1. Season 1 (Production Order)
  2. Season 2 (Production Order)
  3. Season 3  (Production Order)



Season 1 (11/28/14-4/18/15; 142 days)

The first season lasted 4 months and 22 days.

  1. For Fun 3DS (Kirby vs. Pikachu vs. Villager)
  2. Royal Rumble: Princess Punch-Out (Peach vs. Zelda vs. Lucina)
  3. Bros. vs. Bowsers (Mario & Luigi vs. Bowser & Bowser Jr.)
  4. Four Horsemen of the Sword (Ike vs. Toon Link vs. Lucina vs. Shulk)
  5. Poster Power 1: Pellets and Pikmin (Olimar vs. Pac-Man)
  6. Smash Wars: The Semi-Clone Wars (Luigi vs. Ganondorf vs. Falco)
  7. Poster Power 2: Speed Demon (Captain Falcon vs. Sonic)
  8. Settle It In Smash! (Little Mac vs. Sonic vs. Pac-Man)
  9. Gun vs. Sword vs. Fist (Captain Falcon vs. Ike vs. Mega Man)
  10. Fire Emblem Fury (Marth vs. Ike vs. Robin vs. Lucina)
  11. Glorious 1v1 (Lucina vs. Shulk)
  12. Red vs. Blue (Mario vs. Mega Man)
  13. Settle It In Smash! 2 (Donkey Kong vs. Mii Swordfighter)
  14. The King and the Commoner (Bowser vs. Villager)
  15. Settle the Score: Worlds Collide Conclusion (Sonic vs. Mega Man)
  16. The Rival Rumble of Light vs. Dark! To Be Pit Against Yourself! (Pit vs. Dark Pit)
  17. Light vs. Dark 2: The Retro Rumble (Mr. Game & Watch vs. R.O.B.)
  18. Light vs. Dark 3: The Final Bout (Ganondorf vs. Wii Fit Trainer)
  19. Midgets Are People Too (Ness vs. Olimar vs. Toon Link vs. Villager)
  20. Color Clash: Red, Blue, Green (Diddy vs. Lucario vs. Toon Link)
  21. Color Clash: Red, Blue, Green 2 (Charizard vs. Sonic vs. Palutena)
  22. No Jokers Here (Bowser vs. Little Mac vs. Shulk)
  23. Cretaceous Clash! (Yoshi vs. Charizard)
  24. Strength in Numbers (Olimar vs. Rosalina)
  25. Holiday Hattack (Ness vs. Toon Link)
  26. Rival Rumble: Kirby vs. Meta Knight (Kirby vs. Meta Knight)
  27. Settle the Score: Team For Fun (Olimar vs. Alph)
  28. Little Mac Punches In! Size Doesn't Matter! (Samus vs. Little Mac)
  29. Holiday Hattack 2 (Mario vs. Luigi)
  30. Rival Rumble: N64 Throwback (Donkey Kong vs. Samus)
  31. Smash Wars: The Clone Wars (Dr. Mario vs. Lucina vs. Dark Pit)
  32. Third Party Fiesta (Sonic vs. Mega Man vs. Pac-Man)
  33. Robin Brings the Thunder! Captain Falchion! (Robin & Lucina vs. Captain Falcon)
  34. Color Clash: Red, Blue, Green 3 (Mario vs. Luigi vs. Meta Knight)
  35. Poster Power 3: Link v. Lucy (Link vs. Lucina)
  36. Glorious 1v1 (Part II) (Link vs. Samus)
  37. Rival Rumble: Kirby vs. King Dedede (Kirby vs. King Dedede)
  38. Pocket Full of Pellet (Villager vs. Mega Man)
  39. Top Tier: The Brawl to End Them All (Falco vs. Meta Knight vs. Diddy Kong vs. Olimar)
  40. Royal Pains in the Neck King (Dedede vs. Bowser Jr.)
  41. You Aren't Roy! (Marth vs. Roy)

Season 2 (4/18/15-6/25/15; 69 Days)

2 months and 8 days.

  1. Red vs. Blue
  2. The King and the Commoner
  3. Gun vs. Sword vs. Fist
  4. Dress for Success
  5. Spherical Skirmish
  6. Series Showdown: Round 1
  7. Now You See Me...
  8. Mean Green Fighting Machines
  9. Battle of the Beefcakes
  10. Strength in Numbers
  11. Color Clash: Red, Blue, Green
  12. Pokémon Battle! Omega Ruby vs. Alpha Sapphire
  13. Bunch of Jokers
  14. Feel That Burn!
  15. Cretaceous Clash!
  16. Noobs!
  17. Light vs. Dark
  18. Ties that Bond
  19. Aerial Assault
  20. Holiday Hattack!
  21. Back to the Eighties
  22. Physical Aid vs. Critical Blade
  23. Hardest Hitters
  24. Burly Boys, Kooky Kids and Lively Ladies
  25. Let Sparks Fly! Fire vs. Thunder
  26. All Round Bad Guys
  27. Tails from Smash
  28. Boxer vs. Beast
  29. Just in Time for a Brawl
  30. Special-Guest Showdown
  31. Draw Your Blades!
  32. Battle of the Falcons
  33. In the Shadows
  34. Spoilers!
  35. Princess Punch-Out(2: A Right Royal Rumble)
  36. Royal Pain in the Neck
  37. My Final Smash is Cooler than Yours!
  38. Super Fighting Robots!
  39. For the Greater Good
  40. Galactic Interlopers
  41. Supernatural Scrap
  42. Extreme Gardening
  43. Generation Z
  44. Eat This
  45. Make or Shield Break
  46. Long-Distance Relationships Never Work
  47. Lightning Speed
  48. Counter Intuitive
  49. Title Match
  50. The Sky's the Limit
  51. Series Showdown, Round 2!
  52. Mewtwo Strikes Back
  53. Brace for Impact

Alternate Pics

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