Shadow: Apocalypse Era
The cover for the Nintendo DS, showing Shadow in Apocalyptic Station Square.


July 5, 2013


Action, Adventure, Fantasy


T - Teen


Nintendo DS/3DS


Sonic Team


SEGA, Dimps


Story, Co-op, Challenge, Spec Ops, Super Hard, Multiplayer



"Shadow the Hedgehog: Apocalypse Era", better known as "Shadow: Era" is a 2013 handheld fan game/videogame designed for the Nintendo DS. The game takes place after Rise of the Heroes, and explains how the world has turned into a post-apocalptic enviroment. Can Shadow defeat a new evil that threatens to destroy the entire solar system as we know it? Maybe a few friends can help him out...


Single-Player Story

  • This mode only lets you alone play the game, and make choices that affect your decision later on.
  • Contains over 50 secrets to unlock.
  • Play as 5 different characters!

Co-op Story

  • Join another player Locally or Online as you fight your way through the Story's, and help each other make the right decisions.
  • Over 50 MORE secrets to unlock only in Co-op mode!
  • Play as 5 different characters!

Challenge/Super Hard

  • This mode gives you tons of challenges! All including: Ring Collecting, Chao Collecting, Time Limits, Clone Racing, Kart racing, Character racing, Boss Battles, Higher difficulties (Super Hard), and Character Brawls!

Special Ops

  • This mode is filled with all sorts of fun missions! Includes different modes of gameplay, altering the courses along the way!
  • Play as over 10 different characters! Join a friend online or locally, fighting your way to the end of evil!

Shadow's Story

After defeating Tails Doll in Rise of the Heroes, Shadow awakes atop a very high skyscraper. Looking around, Shadow realizes the place is a warzone! The building collapses, letting Shadow fall into a deep construction pit. As he attempts to climb out, another explosion forces cement on top of Shadow. The screen goes dark as Shadow fears this is his demise. Suddenly, icycles begin to pound through the cement. The entire cement colum is then blown apart by a s near death...mysterious figure. The figure helps Shadow out, and introduces himself as "Alexander the Hedgehog". Asking Shadow to trust him, the two hedgehog's run to cover as the first level commences. Shadow and No1 fight to the city outskirts, but as they near freedom, a giant VTOL jet hovers in front of them. A laughter is heard from inside, and Alex gets angry. He leaps atop the VTOL, and pounds on the glass. The pilot inside forces Alex to fall off of the jet, and plunder into a haystack below. Here the boss battle for the level begins...

As the VTOL is defeated by Shadow, the pilot takes off his gear to be a purple echidna with an evil attire. Alex comes to, and attacks the Echidna once more. Alex falls off as the jet takes off into the skies. Alex says the pilot's name was "Volkrun", and old friend of his. He then tells Shadow to call him "No1". 

No1 explains that when Shadow defeated Tails Doll, Tails Doll's decapitated head came alive once more, and beamed Shadow into another dimension. Shadow had fallen onto the skyscraper, and the fall awakened him. No1 and Shadow then travel to the largest building in the city. No1 says the ruler of Station Square must be here. Level 2 begins here. The two fight they're way to the top floor, and confront the leader. The chair turns to reveal a person who looks exactly like Shadow, but a different color scheme. The Anti-Shadow cackles, and tells them he plans to take this war to the entire planet system. The boss battle between Shadow and Anti-Shadow begins here, and Anti-Shadow abruptly wins. If Shadow wins, Anti-Shadow uses a hidden Chaos Emerald to beam Shadow out of the building, and towards the ground below. No1 leaps out, and uses his flying ability to barely land safely with Shadow. No1 and Shadow flee the city as it is self detonated by Anti-Shadow...

If Anti-Shadow wins the fight, Shadow is knocked out, and you play as No1 in another boss battle with Anti-Shadow. Anti beams No1 out of the building, and Shadow awakes, realizing No1 has just fallen. As Shadow is about to get Anti, Anti locks Shadow in handcuffs. As Shadow is locked away, Anti-Shadow self detonates the city. As Shadow thinks No1 is gone forever, he lays in his cell. Suddenly, yelling is heard outside as No1 comes to the rescue. The ship shakes, and they are both leaned against the left wall. No1 blasts open the cell with a giant frost ball, and together the 3rd level commences. The two escape the trap-filled ship, and make it out in one piece.

