Confinement is a private roleplay between Dark and Apallo. It pits people against one another and themselves to find a way out of a seemingly impossible to escape prison.... even worse, a killer is after them, and we don't know who or WHAT he is!


  • Godmodding. Do I even need to explain why you can't use it?
  • Don't make your character attempt suicide, it ruins the plot...
  • Sexual interactions will not be tolerated (Kissing, hugging, and flirting is allowed)
  • Have fun!
  • Free Join will only be admitted to certain users


Survivors. In a prison. Many doors. One could lead to a way out. Another could lead to certain death. Who knows what could happen. Only you do. Prepare to lose your sanity.


Chapter 1: Into the Gates of Hell

Saber: (slowly wakes up)

(The room is somewhat dim; a flickering light shines for about 2 seconds)

Saber: (gets up and walks around a bit) Huh? Where am I?

(Saber is seen in a cell room with a locked door)

Saber: Gotta find a key...

(Saber searches the room trying to look for a key)

(Shane and Tammy wake up in another room)

Shane: H-huh? Where...

Tammy: Whoa! Where in the world are we!?

Shane: Tammy? Is that you?

Tammy: Shane! (blushes) Where are you? I can't see anything!

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