The kids are out trick or treating when the most mysterious thing happens, All evil returns, dead or alive! Coming to make an alliance to destroy mobius!



Doom when not fully materialised.


all listed below are character lists, please list your character into this.


list children below (HEROES/ANTI-HEROES)

  1. Psi the Hedgehog
  2. Jester the Hedgehog
  3. Minimize the Hedgehog
  4. J. Jr the Androhog
  5. Meeko the Flying Raccoon
  6. Aqua the Seaowl
  7. Max the Fox
  8. Julie the Rabbit
  9. Volt the Hedgebat
  10. Hikari Hedgehog (Hero; Venom)


  1. Boombomb the Hedgehog
  2. Sal the Echidna
  3. JT the Androhog
  4. Tidal the Crocodile
  5. Flame the Hedgehog
  6. Nick the Hedgehog
  7. Luk-S the Porcupine
  8. Bluray the Fox (maybe)
  9. Tynic The Hedgehog
  10. Greed the hedgehog
  11. Destroyer The Hedgehog
  12. Target the Eagle
  13. Kona the Kestrel
  14. Lyra the Falcon
  15. Phenos The Saidrog
  16. Joseph the Wolf
  17. Brittney the Bat
  18. Audrey the Bat
  19. Reggie the Bat
  20. Shine the Hedgehog
  21. Fetalia the Dark
  22. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  23. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  24. Violet the Hedgehog-Seedrian
  25. Sunny the Hedgehog-Seedrian
  26. Rose the Echidna-Seedrian
  27. Jerry the Echidnahog
  28. Esmerelda the Echidna
  29. Gavers the Hedgehog
  30. Draco the Hedgehog
  31. Cilvient the Horned Owl (Venom)


  1. Ariana the Robocaw
  2. Clarice the Wolf
  3. Cocoa the Rabbit
  4. Alan the Grizzly Bear
  5. Jake the Cat
  6. Drake the Hedgebat
  7. Maya the Echidna


  1. Phage the Dark
  2. Doom the Dark Lord
  3. Abaddon the ???
  4. Twilight the Devilhog
  5. Julius the Black Murderer
  6. Medusa the Succubus
  7. Ozan the Hedgehog
  8. Alan the Grizzly Bear
  9. Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  10. Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)


  1. Boombomb
  2. SS3K
  3. BlurayOriginals(?)
  4. Tynic The Hedgehog
  5. RioFan01
  6. Video King
  7. Gurahk/RayxCreamMaker
  8. Spongebob100
  9. Flamelord333
  10. VenomTheEchidna AKA "Red Mist"


  1. No Godmodding
  2. No Sex please, it;s just odd.
  3. Do NOT use the "C" word or Racist remarks, even IF you are allowed to.


The moon came up as nightfall started, the kids were giggling and laughing as they said "Trick or Treat!". Little did the children know it was not what they seemed, as the sky went purple and the clouds went black, this is the night that the evil struck back...


Young children: Trick or treat! *some giggles are heard*

Cocoa: (with Julie)

Julie: (dressed as a cute fashion model)

Tidal: *yawns, has some candy ready for Trick or Treaters*

Volt: (dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts, minus the wig; rings his doorbell)

Boom: *giving some kids candy*

Max: (dressed up Snoop Dogg) Trick or treat!

Tidal: Oh hey there! *gives candy* Here you go!!

Max & Julie: (smile and leave)

Brittney: (smiles)

Volt: (posing in his costume)

Julie: (Wonder where Jay is....)

Boom: Have a nice night kids! (closes his door and puts the bowl of candy to the desk on his right)

Jack & Patricia: Hi Boom

Jack: How's it going?

Phenos:*walking around on the sidewalk and looking at the kids in their costumes* Why are these kids dressing up? *Gets to Brittneys,Volts,Jacks,Patricia,Julies,Booms,and Cocoas house and knocks on their door*

Hikari: (In a Princess Peach costume) I-i'm really s-shy a-and i don't know w-where to start....

Patricia: (to Phenos) Because it's Halloween.

Jack: (to Phenos) Yeah, halloween is where the kids dressed us as creatures, ghouls, monsters & any others & they go door to door, saying "Trick or Treat" & then finally they get delicious candy.

Phenos:That sound's preety cool,can we dress up also?


Hikari: You can, but i don't know about them. (Points to Jack and Patricia) They pass out the candy.... I think.

Jack: Here you go (gives Hikari some candy)

Patricia: Here's your candy, you sweet little girl (gives Hikari a bunch of candy)

Jack: Enjoy the candy

Hikari: Thank you!! ^^

Jack: Your welcome Hikari.

Patricia: Your really adorable, Hikari

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