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You are reading Sonata the Nightingale, an article which regards Chillverse 2.0 and Chillverse 2.0 ONLY. The article is by Tay and will be used in the rebooted timeline.

Sonata the Nightingale is a character created by Tay. She is a cellist and a member of the Embodiments of Audio, representing the classical music genre. She is Tay's Chillverse 2.0 protagonist. 
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Sonata the Nightingale is currently being written by Tay. This page shall be finished once the user can complete the full article, then this template shall be taken off. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Juliana "Julie" the Nightingale
OC Placeholder
Vital statistics
Title Sonata the Nightingale
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Common Nightingale
Fur/Feathers/scales Orchid
Attire See "Appearance"
Romantic Interests N/A
Hobbies Playing the cello
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Food Beef stroganoff
Favorite Drink Milkshake
First Appearance 2.0
Appearances 2.0
American/English VA Grace Chatto
Seiyū (Japanese VA) Atori Shigematsu


Sonata is a rather posh and fancy Grade 8 cellist, who enjoys playing her instrument a lot. She uses this in a somewhat strange way if she is threatened - She shall use her bow as a weapon to stab with. Other than this, she is somewhat sweet to those who she knows, however very refined. She speaks in highly sophisticated vocabulary.


Sonata has orchid feathers and pale blue eyes. She wears a white button up shirt, a black jacket, a black bowtie and black shorts on formal occasions such as orchestra performances, otherwise she wears a white crop top and demim shorts, often with sunglasses. Her legs have dark peach scales, and she wears black Converse-like trainers. Her spines are wavy and reach down to halfway down her back.


  • Sonata's appearance was modelled on Grace Chatto, and her personality was modelled on Lettice Rowbotham.
  • Sonata's real name is Juliana. She allows close friends to call her Julie. She is named after one of her creator's friends, who is also a cellist

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