After escaping the city, the two travel through the black forest, discussing what to do next. They then agree that the 7 Chaos Emeralds can help them. The two rush throught he Black Forest, the 3th level (4th if you chose to be taken during Anti-Shadow's scene). As they try and find Volkrun's location, the forest is nearly destroyed by a bomb. Shadow awakes to see Volkrun standing above him. As Volkrun is about to stab Shadow, No1 tackles him and the boss battle begins. No1 and Volkrun fight, and here the player can choose what to happen.

Ending's to Shadow's Story

Ending 1

If No1 wins the fight, Volkrun is killed, and a steam emites out of him. It clears to reveal another female Echidna. No1 and the hedgehog embraces as she repeatedly says "Thank you!". Shadow asks for info, while No1 explains the only reason he joined Shadow was to kill Volkrun, and save the hedgehog: "Cameron". No1 still agrees to help as the two grab 4 Chaos Emeralds from Volkrun, and continue on they're journey. Playing as No1, the 3 follow a scented trail, and rush through the Burning Desert. Afterwards, they escape a faulty train and reach Volkrun's home base, the "Armada". The 3 rush and beat the 5th level (6th is chosen Anti-Shadow's side). The 3 secretly overhear Anti-Shadow talking with somebody. Shadow turns the corner to see Sonic and Tails are locked up in a cell, and Anti-Shadow is conversing with them! Shadow attacks Anti-Shadow, and a boss battle begins.

Choice #1

If Shadow wins the fight with Anti, anti is knocked out cold and Shadow releases Sonic & Tails. As Sonic begins to explain himself, Anti freezes Tails solid with a ray. Sonic leaps over Anti, Shadow works with Sonic to fight Anti once again. Sonic and Shadow ultamitly beat Anti, and lock him up. The two hi five as Tails is unfrozen by Cameron. The 4 then question Anti for the dimension port. Anti laughs, and reveals he has it. Anti then burns a hole in the back wall. Anti escapes as the base begins to self detonate. Playing as Shadow, he leads everyone to safety as they leap out of the base at the last second. As the smoke clears, Shadow and the others witness Anti escaping in yet another VTOL jet. He laughs as it speeds off into the night. Shadow turns to Sonic, who is holding the last 3 Chaos Emeralds...

Choice #2

If Anti wins the Fight with Shadow on the base, Shadow is knocked out cold, and locked up with Sonic & Tails. No1 then fights Anti, but loses once more. No1 and Cameron are locked up in the cell as well, leaving everyone trapped. No1 apalogizes to the group, and explains his whole story. Shadow and Sonic agree to help, and together they carve a hole in the back of the cell. The 4 escape and devise a plan. As they finish whispering, Volkrun and Anti perpare to leave the base. Tails and Shadow amush Anti in the hall, and search him. They find 2 Chaos Emeralds, leaving the total 6, with Sonic having 4. Volkrun is revealed to have the final Chaos Emerald. Tails watches Anti as Shadow and Volkrun fight in a boss battle. Shadow wins the fight, and takes the last Emerald from Volkrun. Anti then agrees to help the group, but they are seemingly too late. Volkrun's fleet is already heading to space for the final fate. Shadow looks at the 7 Chaos Emeralds in his hands, and grins...

Ending 2

If Volkrun wins the fight in the Black Forest, No1 is knocked out for several hours, letting Shadow and Volkrun fight. Volkrun wins, and Shadow is taken hostage. Volkrun escapes with Shadow as No1 awakes minutes later. Playing as No1, he follows Shadow's scent as he races through the Burning Desert, the 4th level (5th if chosen to be taken during Anti-Shadow's scene). No1 arrives at Volklrun's home base, the "Armada". No1 infiltrates and beats the guards in the 5th level (6th if chosen Anti-Shadow's side). No1 secretly watches as Anti-Shadow and Volkrun lock Shadow up, with Sonic & Tails! No1 then engages in a fight with Volkrun and Anti.

