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Sonic O/F is A RPG based on Fanon meeting Original Characters This Game takes place in grid-based locations from the game's many Games Like Sonic 06 or Sonic Generations. Each friendly unit is made up of two characters (Maybe Fanon and Original ,Fanon And Fanon, Original and Original), though a third character (or "Solo Unit") can be added for once-per-battle assistance.This Game Is Similar To Project X Zone.

Character Roster

Sega Roster

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Tails prower
  • Knuckles The Echdina
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Silver The Hedgehog
  • Blaze The Cat
  • Amy Rose
  • Espio The Chameleon
  • Chaos
  • Scourge
  • Fiona
  • Mighty The Armadillo
  • Ray The Flying Squrriel
  • Marine the Raccoon
  • E-123 Omega
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Shade the Echidna
  • Metal Sonic
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Imperator Pir'Oth Ix
  • Cream The Rabbit
  • Bark The polarbear
  • Beam The Dynamite
  • Honey the Cat
  • Emerl

Fanon Roster

  • Tye The Hedgehog
  • Apallo The Hedgehog
  • Zero The Hedgehog
  • Gash The Hedgehog
  • Bluray The Fox
  • Flash the Cat
  • Misty The Cat
  • Apallo Junior
  • Milan the Lunarian
  • Rush The Hedgehog
  • Blast The Hedgehog
  • Splash the Hedgehog
  • Aqua The Hedgehog
  • Boombomb The Hedgehog
  • Honoo The Pyrofox
  • Lunas the Hedgehog
  • Annika the Fulmar
  • Jadelk "Jad" The Wolveine
  • Juneau The Hedgheog
  • Deraj The Fox
  • Jared The Fox
  • Daniel The Hedgehog
  • Sparks the Hedgehog
  • Joon The Hedgehog
  • Kunai
  • Kouta
  • Sparks the Fox
  • WhiteShadow

Pair Units


Apallo and Blaze

Flash and Misty
Honoo and Jad
Scourge and Fiona
Cream and Amy
Ray and Mighty
Boombomb and Sparks
Junior and Silver
Sparks and Shadow
Espio and Lunas
Vector and Jared
Deraj and Daniel
Tails and Knuckles
Emerl and E 123 Omega
Gash and Zero
Blast and WhiteShadow
Joon and Juneau
Milan and Rush
Kouta and Jayce
Anniku and Marine
Honey and Chao(walker)
Bean and Bark
Shade and IX
Splash and Aqua
Chaos and Kunai

M.Sonic and Bluray

Solo units

*E 123 Gamma
*Jet the Hawk
Lilly The Cat
*Leon The Hedgehog
*Nack The Weasel
Zack The Hedgehog
  • Intially a Rival or was a Rival


This will give all The Descriptions of Each Chapter  -------> See the Dialogue (Sonic Original/Fanon Chapter Dialogues)

Prologue 1

A Beautiful Day in green Hill Zone,Sonic and Tails are in His Lab.But Sonic Make a loud Ruckus.Sonic goes out with a angry Tails. Tails complains and what Not.


  • Sonic and Tye

Prologue 2 - Official Heroes Unite


  • Tails and knuckles
  • Cream and Amy
  • Blaze and Silver

Prologue 3


  • Honoo and jad
  • Apallo and Junior (Don't be on Team until Chapter 10)
  • M.Sonic and Bluray
  • Eclispe (solo joins)
  • Axel(solo Joins)

CHAPTER 1 - Where it all starts


  • Sonic and Tye
  • Honoo and Jad (joins)
  • M.Sonic and Bluray (joins)
  • Splash and Aqua(joins)
  • Eclispe
  • Axel
  • Crimson(Solo joins)

Chapter 2 - Wolf In The Shadows


  • Sonic and Tye
  • Shadow and Sparks

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Trailer Songs

Trailer Music 105:11

Trailer Music 1


Across the Border ~ 2010 version02:20

Across the Border ~ 2010 version


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