Ryan Rosenberg is a male human homicide detective working at the Federal Agency of Mobius. His partner is Carley Crabtree.


Born: May 1984

Age: 29

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Fair

Status: Alive

Occupation: Homicide Detective

Weapon(s): Nightstick and Glock 22 Pistol


Ryan Rosenberg was born unto a middle-class family. He had an average life, one filled with chores and sibling care, and was the smart, secluded one of his family.

Around the time of college, he went to the Mobius Police Academy and passed after 6 weeks of hardcore training. He worked as a patrol officer from the time of his early-mid 20's and then was promoted to robbery and property crimes detective until his late 20's. He was then promoted to homicide detective, the highest level one can be below DA or Captain in a police force.

For a time he didnt have a partner until he was assigned to be Carley Crabtree's partner after her partner, Sandey Ashen, was shot dead by a murderer.

Carley and Ryan are quite a good team, as she is chilled out and more mellow while he is more inclined to beat down a convict in a courtroom.

Today Ryan and Carley are renowned as being the best team of their squad, solving every case given to them, no matter what the cost.

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