Choice #1

If No1 wins the fight with them both, they are knocked out as No1 grabs Volkrun by the colar. Demanding to know where "Cameron" is, No1 punches Volkrun numerous times. Volkrun finally gives No1 a small vial, and No1 opens it to find it's laughing gas. No1 laughs himself to the ground as Volkrun gets ready to kill No1. Sonic yells, and throws a Green Chaos Emerald at Volkrun's head. Volkrun passes out from the hit as Anti-Shadow puts No1 in a giant tube. No1 stops laughing as he recognizes this from the olden days. Anti activates the machine as No1's fur turns from Sky Blue to Brown, and his eyes turn Black. No1 falls to the ground due to loss of energy. "No1's ice power is no more!" Anti yells as he laughs in acomplishent. However, he turns to see Shadow and Sonic have escaped from they're cells! Sonic & Shadow beat Anti, and drag him into the tube. Shadow then gets in with Anti, and before Anti can get out, Sonic and No1 shut the door. No1 starts up the tube, and Shadow and Anti are morphed together. Shadow emerges from the machine as good as new, happy that Anti was finally defeated. However, Volkrun awakes from his slumber, and captures Tails and No1. He flees off of the fleet as Shadow and Sonic are left on the base. As Sonic holds 3 Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and Shadow become trapped in the top room. They close they're eyes as the base explodes, and No1 & Tails watch in defeat...

Choice #2

If Volkrun and Anti win the fight with No1, No1 is locked up with Sonic, Shadow and Tails. No1 officially claims defeat, and here he explains his whole story. Shadow and Sonic agree to help, and together they carve a hole in the back of the cell. The 4 escape and devise a plan. As they finish whispering, Volkrun and Anti perpare to leave the base. Tails and Shadow amush Anti in the hall, and search him. They find 2 Chaos Emeralds, leaving the total 6, with Sonic having 4. Volkrun is revealed to have the final Chaos Emerald. Tails watches Anti as Shadow and Volkrun fight in a boss battle...

Choice #3

If Shadow wins, he aquires the final Emerald from Volkrun, but is soon frozen by Volkrun's ray. As Tails comes running to Shadow's aid, he is also frozen. Volkrun and Anti make they're way off of the base as Sonic and No1 smash the ice. Shadow shows the final emerald, and the 4 realize the base is going to self destruct! The 4 escape the base, and watch as Volkrun and Anti escape in yet ANOTHER VTOL. It flies off into the night sky, as Sonic and Shadow look at the 7 Chaos Emeralds...

Choice #4

If Volkrun beats Shadow in the final boss fight, Shadow is frozen solid as Volkrun escapes with the Chaos Emerald. Volkrun escapes in a VTOL as Anti agrees to help them. Anti gives them the last real emerald, explaining the last one was a decoy. Volkrun then self destructs the base, forcing the 5 to run out of the place. As the final door begins to close, Anti holds it up the the 4. Shadow bids a farewell as Anti is killed in the blast, with an honorable sacrifice. Sonic and Shadow gleam at the 7 Chaos Emeralds they possess...

Sonic's Story

After beating Tails Doll, Sonic lands on the ground safely, but Shadow has dissapeared! Sonic tells Knuckles to stay here with Silver and the others as Sonic goes Super. He investigates into the clouds, but cannot find Shadow. Landing back on the ground, Sonic gets Tails to come with him. After exploring the destroyed base, Sonic finds Tails Doll's head. Picking it up, a laser beam shoots out of it's eyes, and nearly hits Sonic. It instead stops in mid-air, and transforms into a portal of some kind. Here the player can make a choice:

