Servo is the mysterious 41st Servbot that aligns with the Maverick Hunters






Great strategist, extremely resilient, good pilot at mechs like the Ride Armor.

Love Interests



Helping out, rewards, being with Iris, having fun, etc.


Getting in trouble, screwing up, being bad, bad guys, etc.

Voice Actor

Elizabeth Hanna

Servbot #41, also known by the Maverick Hunters as Servo is a mysterious 41st Servbot who mysteriously appeared, his creator and construction date a complete mystery and it seems only he knows himself. Servo initially worked for the Bonne family like the rest of his "brothers" but then defected to the Maverick Hunters after being captured by Zero.


Servo's original maker is unknown to many, and it seems that only he knows where he came from. He somehow infiltrated the Gesellschaft. Servo was made a memebr of the crew and was given the official title of 41st Servbot. For a very long time, he served obediently for the Bonne family. However during the Chaos Refractor conflict on Kattelox Island, he was captured by Zero and brought him back to Maverick Hunter base. Iris, who had asked Zero to bring her a Servbot because she thought they were cute, was ecstatic that Zero was able to bring it. Iris immediatly claimed it her helper, and named him Servo. Servo was initially frightened and uneasy about being near the hunters, but in his first hour or so of being with them, he quickly adjusted and felt safer with Iris. Since then, he's been quite a big help for teh Maverick Hunters despite his small size.


Like all of the other Servbots, Servo is known to be very timid, cowardly, but is still an obediant and hard-working robot. Much like the Bonne family, he loves Iris as a mom and thinks of the Hunetrs as the big close family he never had.




  • Servbot #41 is an obtainable Servbot in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, via a special save from Dengeki G magazine. However, this can also be done in all version via cheat device. In the game, Servo could have his stats maxed out without the red head part. He also couldn't be the favorite because of his blue head part.

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