Sonic Elements is an upcoming episodic fangame by User:Apallo The Hedgehog and User:BlurayOriginals. It was announced February 4, 2013 and is still in the conceptual part of development. 


Sonic Elements was first conceived by Apallo after he wanted to make a game emphasising on the features and Seasons occuring in Mobius. He then began to work on concepts and pitched the idea to his good friend Bluray who was happy to contibute.


Ice Age Arrival

The story begins with Dr.Eggman discovering an old legend after finding a tablet within Seaside Hill's ocean. He uncovers the scribes as a story describing how four sages came together to make sure that the seasons always came controlling and master the arts of  Ice, Fire, Earth and Wind. Eventually the seasons did always come and sages were able to rest in peace, scattering themselves and their Seasonal Gems. That is until Eggman is able to tap into Winterra's power and freeze Earth over. 


All that is known at this time is that the game will take elements from both the Classic and Modern side scrollers and will use the Sonic Worlds or Sol Engines.

Season Powers

Simular to Color Powers, Season Powers allow you to harness the powers of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each one using an element that compliments each season.

Winter Frost (White Snow)

  • Character is a Large Snowflake
  • Speed increases a bit'
  • When a Character is in this form, when they run into an ice block,they gain 10 Rings for each one destroied.
  • It can run/float over water, as well as freeze the water's surfaces.
  • It cannot jump high

Spring Terra  (Green Flora)

  • The Character will take the form of a two eyed flower in a stone body
  • Speed stays the same as the character who activates the power
  • It cannot jump at high distances 
  • When over water, it can sink and can be used to walk through currents

Summer Sun (Scarlet Sun)

  • Character is a Sun/Fireball Simular to Red Burst
  • Unlike Red Burst, you will always be surrounded by flames
  • Speed is increased
  • Ability: In stages with Ice Block, Summer Sun can break these without relying on multipule attacks. Charcters revert back to normal when in water

Fall Tornado (Brown Tornado)

  • Simular to Indigo Asteroid, but can stay in effect longer
  • when over water, the tornadow picks up speed, and causes a whirlpool to appear under it damaging enemies
  • It can pick up any object or enemy it runs into and can throw them at any time
  • The fastest form out of the 4



  1. Sonic
  2. Tails
  3. Knuckles
  4. Silver
  5. Blaze
  6. Shadow


Ice Aged

New Leaf

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