Sonic Riders 4 (Title Pending) is just a fun idea inspired by a video on the subject of a potental 4th entry into the Sonic Riders sub series. This page is just being made for fun, and for the sole idea of sharing ideas and concepts for a Sonic Riders 4. (Even thoughthe idea of an Offical Sonic Riders 4 might be great...chances wont happen)

Sonic Riders Sequel Wishlist SEGATORIAL10:16

Sonic Riders Sequel Wishlist SEGATORIAL


After being faced with the reality of the Riders Series' death due to how the 3rd title was recived, the Sonic Riders series is now seen as dead, the folks here at Chill Fanon Wiki share ideas in what we would want or could be in a 4th Sonic Riders Title.



  • Characters are given a second Typing for Abilities (EX. Speed/Speed will just be able to grind on Rails, while Speed/Fly can Grind on Rails, and Fly through Air RIngs)
  • Some Corses will borrow Mario Kart 8's Gravity Roads
  • Custom Characters will have thier own Free Play Mode
  • All Characters will be able to have Custom Parts added to thier Gear



  1. Intergalacic Extreme Gear Torunament
  2. Set in the Galaxy Sonic's World/Mobius is in
  3. Chaos Emeralds and Babyloian Involvement
  4. Eggman being part but not truly beind the Torunament






Hubs, and Courses

The game takes place in a Several HUB worlds and from there, each with access with the different 

 Diamond City - Earth/Mobius/Sonic's Planet


  • Diamond Highway 
  • Aquatica Resourt
  • Scarlet Saloon
  • G.U.N. Dome

Krystina Hollows - Planet Krystina


  • Prism Falls
  • Rainbow Mountian
  • Crystal Castle
  • Quartz Dome

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