Vile's Rampage is a roleplay based in the continuity Maverick Hunter X, created by XxZekeKnightxX and RayxCreamMaker, and is a direct sequal to The Ladies of Giga City, this time focusing on the archrival of the protagonist: Vile the Weasel.


Vile the Weasel is the archrival of X the Hedgehog, and is as notorious as X is famous. Many titles are placed upon him, such as "murderer" and "destroyer", among other things. Vile does not care for things that are "moral", or "just", unlike X. Despite his differences with X and his reputaion, Vile is shrouded in mystery. The question is not "what" he does. The real question, is why? How can a soul become as wicked as his? The truth is, Vile is on a self-assigned mission to complete, and he's running out of time. What is this mission? What will it take to complete it? This critical chapter of Maverick Hunter X has such answers.

As a peaceful time comes to pass, villains and heroes alike conspire about the future. A paradign shift takes place, as the "evil one" uncovers the truth about the true villains.


  • XxZekeKnightxX
  • GurahkWeavile



Prologue: Survivors and Ploys

Vile: -marching across a barren wasteland, and finds what appears to be an abandoned base- Hmm... I could use this... If what was said is true... I'll need to come up with a game plan. If Sigma is truly returning, then I'll have to be ready... -rushes inside the base, and finds what appears to be a control room- Hmm... This would work out well to be a base of operations, but first I must activate this place... Hmm... -searches around for the power supply-

Meanwhile, at the Hunter Base...

Cut Man: (shooting Rolling Cutters at Mavericks in training sessions)

Gate: (looking on intently)......

Cut Man: HIYAAA!!! (finishes up) Alright! That's it for today!

Gate: Not your best, Cut Man....your overall percentage today was 55%. You normally do better than this.

Cut Man: Oh yeah?! Well why don't ya come down here so I can show ya the other 45%!?

Gate: I'll pass, thanks...

Zero: How about you give the full 100% so we won't need to have the conversation?

Cut Man: Grrr.....

Axl: Hey, Cut Man's tryin' his best. He's just got a, uh...certain someone stuck on the brain and can't concentrate.

Cut Man: (blushing) What was that?!

Signas: Cut Man, calm down. You did well.

Cut Man:.....

Time Man: Hmph.

Zero: ...Axl, you can't hide anything from me. I do know what that's like, but that should be all the more reason to fight harder in my opinion.


Gate: Not hard enough. (walks away)

Zero: Hmph. -follows Gate-

Cut Man: (I'll show him....)

Geneva: Poor Cut Man....

Time Man: (silently nods) Personally, I blame your--

Cut man: (appears next to him) Don't....finish....that....

Time Man:......


Nana: (still working hard)

Alia: Hmm... -appears to have found something on a map and is investigating it- What is this...?

X: (walks in) What is it Alia?

Smokescreen: (phases through) Somethin' up?

Alia: I'm picking up a signal from the wasteland here, like a base or something... But the only place there that is capable of producing such a signal is an abandoned outpost that has been shut down for about a decade now.

X: Maverick activity, no doubt....

Alia: Then let me pose this question. What would a Maverick be doing in the middle of nowhere like this?

X: Because the Maverick's name is Vile the Weasel.

Nana: Are you sure Vile would try a deserted place?

X: No doubt.

Alia: X, I think I lost you... Why would a Maverick like Vile be at a place like that? He's more likely to show up here than out in the middle of nowhere...

X: He's a calculating and sly Maverick. We've underestimated him one time too many! I'm going in and taking him down.

Pallette: No!!


Pallette: I-I mean....what Alia said.

X: (looks suspiciously)

Alia: It's not like he can man it by himself. And the only one who has partnered with him is reformed. There's only so much one can do on their own. Honestly, even if he's there, I don't understand why he would take over an abandoned, run-down outpost when he has the power to take over a state-of-the-art Repliforce base.

X: I'm going to find out.

Nana: X, it's not advisable! Besides. what if it's a regular Mobian?

X: That's a chance I may have to take, but if it is, I'll only subdue them, not hurt or kill them....

Nana: Even so, it's not wise to--

Alia: -turns toward X in her chair and crosses one leg over the other- X, are you so high-strung about Vile because of I's encounters with him?

X: It's not that....Vile's a danger to not just us, but the world. If I don't stop him now, then there'll no one to stop him later....

Pallette: But--

Alia: ...You say something, Pallette?

Pallette:.....I'll go there.

Smokescreen: Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa! You seriously wanna go to an abandoned warehouse and get killed by that maniac again?! Axl'll never forgive himself if that happened again.

Pallette: I know what I'm doing Smokescreen!

Alia: You seem sure of yourself...

Pallette; I am....

Nana: Just to be sure....we should plant a small tracker on you so we can see and hear everything that goes on.

Pallette:......You're joking, right?

Alia: Hmm...

Nana: (plants a tracker onto Pallette) Just don't try anything funny.

Pallette: Now I see why Layer was never too fond of you....

Alia: ...How about we try something a bit more covert? I don't think Vile will be willing to open up to someone he sees as an enemy, or associated with his enemy. -glances at X and turns back to her console, and starts on a program- How about if one of us acted like an AI for the computer systems of the outpost?

Pallette: (nods)

Alia: The problem is, we can't act organic when talking to Vile... We need to make him think it's just an AI and not someone trying to manipulate him. I can write the program, and I can probably do the job well, but he may recognize my voice...

Nana: And mine as well....we need someone that he either doesn't know or recognizes as an ally....

Alia: The problem is, who does he recognize as an ally?

Everyone: Hmmm.......

Pallette: (tries to sneak away while she thinks no one else is noticing)

Zero: -is bumped into by Pallette- HEY! Watch where you're going!