Portal: Choice #1

If you choose to jump into the portal, Sonic and Tails leap inside as Sonic finds himself plummeting to Earth. Using his moves, the 1st level begins, where he runs through an apocalyptic Station Square. Reaching the barriers of the city, Sonic hears a booming noise. He turns to see the entire city is self destructing! Sonic escapes just in time, but cannot find Tails anywhere. Sonic spots two Hedgehog's in the distance, and is about to race to them, but a jet zooms past Sonic. Sonic catches a glimpse of Shadow in the jet, but his colors are different! Sonic races after the jet, where the 2nd level happens. Sonic must chase down the jet. Sonic eventually catches up with the jet, and hops aboard to ask what is going on. As Shadow looks to Sonic, he turns the VTOL jet, letting Sonic fall off, and smack into a tree. Wondering what has happened to Shadow, Sonic takes part into the Black Forest to follow the jet. Sonic eventually loses sight of it, and catches a glimpse of a Purple Echidna. Thinking it is Knuckles, he begins to walk towards it. Sonic then spots Shadow and another Sky Blue hedgehog fighting with Knuckles! As Sonic goes towards them, he is suddenly caught in a tractor beam. He is then dragged into the jet, and then Sonic realizes the mysterious hedgehog is not the normal Shadow. It's an Anti version. Sonic however, uses the 7 Chaos Emeralds to become Super, and break out of the jet! As Super Sonic is about to destroy the VTOL jet, Anti-Shadow catches 3 Chaos Emeralds in a beam, causing Sonic to fall into the Burning Desert below. Sonic then races through the desert, following Anti-Shadow's jet. Sonic eventually reaches a Base, where he races through it, beating multiple enemies. Sonic reaches the main room, and overhears a conversation between Eggman and Anti-Shadow. Sonic infiltrates, and beats Eggman. Anti-Shadow however, takes Sonic, and beats him nearly to death. Sonic is improsoned upon the base in the process. Sonic then finds Tails in the same cell! Sonic asks Tails where he's been, where Tails explains it all in his story...

Portal: Choice #2

On Earth, if you choose not to go inside the portal, Sonic & Tails grab Tails Dolls's head once more, and it comes alive. Sonic asks Tails doll where Shadow is. Doll surprizingly gives up the info, that Shadow is inside the portal! Tails Doll then tells them they should hold hands when entering the portal, so they do not get seperated. Sonic then smashes Tails Dolls's head into the ground, and together Sonic & Tails enter the portal. They find themselves above a large apocalyptic city, and are quickly decending towards the earth below. Using his twin Tails, Miles lands Sonic into the city below,w here the 1st level begins. As Sonic reaches the middle of the city, it begins to self destruct. Tails lifts Sonic out of the blaze, and they land on the outskirts safely. As they circle the remains, Sonic and Tails find Shadow flying a VTOL Jet! Tails lifts Sonic onto the Jet, where Sonic asks Shadow what is going on. Shadow responds by tilting the jet, and letting Sonic fall onto the grassy remains of the city below. Coughing, Sonic wonders what's gotten into Shadow. Following the Jet, Sonic & Tails get lost in the Black Forest, the 2nd level. Sonic & Tails run into Shadow and another Sky blue hedgehog, fighting with a Purple Echidna! As Sonic perpares to go towards them, he and Tails are caught in a tractor beam. The Anti-Shadow traps them in the jet, where he takes off without letting Sonic reach the Echidna! Sonic however, uses the 7 Chaos Emeralds to break out of the jet as Super Sonic. As Super Sonic is about to destroy the Jet, Anti-Shadow uses a tractor beam to capture 3 of them! Sonic skydives into the Burning Desert below, and is saved at the last second by Tails. They race through the desert, and follow the jet to a large base! Sonic & Tails infiltrate and breach the base, making they're way to the main room. Overhearing Eggman and Anti-Shadow, Tails and Sonic face Anti and Eggman...

Portal: Choice #2 - Choice #1

If Sonic & Tails win the fight, Eggman is knocked to the ground as Anti is locked in a cell. Eggman proceeds to get up, but is grounded by Sonic. "Well, well!" Sonic says in a happy tone. Eggman admits defeat, but Sonic & Tails are captured in a beam by Anti-Shadow once more. Sonic & Tails are locked into a cell as Eggman releases Anti. Eggman then leaves in a VTOL Jet, leaving Anti alone...

Portal: Choice #2 - Choice #2

If Eggman and Anti win the battle, Tails is thrown in the cell, but Sonic leaps around the room, destroying nearly everything in sight. He then catches a glimpse of Shadow & the Sky Blue hedgehog entering quietly, and stops in his tracks. As Sonic is about to yell "SHADOW!", he is grabbed by Eggman, and thrown in the same cell with Tails...

The rest continues in the ending's of Shadow's story.

Tails' Story

NOTE: This is only available if you chose to go into the Portal in the beginning of Sonic's story.

After leaping into the portal, Tails finds himself in an apocalyptic version of Station Square! Tails explores the area, beginning stage 1. He cannot find Sonic anywhere, and is about to give up for good. Just then, Tails catches a glimpse of a giant ship in the sky. Suddenly, the entire city begins to self destruct! Tails flys out of the area before he is killed.

