Hundreds of years ago, in the time of The Knuckles Clan, three godesses created a black creature, slightly looking like the mutated chao, Chaos. The creature could grant any wish..... unless if it was for greedy and evil purposes. Somehow the godesses disappeared......

Then, a young Echidna named Pachacamac, who would be the future chief of The Knuckles Clan, and was engaged with a female Echidna, heard of the creature. Pachacamac thought that the creature could give him many supplies of weapons for his father's army, but the creature refused, and instead, said that it would doom his descendants (Knuckles and his daughters). Realizing what he has done, Pachcamac would not do such a thing..... until his wife had died. Pachcamac then became cold, greedy and evil. But then Chaos had killed him and his army.

Hundreds of years later, Knuckles was relaxing with his daughters, Lara-Su and Mari-a. When they suddenly saw The Black Creature. Trying to defend herself, Mari-a attacked at The Creature, but it knocked her out, it would soon destory Angel Island..... but Knuckles, Lara and Mari could stop it.... with a little help from some friends.


  • Don't swear all the time
  • You CAN break the fourth wall, just don't overdo it.
  • Follow the plot.
  • DO NOT Godmod.
  • Freejoin.
  • Don't put in Sonic, Shadow, Amy and Tails.
  • Have Fun!





Jared the unknown (Frozen scorpio) (appears to be a hero at first)


Chapter One - The Attack....

It was a typical day for Knuckles, just relaxing with his daughters and wife, Julie-Su.


Knuckles: (Sighs)

Mari-a: ...Dad, i'm kinda bored.

Tidal: *sitting down with his feet in some water* Aaaah....

Knuckles: Why? The sun is out, everything's fine to me...

Tidal: Same here, couldn't be better.

Esmerelda: Something....doesn't feel right, dad...

Lara-Su: (Sees the clouds getting darker) ...Huh?

Esmerelda: Something's coming....

(A blob of black rises, forming a creature that slighty resembles Chaos Zero)

Tidal: !?

Esmerelda: that...?!

Tidal: I don't know!? But maybe we should stand back. *jumps back a bit*

Jason: !? What the...

Mari-a: (Growls) I'm going after that thing!!

Tidal: I-I...

Jason: Going after whatever that was wouldn't be a good idea...

Toxic: (Attacks Mari-a)

Mari-a: (Attacks back)


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