Three Sacred Treasures is a roleplay by SS3K, it takes place after an unnamed Roleplay.


  • It's a tournament on the side, as too much tournament gameplay could conside with the plot too much.


After Mukai, a member of a mysterious group, stole the Orochi seal in the last tournament and broke it, causing confusion and destruction to happen from within sight. Taking advantage of the situation at hand, Ash stole the Yata Mirror from Chizuru and drained her powers in the process. In the advent of a new KOF tournament, new faces are handed invitations, while old faces, such as Eiji Kisaragi, return to the ring. Among the new KOF participants are Oswald, Duck King (a South Town veteran fighter himself), Momoko, and Elisabeth. All these fighters will find themselves in a tournament full of mysteries and secrets started by motives that they’d ignored. Behind this healthy competitive tournament hides a hidden force called "People from the Past" with a mysterious goal.


Ash Team

Ash the Hedgehog

Oswald the Hound

Shen the Grizzly Bear

Kusanagi and Yagami Team

Kyo the Hedgehog

Iori the Hedgehog

Shingo the Fox

Knuckles Team

Esmerelda the Echidna

Jerry the Echidnahog

Harry the Armachidna

Yiao Tribe Team

Joseph the Wolf

Kendall the Terrier

Reggie the Bat

Modern Time Team

Vinny the Hedgehog

Jimmy Canvas

Tammy Watercolor

Past Tikal Team

Jesse Prower

Chrono Team

Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox

Geo Gaiaquake

Renegade the Hedgemorph


Will start when I'm satisfied by the amount of characters you Derpina.

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