Tails lands on the outskirts of the city, where he is approached by a talking wolf. She introduces herself as Katherine Bloodson. Tails nearly faints at the sight of a talking wolf, whereas she replies he is a "Talking prehistoric Fox". Calling it even, Tails questions Katherine. She explains she is looking for the one called "No1", and Tails agrees to help. Tails and Katherine then spot a VTOL Jet in the distance, and see Shadow flying in it! Katherine rushes up to the jet, and sees Sonic on top! Mistaking him for No1, Katherine leaps onto the Jet, but Sonic is forced off by the Anti-Shadow. Katherine engages in a boss fight with Anti, resulting in two choices.

Jet Fight: Choice #1

If Katherin wins the duel, she breaks the glass to Anti's jet, but is forced off anyway.

Jet Fight: Choice #2

If Anti-Shadow wins the fight, Katherin is thrown off of the jet, and slammed into the apocalyptic city, passing out. She is soon awaken by Tails. Katherine and Tails chase the jet through the 3rd level, Lime Meadow. They eventually lose the jet in the Black Forest, but Tails catches Shadow and another Sky Blue hedgehog fighting a purple echidna! "NO1!" Katherine screams as she rushes towards him. Tails stops her, just as a tractor beam captures Sonic. Tails rushes after Anti-Shadow's jet as Katherine stays behind...

Witht he 4th level commensing, Tails catches up to the Jet's underside, but Sonic turns Super, breaking out of the jet. He gleams at Anti-Shadow, but he takes 3 of Sonic's Chaos Emeralds. Sonic falls into the burning desert below as Tails engages in a boss fight with Anti-Shadow. 

Tails vs Anti: Choice #1

If Anti wins the battle, Tails is forced off of the jet, and sent plunging into the desert below. Tails stands to see Sonic whizzing by. He yells to Sonic, but he does not hear Tails. Miles rushes through the 5th level: Burning Desert. Tails eventualy reaches the giant base, and infiltrates while taking out numerous robots. Tails bashes the door into the main room, where he finds Anti-Shadow dispersing with Eggman. Tails engages in another boss fight, but loses and imprisoned in a cell. Just then, Sonic bursts inside, and fights Eggman and Anti. He is also put in the same cell with Tails. As Sonic questions Tails on his previous whereabouts, he explains the entire story...

Tails vs Anti: Choice #2

If Tails wins the fight on the jet, Anti is thrown to the back as Tails takes control. The 5th level begins here: Sky Run. Tails raches Sonic, and realizes he can fix everything! Thinking he can bring Sonic to him, Tails is about to wave, but is soon tied up by Anti. Anti-Shadow takes Tails to his base...

Tails is brought out first, unknown to Sonic. Tails is stuffed into the cell as Sonic is. Sonic questions Tails on his previous whereabouts, and he explains his whole story...


Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic returns in the spin-off to Rise of the Heroes, and is better then ever! Sonic even has his own story! Sonic investigates the dissapearence of Shadow the Hedgehog, and finds out he had been beamed to another dimension during the fight with Tails Doll! Sonic grabs Tails and puts Knuckles in charge of the others. Sonic & Tails leap into the 2nd dimension to find the entire enviroment is Apocalyptic! Can they find Shadow and escape safely? Or will a new foe wipe them all out once and for all?


Shadow the Hedgehog

After winding up in another dimension, Shadow meets "No1" the Hedgehog, who helps him in his journey home. Shadow soon meets his "Anti" side, and decides to take action. Shadow soon realizes hat not only is he trapped in apocalyptic world, that the main mastermind behind this is ready to destroy the solar system as we know it. Only 1 hedgehog can stop him!


"No1" the Hedgehog

No1 will star in his own video game, which leads up to the point in "Apocalypse Era". No1 helps Shadow and Cameron (if the path is chosen wisely), into leading them back into their own dimension. But not only are lives at stake, the entire solar system could be as well! Only 1 hedgehog can stop him, but which one. Even witht he right hedgehog, time is the limit!


Miles "Tails" Prower


Miles returns in this sequel to "Rise of the Heroes", and either joins Sonic, or goes into his own story! Depending on the choice, Tails either meets Katherine Bloodson, a talking wolf that aids him in his journey...or aid Sonic in his journey to find Shadow, and escape the awlry 2nd dimension. But not so fast, you need the 7 Emeralds to jump dimensions! Can you get them back from the secret foe, or will he suceed in blowing up our future solar system?


