Skywarp the Batfox
Skywarp the Batfox
Skywarp is a dimwitted Maverick and youngest of the Seekers






Chaos Control, excellent flight, cloaking, excellent armada of weaponry like Null Ray blasters, Neutron Assault Rifles, and Photon Burst rifles.

Love Interests



Killing good guys, blowing things up, life in the sky, playing tricks on others, immature pranks, etc.


Being insulted, acting dumb, losing, being treated like crap, getting left out, smartasses, etc.

Voice Actor

Richard Epcar

Theme Song

"What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?" by Taking Back Sunday

Skywarp the Batfox is one of the least intelligent of all the Mavericks, but still half as deadly. He is the youngest of the Seekers, a trio of batfox triplets that are very well known for their impressive aerial combat skills and tricky nature.


Much like his older brothers, Starscream and Thundercracker, Skywarp was once an elite officer in Repliforce's Air-Strike Unit before their whole squadron betrayed them. The brothers were barely able to escape death, but in order to hide their presense and protect themselves, they were forced to become Reploid Research directors, overseeing the multiple developments made by several scientists and researchers, including Alia and Gate. When the Maverick Wars began, Skywarp and his brothers saw the time to leave their work and return to their original lives, dominating the skies and destroying anyone and anything that got in their way.


Skywarp is quite a more unintelligetnt Maverick, to say the least. He is rather slow, immature, and prone to insults and stupid remarks, even ones made by himself. Despite all of this, however, any smart Maverick Hunter or Repliforce member will know better than to underestimate him and his brothers. Skywarp is incredibly sneaky, because of his cloaking and teleporting powers, which he mostly uses for fooling around with both friend and foe. He also has a habit of using long-range weapons from a distance and stupidly mocking others' failings, especially Starscream's.





  • Skywarp is based off the Transformers character of the same name, particuarly his G1 and War for Cybertron incarnations.
  • Although it is stated Skywarp knows Chaos Control, he has only seen to have mastered the art of teleporting. The true extent of his knowledge on Chaos Control is currently unknown.

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