Chapter 1: Swift Swap of the Host!

It was quite the peaceful day. Sonic and Tails (well at least Tails) were enjoying the sun. Not a single care was there. But it came suddenly. The blimp piloted by Eggman. Sonic was finally able to get back up and running after the blimp in which he discovered Omochao talking to him.

We are now to dive in and get our deserved explanation.

Theme Song

10 - 10 Here we go again!
9 - 9 Don't fall behind!
8 - 8 Say, don't be late!
7 - 7 Destination heaven!
6 - 5 Stay alive!
4 - 3 Now it's you and me!
2 - 1 We're gonna have fun
Say, blast off! Hey!
Excalibar - It's not that far
What do ya make? - Give & Take
Blowin' home - Time Zone
Check out Egg - He's never alone
Leather'n Lace - Get in place!
What do y' get? - Say, fast jet!
Doom Room - Cosmic zoom
Heads up, Jake - It's Sonic boom!
Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior - Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
Your hour is near at hand,
You've got the power to save the land!
Take a little chance - Slip on through
Y' gotta survive no matter what you do
You gotta do for you
Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior - Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
The power is in your mind
To save the planet and conquer time!
Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
Deep in space and time
Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
Forever in your mind!
Nothing can survive, the will to stay alive
'Cause if you try, you can do anything

Sonic: Come on Tails!

Tails: *dashing after him holding his binoculars* Is that Omochao?

Sonic: *looks at Tails* No way!

Tails: Look for yourself! *threw the bionculars to Sonic*

(And sure enough it was Omochao manning watching as Eggman piloted a blimp.)

Sonic: *smirking* It sure it. Think you can still sustain my weight!

Tails: *a bit discouraged* I'll try! *grabs Sonic's hand and begins flying to the blimp*

Tails: *losing breath* TOO HIGH!

Sonic: Alright! HOLD ON!

Tails: *holds onto Sonic's hand*

Sonic: SONIC...BOOM! *blasts through the door and lands on the top of the blimp*

Tails: *catching his breath*

Sonic: What would Omochao be doing with Eggman?

Tails: Well he is a fair sport Sonic. He doesn't only help us ya know.

Sonic: Time to investagate. *opens the door and climbs down the ladder*

Tails: Coming! *follows*

Omochao: I think they make medicine for that...

Eggman: Oh...yeah.

Sonic: EGGMAN!

Eggman: SONIC?!

Omochao: SONIC!

Tails: Tails!

Sonic, Eggman and Omochao: *look at Tails* ...

Sonic: Omochao, what are you doing with Eggman!

Omochao: You'll see soon enough.

Sonic: Come on, man! I thought we were pals!

Omochao: We are. But Eggy here has been trying to steal my idea! So it's time to teach him right!

Eggman: *groans*

Sonic: What idea?

Omochao: It's a surprise! You can both find out what's going on if you toon into my new alert channel at 3 PM!

Sonic: Alright! Thanks Omochao! *opens the door*

Tails: ... *sighs as he jumps out with Sonic*

Chapter 2: Omochao's Outstanding Announcement!

Tails: It's three! Change it!

(We interrupt this airing of Chao in Space to give you an important announcement!)

Omochao: Hello! It's me Omochao! And if you don't know me, GET OUT OF THE ROCK YOU ARE CURRENTLY LIVING ON.

Omochao: I myself am holding a special raffle for the first World Tournament in which I will be the host and a contestent! The following raffle will happen as contestants from all over the world will put their emblem and name on a slip and add it the Warp Zone in which I and my Egg Pawn allies will pick 128 competitors to compete.

Egg Pawns: *wave*

Tails: Let's get going!

(Sonic and Tails got there to meet plenty of company)

Sonic: Yo, Knuckles!

Knuckles: *speaking to Espio* Finally, it's not for emeralds or a prize. Just to prove your brute strength. Hey Sonic!

Espio: It is not only about the strength, but complexity of your abilities mentally and physically--

Knuckles: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what's up? Here to join the raffle.

Sonic: Why else would we be here?

Knuckles: Good point. Say, I think you should watch where you step.

Sonic: Why's that--

Amy: *tackles Sonic down* Sonic!

Tails: YEESH.

Amy: Hello, Sonic, Tails as you know--

Sonic: You're here to win my affection by proving your strength against the others. We've heard this before.

Amy: ...Oh wow, you know me so well Sonic! *hugs him*

Espio: *grunts* I need to find Charmy. *walks off*

Sonic: I'll be right back. *goes to put his slip in the raffle*

Tails: It's been a while since I've last been in a fight think I can do it?

Sonic: I don't think so.

Tails: Aw...

Sonic: I know so.

Tails: Thanks Sonic.

Espio: Hello, Vector, Charmy.

Vector: You made it! How was that defensive training.

Espio: Exceptional.

Charmy: Can you teach me some!

Espio: To have training like mine, you will need much discipline, comprehension, and knowledge. I'm afraid you're too young to understand.

Charmy: I'll show you! Once I make it to the tournament, I'll fly high!

Vector: Now, now you two. We're a team and regardless of how things are set up we stay that way, ya here.

Charmy: Yeah.

Espio: Understood. *walk to the booth*

Amy: Guys.

Knuckles: Yeah Amy?

Amy: Has it ever occured to you how Eggman escaped White Space?

Tails: It slipped my mind for a sec, but than I realized robots saved a black hedgehog from a fatal freefall to the earth.

Sonic: *walking home to see the winners on TV* With him back, who knows who else we'll see?

Amy: Yeah, *continues talking with the others*

??????: *A CERTAIN RED ARMADILLO* You'll see soon Sonic...

Chapter 3: The Results Are In!


  1. Amy Rose
  2. The...Um...Shadow Warrior!
  3. Emerl!?
  4. Antoine D'Coolette!
  5. Snively Robotnik!
  6. Momma Robotnik!
  7. Cream the Rabbit!
  8. Johnny Lightfoot!
  9. Athair the Echidna!
  10. Stophe the Hedgehog
  11. Manic the Hedgehog
  12. Erazor Djinn
  13. Caterkiller
  14. Hero Chao
  15. Topaz
  16. Tekno the Canary
  17. Knuckles the Echidna
  18. Void
  19. Crabmeat
  20. EggRobo
  21. Metal Sonic 3.0
  22. Sonia the Hedgehog
  23. Mammoth Mogul
  24. Blaze the Cat
  25. Bokkun
  26. E-100 Alpha (Zero)
  27. Chris Thorndyke
  28. Ray the Flying Squirrel
  29. E-10000R
  30. Monkey Khan
  31. Tails Doll
  32. Bartleby MontClair
  33. Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
  34. Katella
  35. Doctor Finitevus
  36. Ulala
  37. Tho'Rip Xi
  38. Wes Weasley
  39. AiAi
  40. A...Normal Generic Chao...this was totally randomized
  41. Rob O' Hedge
  42. Bark the Polarbear
  43. Doctor Eggman Nega
  44. Swatbot #125442-- I QUIT. SERIOUSLY. A SWATBOT?! GAWD
  45. Orbot: Cubot and I will take it from here...Tikal the Echidna
  46. Marine the Raccoon
  47. Chomps the Dinosaur
  48. Coconuts

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