Katherine Bloodson

Katherine is a Bloodson is a close friend of No1 (revealed in a previous video game), and accompanies Tails throughout his story (optional). Katherine eventually seperates from Tails, but meets up with him in the Final Story. Can she help the heroes free the galaxy from mass destruction?



Cameron the Echidna

Cameron is another close friend of "No1", revealed in a previous stand-alone game about No1. Cameron is still captured by Volkrun, but she is chosen to be saved in this game. No1 can rescue her, revealing they're past. It is also shown No1 has an extreme crush on her.





Shadow and Anti-Shadow

Anti-Shadow was created when Tails Doll- you know i really should save the info for the Final Story! The point is, Anti-Shadow is evil, and will do anything to keep people out of his way! Not only that, but revealed in the Final Story is someone Anti's been working with since the beginning of his birth. Someone Shadow had run into in his past, someone who could only love two Shadows...


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotink

Eggman reappears as a villanous character in the sequel to "Rise of the Heroes". He doesn't appear until the very end of the story's, and completely appears in the final story. He has a new appearence (seen --------->), and has gotten older. This time around, he enlists the help of 3 new villans. Can you guess who they all are!? Didn't think so! The final story unravels many secrets and surprizes, and allows you to make the biggest and darkest choice of all. Will you go through with the most life changing choice on the planet, or would you deny everyone's help to save yourself?



1. Apocalypse Square

  • Mission 1 - Main: Shadow/Sonic, Race through the City! 
  • Mission 2 - Main: Tails, find Sonic in the city!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Race your double to the end! (If you're Sonic, race another Sonic, ect.)
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Easy - Capture 10 Chao! Medium - Capture 20 Chao! Hard - Capture all 30 Chao!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Easy - Finish by 2:00! Medium - Finish by 1:30! Hard: Finish by 1:00! Play as Super Sonic/Super Shadow only.

2. Anti Fleet

  • Mission - Main: Escape the ship before it explodes!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1 - Easy - Collect 10 Chao before finishing! Medium - Collect 25! Hard - Collect all 40 Chao!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Rescue Rouge from the Ship before escaping! (Shadow)
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Use your powers to escape a different route! (Silver)
  • Spec Ops Mission 4: Use Rouge to fly out of the ship!

3. (optional) Jet Chase

  • Mission 1 - Main: Sonic/Katherine, Chase down the VTOL jet, and find Shadow!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Easy - Catch the jet within 3:00! Medium - Catch the jet within 2:30! Hard - Catch the jet within 2:00!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Jet the Hawk to catch the jet!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Easy - Catch 100 rings from the battleground! Medium - Catch 200 rings from the battleground! Hard - Catch 250 rings from the battleground! 
  • Spec Ops Mission 4: Use Katherine & Tails' teamwork to catch the VTOL jet!
  • Spec Ops Mission 5: Use Knuckles to catch the jet!
  • Spec Ops Mission 6: Use Rouge to catch the jet!

4. Black Forest

  • Mission 1 - Main: Shadow/Sonic, Rush through the Black Forest and find the VTOL!
  • Mission 2 - Main: Tails, Rush through the Black Forest and find Sonic!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Easy - Collect 100 rings before finishing! Medium - Collect 150 rings before finising! Hard - Collect 250 rings before finishing!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Jet the Hawk to navigate your way through the Forest! Hard - Finish before 2:00!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Use Sonic & Knuckles' teamwork to escape the forest!

5. Burning Desert

  • Mission 1 - Main: Sonic/Shadow, Run through the Burning Desert to catch the VTOL!
  • (optional) Mission 2 - Main: Tails, Follow the VTOL through the Burning Desert!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Guide Espio through the desert as quickly as possible!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Team Chaotix's teamwork to escape the desert!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Easy - Collect 20 Chaos before finishing! Medium - Collect 40! Hard - Collect all 50!
  • Spec Ops Mission 4: Collect 350 rings before finishing!

