Schotland is the northern country of the untitled kindump, it is the capital country, attracting many tourists.

Career world

Schotland is where most tailors pursue as their lifelong dreams, Schotland has the finest materials and armors such as alloys that are inpenable by the sharpest of swords, the problem is, almost EVERYBODY hates their clothing, the workers are trying to improve on style as well as retaining the pureness of the alloy, with little success.


Once, a young man had intentions to devote an entire country to his clothing line, it was barely popular though, only a select few like the clothing for it's usefulness and alloy, not particularly caring about the style anyway, an inventor in Schotland had made the first sewing laser, it is still archived in his laboratory, though he only uses it to make lab coats for himself and his subordinates, besides clothing, Schotland has many fine landmarks such as their beautiful mountains and grassy fields.


  • It's based off an inside joke between SS3K, Legion and Blu, it's not meant to offend people of the IRL country Scotland in any way, it is simply a country based off a simple joke, in fact, SS3K himself is Scottish and tried his best to make this page inoffensive.

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