Sandy Ashen was a female Mobian detective working for the Federal Agency of Mobius. Her partner was Carley Crabtree.


Born: April 1975

Died: June 5, 2013

Age: 38 (Deceased)

Species: Dog (Mobian)

Gender: Female

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black

Fur: Yellow

Muzzle: White

Status: Deceased

Occupation: Homicide Detective

Weapon(s): Nightstick and Glock 22 Pistol


Sandy Ashen was born a feisty and headstrong girl, and stayed that way all of her life.

She excelled in learning, and earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, which allowed the detective agency to pick her up as a homicide detective without having to go through the process many do of starting as a patrol officer. This would eventually cost her her life.

Unfortunately, doing this cost her vital street cred and experience she needed. She was initially assigned as a lone agent until Carley joined the agency. They were then assigned as partners and worked together for 7 years.


On June 5, 2013, Carley and Sandy cracked a case about a series of murders occurring throughout Mobius and went to arrest the killer. While Carley usually confronted the people they were about to arrest, this time Sandy proclaimed "I want to do it this time", and shoved past Carley before she could say anything.

Before she could say anything more than "Detective Ashen. Put your hands in the air, you're under arrest," and holding out her badge, the killer pulled out a gun and shot her 3 times in the chest with a shotgun. She fell over, her chest torn open by the bullets, and died before she hit the ground. Carley swooped in at this point and shot the killer in the head, killing him instantly.

Carley was crushed by her partner's death, and was assigned a new partner the very next day.


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