Tye The hedgehog V(Pronounced Tye The Hedgehog 5) is a Action -Platformer Game.  Note:This Is Just The Rp and basically This Rp is just for fun. add as many Characters as you like. NOT FREE JOIN. This have something about X.


  • No making the RP about yourself/your characters.
  • Censor swears please.
  • This is For invited users only
  • No sexual Activity



< is you accept -X if you declined - / for maybe

  • Apallo The Hedgehog/
  • BlurayOriginals
  • Doom72
  • EcruosofCharisma
  • ElphabaAndGalinda X
  • MaverickHunterSigma /
  • RayxCreamMaker
  • The Phantom Pain X
  • Boombomb <
  • Flametfh
  • Sonicstar3000

Total Users 2/12

Banned Users



Main heroes

  • Tye The Hedgeog
  • Kam the Hedgehog
  • Future Tye
  • Future kam

Side Heroes

Support Heroes

Main Anti-heroes

  • Lugian the Hedgebatidna

Side Anti-heroes

Main Villians

Sides Villians


Prologue-The Beginning

Chapter 1 - Tye and The Hunters

Chapter 2 -  Shattered Secrets

Chapter 3 - Earth,Water,and Fire

Chapter 4 - Warriors from an alternate Reality

Chapter 5 - The Awakening

Chapter 6 -Key To the Past

Chapter 7 - Gods That Rise

Chapter 8 - Tye,Kam, and Lugian?!

Chapter 9 - The Courruption occurs

Chapter 10 - Stairs Of Time

Final Chapter - Lines Will be Crossed

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