Spur Ponica
Spur Ponica
Spur Ponica is the vivacious yet undisciplined sister of Ranch Ponica.




Horse/Pony Maverick


Ranch Ponica (sister)

Love Interests

Smokescreen the Hedgehog


Hot boys, killing organics, doing casual stuff, kicking ass, hanging back, being cool, feeling good, etc.


Being called a whore or a failure, too much work and/or responsibility, her sister's attitude, organic Mobians, getting beat up, etc.

Spur Ponica is a Maverick that served in the Maverick Army as a member of the Cave Digger Unit, alongside her sister, Ranch Ponica. Despite being sisters, the two couldn't be any different. Whereas Ranch became a Maverick for being fed up with Mobian superiority and faithfulness to Sigma (who she was head-over-heels for), Spur only wanted to be with the perfecr boy of her dreams and get rid of any "disgusting and non-cute" Mobians, and with no discipline. Spur was made the army's personal punching bag and quite unreliable, at best. Although she was quite reliable in some aspects, she was ousted by the Army and after being saved by Smokescreen, joined the Maverick Hunters.


Early Life

Spur and Ranch worked as helper Reploids on a farm, though Spur had a tendency to slack off or hit on the first city or country boy she saw, and more times than not brushing off any Mobian she came across. She really started to get to work or ignore Mobians when Ranch murdered their own parents and framed countryfolk for the crime, leading to the sisters killing them all and turning Maverick.

Undisciplined Maverick

Shortly after this, they were recruited by Sigma as part of the Maverick Army. Spur found it a bit more difficult to adjust, as slacking off provided further consequences than before, namely a beatdown from her fellow Mavericks. Though her fighting skills proved very impressive, her undisciplined demeanor often got in the way and resulted in many failings and beatings, subsequently.

Spur would later meet Smokescreen, Axl, and Zero at the Arctic Maverick Outpost and immediatly fell head-over-heels for the former, to the annoyance of her sister. Both of them were soundly beaten, while Spur nearly fell into a pit to her doom until Smokescreen saved her, finding her to be attractive and better hearted than her sister. Some time later, during the battle on the moon, the sisters attempted to stop X, Zero, and Vile from reaching Sigma.

Sigma Wars

After the immense abuse he knows she abused and being accidentally washed away by Silver Horn's Tidal Wave attack, Smokescreen brought her injured body to the new Maverick Hunter ship, the Olympus, to be repaired and fixed up. Grateful for him saving her and touched by his cause, Spur quickly defected to the Maverick Hunters, realizing that Sigma's cause was wrong and she was being abused almost non-stop.


Spur Ponica is very unlike her sister Ranch in many aspects. Spur has a lot of spunk and tenacity, and doesn't really care much about the army's goals and ideals, as opposed to Ranch's undying loyalty and devotion to her master. Spur has a tendency to stare at attractive boys for quite a while, but does not consider male organics (or organics, at all) to be appealing or attractive. Spur is also extremely undisciplined because of her carelessness and is often the subject of a beatdown from Mavericks. She is also very touchy about being called a slut or whore, and doesn't take kindly to being called pathetic or such terms either.


Spur Ponica's signature weapon is the Spinning Horseshoe. It is a boomerang weapon that can go in an arc, or straight forward at its target before returning to her. She can fire up to three at a time, but it is only the cherry on top, when it comes to her weapons and abilities. She uses some knives and special spurs (hence her name) for close-quarters combat, and holds a cowgirl-esque pistol for long range, which does fairly good damage for a "primitive weapon", by Reploid standards. Spur is very vulnerable against fire and water based attacks and weapons.




  • Like most female Mavericks in Maverick Hunter X, Spur Ponica is an original Maverick made by Gurahk, and is also his favorite to date.
  • Though most Mavericks and Reploids are normally referred by their surnames, Spur Ponica is referred to by her first name, to avoid confusion from her sister.

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