Spark Man
Spark Man
Spark Man is a friendly but strict Robot Master who is now a Maverick Hunter




Echidnahog-Reploid (formerly humanoid Robot Master)

Love Interests

Kathic the Rabbit


Competence, large power, electric eels, having friends, electronics, staying on task, etc.


Loneliness, destruction, suffering, slackers, Magnet Man's attitude, evil, slavery, feeling weak, etc.

Voice Actor

Mark McGrath

Theme Song

"You've Sparked a War" by The Megas

Spark Man is a friendly but strict Robot Master created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily before being rebuilt by Gate the Hedgehog as a Mobian Reploid. Originally created to chareg electricity during the Gamma Project, Spark Man has found a home with the Maverick Hunters as a member of the Redemption Squad.


In the year 20XX on planet Earth, Spark Man and six other Robot Masters by Dr. Light and a seemingly-redeemed Dr. Wily, to help gather resources and energies for the peacemaking robot, Gamma. However, they were all reprogrammed by Dr. Wily for combat, revealing that his peaceful side was simply a ruse. Mega Man lept into action and took down Spark Man. Spark Man was later rebuilt as a sort of enemy against Mega Man, but was never able to defeat him. Over time, Spark Man's usefulness dwindled and he was sealed away in a warehouse with all the other Robot Masters.

This warehouse was later accidentally discovered by Reploid researcher Gate, who was quite amazed and impressed at the technology that was before him. Anxious to test it all out for himself, he promptly stole all the Robot Masters and technology created by Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack, and refitted them to his own image.

When he awoke, Spark Man and his brothers were quite shocked at what happened to them and where they ended up. The siblings were also quite split in allegiance. While Spark Man, Magnet Man, and Top Man wanted to simply make up for their sins and assist the new creatures of their new home, most of the rest wanted nothing more tahn to cause havoc and trouble. During teh Copy-X incident, Spark Man and Magnet Man found the real X the Hedgehog and tried to secretly restore him under Gate's nose.

However, Zero found a half-healed X and brought him back to Maverick Hunter base, mistaking Spark Man and Magnet Man as Mavericks (in return, the two thought Zero was one of Gate's lackeys). After this misunderstanding was cleared up, Spark Man and his brother continued to help heal X. After Gate's defeat and redemption, Spark Man and Magnet Man were instated into the Maverick Hunters.


Spark Man is a mostly friendly and accepting Reploid. He enjoys the ideals of friendship and is quite kind, but he's also strict and keeps his mind on the task and missions at hand. He also has ill-patience for laziness, slacking off, and those that are quite iommature, particularly his brother, Magnet Man. Spark Man is quite liked by most of his peers and his battle prowess has also won him over in many ways.

Abilities & Skills

Spark Man's signature weapon is the Spark Shock. Using retractable high voltage electrodes, he can fire off powerful shots of pure electric energy at enemies, as well as do other electric attacks like releasing bolts of electricity. He is also able to use the electrodes as melee weapons and can produce twice the electricity that Elec Man can, making his top voltage output 1,000,000 wats. Spark Man is weak to sharp weapons.







  • Though Spark Man is capable of producing twice the voltage Elec Man can, his electric attacks are significantly weaker than Elec Man's. This is because Elec Man can focus his powers better than Spark Man can.

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