This is a horror/romance/drama Roleplay created by Darkblood234. This is NOT free join. If you want to join, please ask me on my Message Wall or in chat through PC.


The kids, teens, and adults of Mobius have been invited to the mysterious Dark Moon mansion. The mansion is said to run on people's most deepest, darkest fears. The more frightened you are, the worse the scare gets. Who will survive? Who will crap their pants? Why are we asking all of these questions?


All the same RP rules. Need a refresher? Look below.

  • No godmodding.
  • This IS a romance roleplay, but please keep the sexual content to a minimum.
  • Please censor extreme cursing with asterisks. *- these little guys.


  • Dark
  • Mr.Zaya


  • Spikestorm the Hedgehog (Dark)
  • Daichi The Tanuki (Mr.Zaya)
  • Tremor The Fox (Mr.Zaya)
  • Isaiah The Irish Wolfhound (Mr.Zaya)


Will begin when everything is prepared

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