So this is an RP

one made by Legion and SS3K That sort of goes aroung d the Sonic adventure thingamabob ok let's just move on


If you are not on this list, this means you CANNOT EDIT, (FU)

  • Legion
  • SS3K
  • Rio
  • Boom
  • Blu
  • Apallo
  • Gurahk (As long as you don't take all the spotlight or use too many characters -Legion)



Target the Eagle (Rio)

Cher the Panther (Rio)

James the Blue Jay (SS3K)

Tidal the Crocodile (SS3K) 

Bass the Crocodile (SS3K)

Natural the Hedgehog (Legion)

Yugi the Fox (Legion)

Dwayne the Catmeleon (Gurahk)

Sugar the Bunnybee (Gurahk)

Jerry the Echidnahog (Gurahk)

Tony the Fox (Gurahk)


Remedy the Pheasant (Rio)

JT the Androhog (SS3K)

Sparks the Hedgehog (Legion)

Pierce the Echidnabat (Gurahk)

Drake the Hedgebat (Gurahk)

Maya the Echidna (Gurahk)


Nack the Weasel (SS3K)

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Legion)

Dr. Psycho Crazypants (Legion)

Mecha Sparks (Legion)

Damion the Hedgefox (Gurahk)

Ronnie Rose (Gurahk)

Terry Prower (Gurahk)


Sunny the Hedgehog-Seedrian (Gurahk)

Tara the Echidna (Gurahk)

Vinny the Hedgehog (Gurahk)



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