"I've been to hell and backl. The Pit of Aracoth. I've seen battlefields, I've lived through wars and tasted the scent of fresh blood. I've seen the fall of entire civilisations at my hand. I've won wars, and lost good men. I've killed thousands, and will kill again. I am Shaddak. Nice to meet you."

Shaddak is a ruthless heavily armoured warrior from another planet. He is roughly hedgehog shaped and is ruthless in getting things done.

A rought drawing of Shaddak


Shaddak was born on the sidelines of a battlefield and proved himself a great soldier in his early teens, sneaking into a platoon and becoming accepted because of his honourable fighting style. However, after making a grievious error on the battlefield, he was punished by being sent on several recon missions and being forbidden to fight for a year. While on one of these missions, he encountered several pirates, who killed his allies. Shaddak defeated them, but the ship was damaged and Shaddak crash landed on Mobius, where he escaped from the military and realised that he had no way of contacting his people or returning home. He longs to return home to this day and will do anything, even betray or kill his friends/allies to do so.


Shaddak wears heavy shell-like armour that is blue. Only his mouth can be seen and it looks like that of a reptilian mobian. He has never been seen without his armour, as his race see it as a great dishonour to remove it. He has a laser blaster built into the arm of his armour. He is large and bulky, and as a result is not very fast, but is incredibly skilled in battle.


Shaddak is incredibly strong and is a great hand-to-hand fighter. He has a rough understanding of technology, however he much rathers fighting. He is a very skilled marksman and has training as a soldier, so has great experience with gun varieties and explosives. He is also very resilient and is almost indestructible.


Shaddak is an impatient brute, but is incredibly honourable to those who prove themselves worthy. He hates waiting around and truly enjoys killing people on the battlefield. He is not very trusting and sees himself as above the average person. He despises people who treat him with disrespect. He also has a bad temper.

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