Sigma the Echidna
Sigma the Echidna
Sigma was once a Maverick Hunter commander, but is now a Maverick dictator




Mobian Reploid/Maverick


Incredible speed and mastery of Chaosblade, charismatic and strategic commander, teleportation, easy to manipulate any situation, near immortality due to the Sigma Virus that X and Zero unintentionally planted


Power, domination, Reploid evolution and potential, killing, death, etc.


Nuisances, feeble resistance, aliens, defeat, total peace, etc.

Voice Actor

Gerald Matthews

Sigma the Echidna is a Maverick dictator, the main enemy to the Maverick Hunters, and primary antagonist in the Maverick Hunter X roleplay series. Once a Maverick Hunter commander, he became corrupted with power and obsessed with Reploid evolution and as such, was turned Maverick. Sigma's bodycount and numbers of underlings is endless, as is his ever-growing plan to destroy the Maverick Hunters and evolve his own race with him as their true leader and dictator.


Like many of the Mobian Reploids, Sigma was made by Doctor Miles "Tails" Prower, using the androids X and Zero as basis and inspiration in design. Out of all of the ones made by Dr. Prower--or anyone for that matter--Sigma was the more advanced and one of the more powerful & complex. When the Maverick Wars began to take root, several groups of Reploids were formed to deal with these crimes. Sigma joined the Maverick Hunter task force and was quickly promoted to Commander status because of his strategic and combat skills, as well as charismatic leadership and attitude in situations.

Several months after his ascension, Sigma began to lose faith in X for having great promise on the battlefield, but hesitation to act quickly in the time of desperate and decisive action. He soon learned that X's constant worrying was actually a source of his potential and greatest feature that he alone possessed above all Reploids. Sigma quickly became obsessed with using this potential to evolve his species. He plotted a behind-the-scenes terrorist plot to turn teh Mechaniloids in Abel City to Maverick as cover up to trap X and Zero, kidnap the newly-instated navigator Iris (who Sigma found to be an alien), free a now-Maverick Vile, and at last fire every missile stored at the missile base towards Abel City.

Towards the end of his plan's success, Zero engaged Sigma in combat, albiet in a fierce duel. There is no clear winner, as X's full potential was unlocked and used to greatly scar Sigma's face. Wounded, yet satified, Sigma laughed as his forces retreated with a kidnapped Iris. To this day, Sigma still leads his Maverick forces into battle, hoping to use X's evolutionary potential powers to evolve all Reploids and create a new "utopia", with him as the undisputed and all-powerful leader.


As both a normal Reploid and a Maverick, Sigma is well known for being a charismatic leader, strategically superior, and very powerful and skilled in combat. He is known for using his Chaosblade moreso than anything else, but also uses his speed as an advantage as well. Sigma shows very little simpathy in both his allies and enemies and always aims for weak spots in his adversaries, even if his own fodder are caught in the heat. Sigma is also extremely manipulative, able to use anyone and anything to get his way. He has manipulated almost all the major events in the Maverick wars, even his own turn to the dark side.

Known Allies

Known Enemies


  • Sigma is based after the Mega Man X villain of the same name, and is modelled after his initial appearance in X1.
  • Sigma's way of being infected by the Maverick virus is different than told in the games. As revealed in Mega Man X4, Sigma received the virus during a battle with a then-Maverick Zero and it gradually spread to his body until he was 100% Maverick. In this version, Sigma became Maverick by becoming obsessed with being more powerful and evolving Reploids, and was given the virus when X unleashed his "potential power" onto SIgma and severly scratched up his face.

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