Silver Sharkly
Silver Sharkly
Silver Sharkly is a cool and hip Maverick with a sassy charisma.




Great White Shark-based Maverick

Love Interests



Acting cool, hip-hop, rap, dubstep, and trance music, social media, doing fancy tricks while killing enemies, hot boys, raves, trendy fashions, etc.


Boredom, deep talk, old school talk and ways, classical and jazz music, Old-Model Reploids, being out of the loop, too much serious talk, etc.

Voice Actress

Melissa Disney

Silver Sharkly is a sassy Maverick that serves in the army as a member of the Aquatic Pultry Unit. She is the army's self-appointed "Social Media Supervisor", always keeping on taps of the army's status on social networking sites. She is also a killer DJ and likes to feel hip and cool on and off the battlefield.


Silver Sharkly is a New-Generation Reploid and was a regular DJ at a Reploid Night Club. She was very well liked before she turned Maverick, swearing allegiance to Sigma and using her new self-appointed authority and hobbies to "convince" more Reploids to get behind Sigma, with hypnotic radio. Only an extreme few have been able to resist this method. She also appointed herself in charge of all Social Networking control used her hip and cool persona to give them a minor edge in the wars. Sharkly still continues her profession and remaining by Sigma's side, as well as checking out some hot boys within his ranks.


Silver Sharkly is normally cool and calm, but is extremely sassy and obsessed with trendy fashions, like social media, techno-like music, and coolness. She always tries to make an impression and show off and get some more supporters by Sigma's side. She is very charismatic and quite enjoyable. Sharkly is one of Sigma's most valued females because of her hobbies and way to draw in audiences and fellow Mavericks.

Abilities & Powers

Silver Sharkly's signature weapon is the Shark Arrow. She is able to fire several Shark-shaped harpoons at her opponents from her Sharkly Buster or from the sky or walls to inflict great amount of damage to her opponent. She also has great amount of close-hand combat, mostly using the flamboyant fighting style of capoeira to her advantage. Sharkly also uses her regular razor-sharp teeth to her advantage whenever she can.

Like all New-Generation Reploids, Sharkly has a copy chip installed in her, allowing her to assume any form of old-styled Reploids and others, and is totally immune to all viruses. She also likes using the music she plays to inflict damage and sometimes even hypnotise others in and out of battle, mostly to gather more followers of her lord, Sigma (though she tries to use her charisma at DJing first and then use her hypno-music to force others into submission). Silver Sharkly is extremely weak to Earth-based attacks and weaponry.



Theme Song



  • Like most female Mavericks, Silver Sharkly is an original character exclusive to the Maverick Hunter X series.

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