Discription and Use

The Shock Sword is a special item that only electric users can use. For Some characters who wear Generate Gloves they must use a special chip with the data for the Shock Sword in it. For some people who were Generate Gloves they already have a beginers Sword, a weaker verson of the Shock Sword. Like all wepons from the Generate Gloves, the Shock Sword chip or ability can be upgraded and can even transform into a better verson.

Forms and Upgrades

Shock Sword Ability

  • Level 1: Beginer's Sword
  • Level 2: Shock Sword
  • Level 3: Shock Saber (power) or Shock Rapier (speed)
  • Level 4: Storm Blade (power) or Storm Slasher (Speed)
  • (more comming soon)

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