Stalking peanut

Margret standing in a field.


If you dislike Peanuts in anyway i would advse you to leave this page...thank you :D

This is the Profile for a weird little messed up peanut called...*insert name*...yeah no one knows his name. Lets call him Margret.


Margret fell out of the peanut tree on top of the peanut mountain earlier than all of his brothers and sisters. He fell on his peanut brain a lot while he pleasently fell down the spicky, rocky, cold, fluffy, deadly mountain so he forgot his name and other things like his age, algerbra lessons from a friendly frog and species. Test have shown that 1/10 people are kind of sure that he is a peanut.

It isn't that we know nothing about his childhood just that my brain is slow and i can't be botherd to type for much longer. I'll edit this later...

What made him a stalker

Ice cream.

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