Into the Abyss is a Story Written Invite Only Thriller/Action/Adventure roleplay in which the characters involved wake up scattered around a maze, and at every dead end lies a door, which only includes one music box, the person who enters the door must play the music box and when the song is finished something will happen, whether it be in the Maze or in the room they played it in.

This roleplay is non-canon due to character deaths.


(Diamond) is for unconfirmed users, (Spade) is for confirmed users.

  • Boombomb♠
  • Apallo The Hedgehog♠
  • Sonicstar3000♦
  • LegionDX
  • ShenanigansShikra♦
  • BlurayOriginals♦
  • Flametfh♠
  • ElphabaandGalinda♦
  • MaverickHunterSigma♦
  • Mr.Zaya♦

Ask for an invite if you would like to join and are not on this list.


Waiting for more users to join...

Apallo's Characters

  1. Eclipse the Hedgehog
  2. Junior The Hedgehog
  3. Crymson the Cat

Flame's Characters

  1. Honoo Xzion
  2. Flos the Chosen
  3. Kouta Yamaguchi

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