Roxas the Fox
Roxas the Fox
Roxas is a young dual-Keyblade Warrior, with an upbeat personality and way of thinking.





Default Keyblades

Oathkeeper and Oblivion

Love Interests

Namine the Fox


Being with friends, showing off, helping those he can, cool music, ice cream, saving the world, meeting new friends


Evil, depressing moments, being tricked, losing his friends, laziness, feeling worthless, getting upstaged

Voice Actor

Jesse McCartney

Roxas the Fox is a Keyblade warrior from the Land of Departure, and a pupil of Master Eraqus. He wields both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, and is among Eraqus' youngest apprentices. Roxas is never afraid to do what he thinks is right and show off, but this causes him to be reckless and make hasty and brash decisions. In spite of this, he is a great Keyblade wielder, has an excellent singing voice, and is great friends with Terra and Aqua.


Early Years

Roxas was chosen to be among the newest apprentices for Master Eraqus, after he was found by Master Xehanort to have a special ability to utilize two Keyblades, each of light and darkness. During his time training, Roxas grew to have a bond with two older students, Terra and Aqua, who treated him as an equal friend but still a reckless youth.

Search for Aqua

Roxas and Terra would receive two Wayfinder good luck charms from Aqua, as a token of their friendship and showing how much they care for one another. The next day, Roxas witnessed Terra and Aqua perform their Mark of Mastery exam and while happy for Aqua graduating to the rank of Master, he felt sad in the fact that Terra had failed to keep the darkness in check, and was stuck as an apprentice.

A few weeks later, Roxas heard news that Terra was going on a quest to find a missing Aqua and defeat the forces of darkness in the worlds. Against his master's knowledge and Terra's initial; refusal, Roxas accompanied him to find their friend.


Roxas is a more optimistic kid that likes to think on the bright side of things when he can. He doesn't like to think of sad things or be depressed very often, so he tries to cheer himself and others up whenever he can. However, he can also be quite headstrong and go headfirst into danger without second-thinking or having any grasp of the consequences. He's also very naive and gullable, which leads him to be fooled quite often. In spite of his lack of discipline, Roxas cares deeply about his friends and allies, and is willing to do anything it takes to stop evil.

Abilities & Skills

Oathkeeper & Oblivion KHII

Oathkeeper & Oblivion, Roxas' signature Keyblades

Unlike most Keyblade wielders, Roxas wields two Keyblades instead of just one. The Keyblades he prefers to use are Oathkeeper and Oblivion. This dual set makes Roxas' combat style unique, as he uses a very fast, aggressive, and unpredictable style. He is fairly balanced in combat and magic, though he tends to prefer offensive maneuvers and tactics.

Outside of combat, Roxas also has a knack for singing and dancing. His friends have commented that he has a very good singing voice and likes to do karaoke in his free time.

Among the attack and magic spells that Roxas is known to perform are:

  • Aerial Sweep: Unleashes a powerful leaping attack on targets in midair.
  • Last Arcanum: A multi-strike combo in rapid succession.
  • Strike Raid: Throws Keyblades towards enemies like a boomerang.
  • Infinity: Lands a 5-hit combo, before launching streams of light and dark projectiles at foes.
  • Hurricane Period: Spinning attack, with some straight combos from time to time in mid-air.
  • Freeze Raid: Throws Keyblades at enemies to freeze them.
  • Treasure Raid: Throws Keyblades at enemies, making them drop items and valuables.
  • Spark Raid: Throws Keyblades at enemies; if the attack connects, the Keyblades split into beams of light that shoot everywhere.
  • Wind Raid: Throws Keyblades at enemies, letting the wind direct the way to the enemies.
  • Time Splicer: Freezes opponent in time to allow for a multi-hit teleporting combo.
  • Stun Edge: A jumping slice attack that can also paralyze foes.
  • Tornado Strike: Creates multiple whirlwinds to attack and send foes flying.
  • Magnet Spiral: Pulls enemies in with a powerful magnetic force, then finishes them with a powerful strike attack.
  • Salvation: Performs spinning attack to also hit enemies with multiple columns of light.
  • Blizzera: Releases a strong blast of ice magic to attack foes.
  • Thundaga: Summons thunder blasts to attack enemies from all around
  • Cura: Heals a reasonable amount of health to all party members.
  • Mine Square: Sets off some magical mine traps all around that can stun enemies when tripped.
  • Zero Gravity: Creates an anti-gravity field that gradually weakens them.
  • Aeroga: Creates a powerful surrounding vortex that can send foes flying and even paralyze them.
  • Faith: Unleashes six pillars of light outwards to attack enemies.



Original Counterpart

Roxas KHII
Main Article: Roxas

Roxas is a recurring protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series. Debuting in Kingdom Hearts II, he is Sora's Nobody the Rank XIII in Organization XIII, but could not remember his past in the beginning and had deserted the group prior to the events of the game. At the end of the prologue, he accepts his fate to merge with Sora despite his initial desire to be his own person. Roxas is given a more prominent role as the main character of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Here, his friendship with fellow Organization member Axel is fully explored, as well as his reason for leaving. He was sick of being used and lied to, to the end that he was forced to kill his own friend, Xion.


  • Roxas' role as friend to Terra & Aqua reflects Ventus' role in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. However, he still uses some traits by the original Roxas, such as dual-wielding Keyblades, his love of ice cream, and his crush on Namine.
  • Roxas being a singer is a mythology nod to his English voice actor, Jesse McCartney, who is also a renowned pop singer. While in storyline Roxas is a good singer, McCartney's reception is mixed at best.

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