Sonic Allstars Boom (ソニックオールスターブーム)  is an Action/Adventure fighting game involving Tye and Friends once again. This is the first Installment in the Sonic Allstars boom series.


After Tye came back from the fight with Ark, he was badly damaged and needed attention. Before long Ark taken over the worlds and they needed Tye's help. Tye gather some of his friends and formed a group The TEH (Team Emerging Heroes) to stop Ark and his plans. While Tye was on a trip to thesecret underground base he was attacked by Captin Mitchell Hazard. and after that fight Tye was found beaten so jack had to save him. Now Tye got fixed he now has his eyes change to red when ever he changes forms or personalities. Now Tye goes on a quest with his friends to stop them.



  • Tye
    • Germani
    • Arrow
    • Cole
    • Apallo
  • Jack
    • Morena
    • Brouka
    • Glide
    • Bluray
  • Cris
    • Mix The hedgehog
    • Frezz
    • Zizor
    • Kechi


  • Mitchell Hazard
  • Motto Blue
  • Moonshine
  • Michelle
  • Chillo
  • Freeze
  • Bloody Marie (Hero/Villian)

Npcs (For Now)

  • Annabelle Rich


Sonic Allstars Boom is a hack and slash beat 'em up in which Tye and friends fight off cyborgs, Ark minions and Demons in a variety of environments. When using Tye, Jack, or Cris press the Left trigger for him to use Rush Mode, In this state he Make perfect slashes and Sneak attacks on enemies. When using the others they have their own special Movves.

In the handheld version when you hit start there is a menu for characters and their image will appear click on them to switch while in the console verson you press the right trigger.


Sonic Allstars Boom/Gallery

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