Once there was a thriving country by the name of Phantasmia that was ruled by a beautiful and generous queen. Peace and prosperity, but that all changed when the captian of the Royal Knights  found the Dark Tear Gem, a jewel with the power to give its owner great power. A battle started over the kingdom's rule soon afterwards. The Queen fought the Evil Knight and his darkness and in the end sealed the evil power upand hid the gem hoping no one would use it again. But part of the Knight's Spirit lingered in the gem and as a counter measure, it cursed the entire Royal Capital City into the ground, where today New Phantasmia is located.

Now. People have been trying to uncover the secrets of the Old Kingdom and its treasure. But one man is searching for the old kingdom for other reasons.


Your Basic Roleplaying rules, no GodModding, no Ignoring Attacks, Etc. But Some will be posted as a reminder for those who try to ruin it.

  1. No making the RP about yourself/your characters.
  2. No sexual actions unless they are: Kissing, and Hugging.


Put your Name in Bold when You have decided to join the RP



1-4 Characters Per User

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