Supplementary Lessons of Hope vs. Despair is an Uncanon Action Roleplay created by Boombomb, in which 16 characters (1 each unless we're in desperate need of more.) are trapped inside a school like building, and are informed by the principle that the only way to graduate is to murder another student and get away with it, once a murder has been witnessed, the students will have a few hours to look for evidence, and then begins the class trial. 

In a Class Trial, the students have to figure out who committed the murder, if they guess wrong, all of them will be executed, except from the murderer, who will graduate, if they guess right, it's vice versa, and the murderer is punished, the students in the second situation will not graduate, unless there is only 1 - 2 students left.


  1. If your character murders someone elses, it must be agreed, and you cannot reveal, although it would be helpful to give some hints.
  2. Don't powerplay, or godmod.
  3. There is a Null Gate in this roleplay, meaning that the characters cannot use their abilities.


USERS (Ask Boombomb for an invite to the RP)

  1. Boombomb
  2. LegionTheHedgehog
  3. Apallo The Hedgehog
  4. BlurayOriginals
  5. Sonicstar3000
  6. Flametfh
  7. EcruosofCharisma/Phenomina1
  8. ElphabaAndGalinda


  1. Boombomb the Hedgehog (Super High-School Level Ace)
  2. Enigmar Conundrum (Super High-School Level Mystery)
  3. Vill the Panther (Super High-School Level Greenthumb)
  4. Kotana the Cat (Super High-School Level Jewel Collector) 
  5. Bane the Dynamite (Super High-School Level Anarchist)
  6. Jayceson Avis (Super High-School Level Performer)
  7. Ecruos the Porcupine (Super High-School Level Outlaw)
  8. Holly the Fox (Super High-School Level Actress)
  9. Elphaba the Bat (Super High-School Level Sorceress)
  10. Michael Jackal (Super High-School Level Pop King)
  11. Dokuro the Fox (Super High-School Level Assassin)


  • Monochao



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