Cquote1 I'll burn you 'til' you're forever scared of the Sodomberian race, y'know... Cquote2
Scorch the Phoepoe

Scorch the Phoepoe is a Mobian Phoenix/Hoopoe hybrid. She is from The Lands of Sodombere, an Egyptian-esque place in the west of Mobius. She has a bad reputation in her hometown, as she decides to disobey all their rules, go against traditional ways including how to act at festivals, how to enter another's property, how to dress and how to enter holy pyramids. Due to her rebellious personality, she was given the nicknames "The Rebel", "The Pest" and "The Non-Pure One" by nobles and villagers. 

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Harlequin the Finch

Harlequin drawn by MusicOfLuie on FurAffinity Under Construction

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Scorch the Phoepoe
Scorch the Phoepoe
Scorch's Usual Appearance
Vital statistics
Title Scorch
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Phoepoe (Phoenix/Hoopoe hybrid)
Fur/Feathers/scales Yellow, orange and red.
Attire A thick, collar-like silver necklace with a shiny blue jewel attached to it, a denim jacket, a black and purple striped short-sleeved shirt, fingerless gloves matching the colour of her shirt, baggy jeans, Converse shoes.
Romantic Interests None
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First Appearance Mission in The Lands of Sodombere (TP)
Appearances TPs
American/English VA Eliza Doolittle
Seiyū (Japanese VA) Sumire Morohoshi


As previously stated - Scorch has a rebellious personality, and hates following rules. As a matter of fact, just the existance of rules irks her. She has quick wits and a smart sense of humour, and is a very "Think Fast" type of girl. Unless something dramatic happens, she's usually oblivious to what's happening around her, and the only people she thinks about is her friends.



Boombomb the Hedgehog

Honoo The Pyrofox

Apallo The Hedgehog

Target the Eagle

Lyra the Peregrine

Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine

Kouta the Raccoon

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Harlequin the Finch


The Villagers of Sodombere


Lord Talyswick the Peacock


"I'll burn you 'til' you're forever scared of the Sodomberian race, y'know..."

"Ugh, I'll set you ablaze!"

"Pfft, THAT'S your name?"

"I'm Scorch the Phoepoe, give me that look and I'll go Inferno on you!"

Target the Eagle (Game)

"Get ready to be SCORCHED! ...Heh, that's a pun.... get it? ...Ugh, nevermind." - Before boss or 2P battle.

"GAH! I.... can't.... lose!" - Defeat #1

"D-Damn... you...." - Defeat #2

"Who's the boss now, you loser?!" - Victory #1

"Please apply aloe vera to area of burn." -Victory #2

(B-Boy stance) "Couldn't get any better!" - S rank

"Haha, awwwh yeah!" - A rank

"Good enough." - B rank

"Just about made it!" - C rank

"...I could have done better...." - D rank

"Is that it?!" - E rank


  • Scorch was originally going to be a hybrid between a phoenix and a kiwi, but this idea was scrapped.
  • The original concept for Scorch was an immature 18 year old girl.
  • She is a fan of SPEEDee.
  • Her favorite food is cheese toasties.
  • She was once able to break out of chains.
  • Her theme song is On My Way by Charlie Brown. 
    Charlie Brown - On My Way (Official Video)03:16

    Charlie Brown - On My Way (Official Video)

    Scorch's theme song.

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