Sari the Hedgehog
Sari the Hedgehog
Sari is a young trainee and informations agent of Repliforce






Great skills at computer works, able to heal comrades, flies via jetpack, fires plasma balls from hands, uses energy blades summoned from her wrists or hands, and much more

Love Interests

Double the Cat


Being in on the action, helping her friends, kicking butt, Repliforce, Maverick Hunters, etc.


Mavericks, being left out, pervs, rape, harassment, sexism, being seen as useless, losing control of her powers or emotions, etc.

Voice Actor

Tara Strong

Theme Song

"Hero" by Skillet

Sari the Hedgehog is a young and potentially strong female Reploid, who works for Repliforce as a fighting trainee and informations agent. She is the youngest member of the organization, created as an attempt to see how young Reploids could do in battle. Though strong and willing, Sari is still young and not quite mature, and has a history of losing control of her many abilities, causing her comrades to try to calm her down.


Shortly after the incident involving Red Alert, Repliforce went into effort to recruit as well as create more soldiers and warriors, to prevent an incident like this from happening again. Then, one soldier suggested the idea of having young trainees join the ranks, to see how they would be able to hold their own in wars and battles. Not willing to risk thousands of young ones, the General commishioned the creation of one young female Reploid, to test the waters. And thanks to several genius Repliforce researchers and developers, Sari was created for purpose of battling in a teenage perspective.

During multiple testings and practices, Sari showed incredible potential and power that almost rivalled that of X. However, she was also still very energetic and anxious, as well as stubborn in her actions on and off the field. She had a constant knack of asking her superiors to be put in real action and at times even refusing to listen. Sari aslo showed immense curiosity and love for modern life, which often drove her comrades crazy. When put into battle, Sari did extremely well, but something happened taht was overlooked. She began to lose control of her immense powers and went on to inadvertantly destroy one-fourth of Detroit before the Maverick Hunters arrived to stop her.

Sari was in complete stress, feeling useless and Maverick for any of her superiors or comrades, but the Colonel did his best to cheer her up. Since then, she has been working as an informations agent, but has still been doing practice with her commandiing oficers to keep her powers and abilities in check, most specifically her Colonel and his sister, Iris. Sari has found most of her spare time spent with the Maximal Unit or exploring the world, particuarly dancing to some awesome music. She also seems to have taken a bit of an interest in the Maverick Cadet, Double.


Sari is shown to have a lot of heart and determination, and never wants to be left out of something good or some real action. She is full of emotions and energy, always asking Colonel and General to help out in missions and battles. Sari, however, gets really down when she loses control of her multiple powers, or is seen as dangerous or useless. She wants to fully prove that she can do anything she sets her mind to, even in stopping Mavericks.




  • Sari is based off the Transformers Animated character of the same name.
  • An early idea for Sari was to be a Helperoid who reprogrammed herself into a combat Reploid, but Gurahk quickly scrapped those plans.
  • Sari shares the same voice actor as Ivy; Tara Strong.
  • Sari is one of the few Reploids that is actually nice to Double.

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