6. Anti Zone

  • Mission - Main: Shadow/Sonic/Tails, Get to the main room!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Destroy all 5 power transformers before finishing!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Amy to get to the main room!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Collect 300 rings before getting to the main room!
  • Spec Ops Mission 4: Easy - Get to the room within 10:00! Medium: Get to the room within 9:00! Hard - Get to the room within 7:00!
  • Spec Ops Mission 5: Use E-123 OMEGA to reach the main room!
  • Spec Ops Mission 6: Collect 100 Chao before finishing the level!

Boss Battles

Boss Battle 1: Anti-Shadow I

  • Mission 1 - Main: Shadow, beat Anti!
  • (optional) Mission 2 - Main: No1, beat Anti!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Easy - Beat Anti by 1:00! Medium - Beat Anti by 0:30! Hard - Beat Anti by 0:20!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Easy - Collect 10 rings dropped by Anti! Medium - Collect 20! Hard - Collect all of Anti's Rings!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Find a way for both of you to lose! (K.O each other at the same time)

Boss Battle 2: Volkrun I

  • Mission - Main: No1, Kill Volkrun!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Easy - Beat Volkrun by 2:00! Medium - Beat Volkrun by 1:45! Hard - Beat Volkrun by 1:30!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Cream the Cat to beat Volkrun! 
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Collect 200 rings from Volkrun before beating him!
  • Spec Ops Mission 4: Have Volkrun relive his life! (slam him against a tree on K.O)
  • Spec Ops Mission 5: Spare Volkrun! (lose the fight)

Boss Battle 3: Egg-Robo

  • Mission 1 - Main: Sonic/Shadow, Kill the Egg-Robo whilst aboard the train!
  • Mission 2: Main: Tails, Get the Egg-Robo whilst aboard the train!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Defeat Egg-Robo within 3:00!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Vector to defeat Egg-Robo!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Collect 300 rings from Egg-Robo!
  • Spec Ops Mission 4: Collect 50 Chaos from Egg-Robo before finishing!
  • Spec Ops Mission 5: Knock Egg-Robo off! (Knock him off of the train on K.O)

Boss Battle 4: Base Fight

  • Mission 1 - Main: Sonic/Shadow, Defeat the enemy!
  • Mission 2 - Main: Tails, Kill the enemy!
  • Spec Ops Mission 1: Collect 500 rings from the fight!
  • Spec Ops Mission 2: Use Big the Cat to fight!
  • Spec Ops Mission 3: Easy - Finish within 5:00! Medium - Finish within 4:00! Hard - Finish within 3:00! Very Hard - Finish within 2:00!

Final Story

Continuing from Ending #1 - Choice #1

With Sonic holding the 7 Chaos Emeralds, he uses them to become Super Sonic. Playing as Super Sonic, you must first engage in a battle with Anti's jet. Super Sonic will win, and send Anti's jet towards the ground.Anti will crash onto the highest building in apocolyptic Station Square. Super Sonic will land, and Anti will become an upgraded form. Super Sonic and Super Anti fight on top of the building, resulting in Super Sonic being crushed by a peice of flying rubble. Super Anti comes, and loads up his handgun. Giving a memorial speech, Anti bids Super Sonic a farewell. However, Super Anti is hit by Shadow, who had gotten there with the help of Tails.Shadow and Super Anti fight as Tails gets Sonic to his feet. Playing as Shadow, you and Super Anti will fall down every single floor of the building, while smashing each other through the floors. They finally land at the bottom, where the building begins to collapse on top of them. Shadow and Super Anti are crushed by the debri as Tails carefuly carries Sonic to the ground. Sonic feels that Shadow is dead, and begins to wonder how to get back to their own dimension. Super Anti will then emerge from the rubble, and proclaim Shadow dead. Angered, Sonic chases Anti throughout the entire city, and finally corners him atop the city wall. With the wind blowing in their faces, they face off in one final boss battle. In the end, Anti is knocked off of the wall, and sent to his doom below. Sonic goes down the wall, and meets Tails, Cameron, and No1. They then go to Anti's body, and find a strange device. Sonic somehow uses the device to open up a purple portal. They then realize it is a portal to their own dimension. Sonic and the others are thrilled, and they step into the portal. Inside, Knuckles and Silver greet them, and reveal that the sky has somehow went from dark red, to a very beautiful blue...

