality, it was Redips that stole it all). Using the Death Rogumer II, he nearly killed Iris and plunged the girls to their certain doom with the prototype Judas Cannon, had it not been for the Aerialbots rescue. When Star Man realized he was duped, it was too late and he was punished by being suspended from action and put on monitor duty for 20 weeks.


Star Man is best described as a romanticist that aspires to one day travel in space with a lover, though any girl he tries to hook up with upright reject him, mostly due to his previous association with Dr. Wily. He's also shown great interest in traditional culture and fine music, as well as techno stuff. Star Man is still quite juvenile, however, and is still a kid despite being hated to be called one, but wants to still do and try his best, wanting to show everyone what he's made of, even his own brothers.

Abilities and Skills

Star Man's signature weapon is the Star Crash. He creates several stars that swirl around him to act as a barrier, to deflect enemy attacks, whih he can also fling at enemies. In addition, he is a training Chaosblade user, and he can use a Star Buster that has a star-shaped blasthole to launch star-shaped projectiles. Sometimes, the plasma shots can be used as homing missiles or charged-up comet shots. Star Man is vulnerable to water and ground based weapons and attacks.






  • Star Man is Gurahk's favorite Robot Master from Mega Man 5.

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