Smokescreen the Hedgehog
Smokescreen the Hedgehog
Smokescreen is a young and rebellious Maverick Hunter, and Axl's best friend




Hedgehog Reploid


Carries a Smoke Buster; has "Phase Shifter" ability, which allows him (or any part of him) to pass through solid objects

Love Interests

I the Hedgehog (hinted), Spur Ponica, Poker the Echidna (ex-girlfriend)


Kicking tail, hot/cute girls, showing off, scouting, nice cash, hanging with Axl, etc.


Losing, boredom, no action, getting bested by Axl, heavy deception, extensive war, etc.

Voice Actor

Nolan North

Smokescreen the Hedgehog is a Reploid Maverick Hunter that works in the Alpha Squad. He is a former member of Red Alert and best friend of fellow hunter Axl the Fox, before going rogue and leaving Red Alert during the early days of the Maverick Wars.


Smokescreen was created as a G.U.N. Reploid experiment that escaped just after test completions. He found a home in the underground bounty hunting group Red Alert, after its leader, Red, was impressed by his phase shifter ability--a strange ability which allows Smokescreen to pass through solid objects. He performed his duties well and grew great friendships with Axl and the team's navigator, Pallette. But after about a year, Smokescreen began to feel unfulfilled and had a falling out with Red.

During the early stages of the Maverick Wars, he chose not to take part in this and left Red Alert, turning rogue in the process. Not a single member of Red Alert heard from him and they all assumed him to be dead. In reality, Smokescreen left for Giga City as a bounty hunter. There, he started dating bounty huntress, Poker the Echidna, and the duo were a near unstoppable in jobs. That was until Smokescreen was nearly wasted by Rebellion Army Cadre, Scarface. Not wanting to be part of a pointless war, Smokescreen regretfully broke up with Poker and left Giga City, but not before promising her to give her one last "intimate moment" the next time they met.

When the Maverick Hunter I was sent to quell the Rebellion Army, she and Layer the Cat encountered a now Cyber-Elf Pallette, who gave them a strange ID card that belonged to an "old friend", which gave them access to most parts of Central Tower. Later, they were encountered by Poker, who recognized Smokescreen's ID and assumed him dead. In the confusion, she was inspired to join the Resistance movement against the Rebellion.

Shortly after this, the Maverick Hunters encountered Smokescreen, who had been a rogue Reploid fighter since leaving Giga City, alive and well. At last reunited with Axl and a now-rebuilt Pallette, he joined the Maverick Hunters to fight the Maverick Army. During his time, he warned Axl that Red had been hiding and reforming Red Alert and was not trully dead, as the Hunters had thought he was.


Smokescreen is often seen as very cocky and eccentric, thinking he can do anything. He sees himself in a great future destined for great things. He also likes doing things his way and ways wanting to take down Mavericks, regardless of what they may be. Smokescreen also likes to hit on hot girls, mostly either the Ponica twins or I, the latter of which bugs X to no end. Despite all this, Smokescreen is against serious wars and hates them as much as X does, thus showing he at least has a heart and care for the innocent.



Original Counterpart



  • Even though he likes taking on any kind of Mavericks, Smokescreen tends to avoid confrontation of a female Maverick, particuarlly the more attractive ones like the Ponica twins and Bloodbat Temptress.
  • It is hinted that Smokescreen once had a crush on Pallette before she was taken by Axl, but this is still quite debatable.
  • How Pallette came into possession of Smokescreen's ID card is unknown. It is likely that Smokescreen gave it to her before leaving Red Alert, but in that case, Poker would not have been able to recognize his ID when coming across it. It is assumed Smokescreen misplaced the ID card after leaving Giga City and Pallette--now a Cyber-elf--simply picked it up and gave it to I.

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