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NeXt Adaptions
  • Adventure Regenerated Arc (Original)
  • We Will Be Heroes Arc (Heroes + Triple Trouble)
  • The Rush of Adventure Arc (Rush + Rush Adventure)
  • Triggers of the Past Arc (Shadow the Hedgehog + '06)
  • Riding Free Arc (Riders + Free Riders)
  • Adventure Advanced Arc (Unleashed + Advance Trilogy)
  • Wonderful Worlds Arc (Colors Wii/DS + Lost World)
  • Sparks of Rivalry Arc (Rivals + Rivals 2)
  • Through the Generations Arc (CD + White Time and Space/Blue Adventures + Pocket Adventure)
  • Chronicles of the Twilight Cage Arc (Chronicles)
  • Ride Through Gravity Arc (Zero Gravity)
  • neX-treme arc (Sonic X-treme)


Adventures Regenerated 

(Sonic Next!) Adventures Regenerated!

We fought it what, seemed like endgame but

With seemingly endless dedication

We did it, we all made it hoo~me

I wonder, what life has in store today

If it’s nothing, then I will forge the way

A path of my lii~king

‘Cause I choose my journey and I choose my destiny

I won’t let this world, get the best of me

No matter the trials or tribulations

I won’t fall into desperation

I will stand by my word (hold on!)

My determination can’t be deterred (go forth!)

The world is so vast and free (see it all!)

Crossing the land and sea (good bye!)

Fighting the strong and strange! (good luck!)

The composed and deranged (stand tall!)

And it’s my quest to help diminish all the evil

No matter how big or concealed

I will stand by this world, no matter how dark it may be~ 

and when it needs hero

To fight off all the fiends

By any means

I’ll be on the scene

and with my friends I have the ultimate tee~am

Adventures Regenerated! (Nothing’s set)

You can change, nothing is fated

You can carve a road to your dreams

and see things beyond belief

If you follow your heart

You’ll know just where to start

On an adventure of your oww~n

May the whole world knooow~

Adventure is regenerating

Time won’t stop, so start dedicating

Those precious moments

to exploring the world

Adventures are stories of life

Tales of journeys, joys and strides

and they can all be your’s if you just open the door

The rest of your days

Could be filled with amaze-ment

If you just look around

From the sky to the ground

You’d see our world is full of bliss

Something that you just can’t miss

So come one an all, please don’t dismiss

As every adventure is a story

and everyone has to have one!

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