Seiryu as it is called in Japanese culture is also known as Qin Long in  which translates to mean roughly Green Dragon or Holy Dragon. 


Seiryu is God of the East, presiding over the spring season. It is also thought to be the incarnation of all elements Of the 8 Elements of Mobius. In some mythology, it is usually potrayed as a fearsome and powerful Dragon but also considered just, benevolent and bringer of wealth and good fortune. He has three forms, one his Emeperor Form which he uses as a Base Form utilizes the elements of Darkness, Wood, Thunder, and Earth. His Beastial Form which he uses when he is fighting a great opponent, which gives him the form of a Chinese Dragon with power over the elements of Fire, Water, Ice and Light. His Last Form is his Final Form, in where he has the apperence of his Base form, control over all 8 Elements, and his Base Speed and Power is incresed tenfold.

When the Great Dieity, the creator of the Universial Councils feared that he might destroy the planet in where he was choosen to govern with his great power, so when the Quantum Emerald creator of All Emeralds and other Jewels of Power was created, it was made to hold the power of weakening Seriyu greatly.


Considered to be one of the four emblems of royalty in Eastern Mobius. The Dragon is a symbol of authority, associated with the Emperors of the past. This symbol of the Dragon is sewn only on the robes of the Emperors and Kings.


Seiryu's Abilities Consists of mostly one out of every special ability from the other 3 Council Members along with his own martial arts style making him a deadly physical force. As for mystical, he can create any form of attack that he is capiable of creating out of one of the  8 Elements making him nearly unstoppable. Seiryu's only flaw is that he too like apallo needs to change his Elemental State to utalize a certin element.

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