Continuing from Ending #1 - Choice #2

With Volkrun's fleet on the verge of entering Sonic's dimension, Shadow uses the emeralds to become Super Shadow. Sonic gives him a thumbs up as Shadow dashes through Volkrun's fleet. Super Shadow destroys every ship except one. Super Shadow enters through the back windows, but it instantly stopped by Volkrun's hand. Super Shadow falls to the ground, and nearly falls out of the other windows. Volkrun and Super Shadow then get into a boss battle, resulting in Volkrun being thrown out of the building. Volkrun lands on his fleet below, where he continues the fight with Super Shadow. Super Shadow wins once again as Volkrun's main ship begins to crash land It hits the highest building in apocolyptic Station Square, resulting in the fleet exploding. Super Shadow grabs Volkrun, and saves him from the destruction of the fleet. Super Shadow and Volkrun land on the city wall, where Super Shadow agrees to a truce. Volkrun begins to accept, but later knocks Super Shadow on his back. Volkrun activates the portal, and many of his robots enter the other dimension. As Volkrun prepares to finish Volkrun off, No1 comes and pushes Volkrun into the portal. No1 helps Shadow up as Tails, Sonic, and Cameron arrive. The 5 then enter the portal, and see Knuckles and Silver are fighting the robots. Shadow and No1 fight most of the robots, and spot Volkrun atop the ruined E.G.G.M.A.N. No1 runs up there. No1 and Volkrun fight, resulting in No1 being stabbed through the torso with a metal spear. Shadow witnesses this, and fights Volkrun in his normal form. Shadow has either the choice of killing, or crippling Volkrun. After finishing the battle with Volkrun, Shadow and the others will run to No1's aid. No1 tells Shadow to "Be the Hero", and finally gets a kiss from Cameron. No1 dies on the bototm of the E.G.G.M.A.N as the camera pans into the sky, and the credits roll...

Continuing from Ending 2 - Choice #1

Tails and No1 are taken to Volkrun's fleet, where he locks them up. No1 and Tails enjoy their honor to serve by each other, and prepare to face their deaths. suddenly, a loud noise is heard outside. Katherine Bloodson enters the room, and engages in a boss battle with Volkrun. Katherine wins, and knocks Volkrun out. Katherine then releases Tails, but Volkrun gets up and traps No1 inside the cell. He then grabs Katherine, and pushes Tails down. Volkrun tells Katherine he was sorry he ever hurt her. He then raises a knife to stab her, but is stopped by Tails. Tails leaps onto Volkrun, resulting in Volkrun accidently pushing a blue button. Tails and Volkrun both leap out of room inadvertly, and seemingly fall to their deaths. Katherine and No1 reunite, and hug. Katherine questions on where Cameron is at, but No1 does not know. Tails then appears, and reveal Volkrun is seemingly dead. Just then, the fleet begins ot turn upside down, letting No1 and Katherine fall out of the ship. They fall to the earth below, but are both caught by tails. Volkrun is revealed to be alive as No1 engages in a chase with him across the entire apocolyptic city. The chase ends atop the highest building in apocolyptic Station Square. No1 and Volkrun fight, resulting in No1 being stabbed through the abdomen with a metal pipe. Just then, the entire building begins to collapse. No1 and Volkrun begin to fall to their deaths, but a miracle happens. No1 is caught by Super Shadow, who had destroys the giant building. Shadow had become Super, and saved Sonic before the building exploded. Super Shadow then watches as No1 dies in his arms. Angry, Super Shadow chases Volkrun to the city wall, where he opens the portal. Many robots enter as Super Shadow follows through. Inside, Knuckles and Silver are seen fighting robots as Volkrun begins to position himself as world ruler. Having had enough, Super Shadow engages a super Volkrun in one final arial battle. In the end, Volkrun is sent to the ground, where he lands on the ground below. Super Shadow goes to finish him off, but he is shot by Volkrun. Volkrun proceeds to kill Super Shadow, but right before he pulls the trigger, he is tackled by Katherine Bloodson. Katherine and Volkrun fight as a gunshot is heard. Katherine is revealed to have been shot in the head as Volkrun scoffs at her dead body. This gives enough time for Super Shadow to heal, and shove Volkrun into a fire pit. With Volkrun, No1, and Katherine dead, Super Shadow becomes normal again as the portal closes. Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Silver mourn the losses. The red sky becomes blue again, and sunshine rains on the heroes.

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