This is a private roleplay led by XxZekeKnightxX, based off of the new game Pokemon Conquest. This includes Chaosblade combat, which is effectively lightsaber combat in the Sonic Universe.


Two powerful kings are rising in the Sol Dimension's lands. One wants power, the other wants peace. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to save the world. Who will you side with?


The forms of combat used in this roleplay are based upon the forms of lightsaber combat from Star Wars. Here are the seven original forms that are used, as well as some notable practitioners form the Star Wars franchise.

[For those that are interested: Duel-Blading]

Invited Users

If you wish to join, contact XxZekeKnightxX.


Note: This is a kingdom-vs-kingdom type of roleplay, kingdoms based upon one or two items. (i.e. Fire, Light, Psychic, etc.) Please try to avoid repetition.

Note: This primarly focuses on Chaosblade dueling, so be sure to refer to the form links above and select for your characters. Repetition is not an issue here.

Note: This also includes heavy use of personalized Gizoids.

Specialties include: Knights(Chaosblade-wielders), Soldiers(ranged weaponry), and Vehicles. These are the types of Gizoids that will be used. The specialty referrs to a dominance of one over the rest.

Plyrus (Plasma [Fire+Light])

Specialty: Soldiers

Espeus (Psychic)

Specialty: Vehicles


Will not start as of this moment.

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