Cquote1 Where there is smoke, there is Fire! Cquote2
Smoke the Cheetah

Smoke the Cheetah (real name: Tomas Vrbada) is  cheetah who was born in the slums of the Mcob Republic, who is currently an assassin Ninja of the Lin Kuei. His best friend is Mai Shinurai the Fox and his worse enemy is Scorpion the Scorpion, whom he holds a grudge on due to him killing his friend Sub-Zero the Hedgehog.

Smoke the Cheetah


15, looks older




Lin Kuei


Black jumpsuit with gray armor, and silver greaves

Fur Color

Black (Fur), Gray (Hair)


Smoke, as he was known as Tomas, grew up with his childhood friend, Bi-Han the Hedgehog (later known as Sub-Zero, returned as Noob Saibot). The two were a duo, and always going on adventures. In one of them, they met the neighborhood "bully", Hanzo Hatashi The Scorpion. For some reason he did not like Sub-Zero, and him and Tomas were always one of his victims. Soon enough, Hanzo (now known as Scorpion The Scorpion), killed Bi-Han (now known as Sub-Zero; the elder Sub-Zero), and Smoke has wanted revenge on Scorpion since.


Sometimes at night, Smoke goes hunting. He hides behind trees stalking prey, and subsequently kills them. His other hobby is playing with flammable liquids.


  • Mai Shinurai The Fox (best friend)
  • Bi-Han/Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot the Hedgehog (Childhood Friend)
  • Cyrax the Wolf (Lin Kuei brethren)


Scorpion the Scorpion (Worst Enemy)

Sektor The Coyote


Smoke is a furryized version of Smoke    From mortal Kombat,

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