Pallette: S-sorry....(rushes off)

Nana: Hmm...

Zero: -looks in the direction she ran, then looks back- ...Alright, spill it. What's going on?

Nana: We think Vile may be up to something around....(points to the energy signature) Here. Though I do not know what or why quite yet.

Zero: Well that's strange. It's in the middle of nowhere with only a derelict outpost that was shut down over a decade ago because the area became so desolate, it lost its strategic value. There's a newer outpost that doubles as a ferry port to Giga City a few hundred kilometers away that replaces that old thing. The only reason why someone, let alone Vile, would want with a place like that is to set up shop for a longer battle.

X:......Where's Pallette?

Nana: (starts tracking the tracking device she planted on her; notices Pallette is heading in the direction of the outpost) Why does this not surprise me?

Zero: ...It surprises me. X, I know what you want to do, and I'm telling you now, don't go after her. I have a bad feeling about Vile's behavior, and if you interfere, we'll never know why he's acting like this.

X:.....Alright. Maybe then I can figure out how to stop him.....

Nana: You've changed X. Normally, you would think twice before engaging Mavericks--even Vile--but since the Giga City operation....

X: I've finally come to realize this war will never end the way I acted, I need to toughen up and finally come to terms with the realization I need to not hold back, especially not against Vile!

(just then the alarm goes off)

Nana: Maverick readings detected near Daytona Beach!

Flame Hyenard: BEACH?! WOO HOO!! TIME FOR SOME SCRAPPIN!!!! (runs off)

Smokescreen: (sighs) Same ol' Hyenard....

Nana: Armadillo, do you copy?

Armored Armadillo: I copy. Moving to intercept now.

Zero: X, listen. I think there's something more than Vile going on here. Vile is the type that wanders about, never staying at one place. If Vile is taking over an outpost, then that means he must know something. If I were in his place, the only reason why I would do such a thing, is that I knew something big was coming, and I would need to settle down and set up shop at a place where I can get information. I think Vile is looking for something, or someone, and it isn't you. The time will come where we won't have to hold back, but now, we must.

X:.....Very well.

Chapter 1: Opening Up

Pallette: (running to the outpost)

Vile: -finally has the place operational- Urgh... Well then, now just gotta find where the rest of that Supra-Force Metal went... If I find it, I'll find Sigma... Perhaps a working refinery that's not under Repliforce control would be a good place to look....

Pallette: (sneaks in by good stealth, trying not to be detected)

Vile: At least I have access to some satallite imagry... -works on the main console- Hmm... Now where would be a place that'll be moving a ton of equipment...?

Pallette:.....(accidentally kicks a piece of scrap, blowing her cover) Oh scrap.

Vile: !? -whirls around and aims his cannon in the direction of where he heard the sound- Who's there?!

Pallette: (slowly comes out) Hi Vile....

Vile: ...Huh? Y-You... -remembers what happened on the space station after Great Redips died- What is this, some sort of prank? I don't have time for nonsense like that!

Pallette: No. I've been brought back by the Maverick Hunters, but I snuck talk to you.

Vile: That's just too bad, because I'm really busy. -turns back to the console- So stay out of my way or get blasted.

Pallette: don't need to face him on your own. I can help you, y'know.

Vile: -stops instantly upon hearing "him", and tenses up in anger- ...What do you know...?

Pallette: Everything. Lemme help you, Vile.

Vile: -whirls around on her- "Everything"?! How?!

Pallette: When I was a Cyber-Elf, I looked into your heart....and saw everything you had to endure....if he's coming back, then--

Vile: You got it all wrong! He never left, I left him! I wasn't strong enough to defeat him, but after defeating Sigma and X, I know I will! If I can overcome them, I can overcome him, and will be nobody's damn slave!

Pallette: But you can't--

(just then an alarm goes off)

Vile: What now?! -turns back to the console-

Pallette: It's his creations.....and Sigma's minions too....

Vile: Sigma... I figured as much. Let's challenge his Undeadness. -rushes over to the teleporter-

Pallette: Vile, wait--!

Vile: Now what's your problem?!

Pallette: Lemme help ya-

Vile: Just stay out of my way if you don't want to get blasted! -teleports off-

Pallette: (heads off to the control panel) He'll need help......



Vile: Hmph. Let's do this. -dashes forward, brutally destroying enemies, some barehanded-
Maverick Rising 3-13 'Hunter' (Opening Stage Vile) by zyko Maverick Hunter X OC ReMix06:12

Maverick Rising 3-13 'Hunter' (Opening Stage Vile) by zyko Maverick Hunter X OC ReMix

Vile through the Central Highway

Pallette: (through intercom) Vile, can youn hear me? I'll be your navigator through here....if that's alright with you....

Vile: -grumbles- If you insist...just don't distract me... -kicks a Met aside-

Met: Asshole!

(a few Sniper Joes line up in front of him)

Sniper Joes: Hey, it's Vile! Blast him!

Vile: Blast this, bolts for bots! -jumps over them, shooting them with his cannon from above-

Sniper Joes: AAAHH!!!!

Pallette: Jets incoming at 2 o'clock!

Vile: -activates jetpack and flies up toward the jets and lays down a wall of energy shots from his cannon to destroy them before falling back down to kick down a lone Sniper Joe-

(then several reploids bearing a familiar insignia appear)

Pallette: Those are--

Vile: -growls- Sigma...!! -proceeds to beat them down, taking extra thought in breaking their bodies- So he has returned... But I'll make him stay dead!

Pallette: Vile....behind you....

(two strange beings appear behind Vile)

Bit: So you're Vile? What a joke.....

Byte: The Doc really screwed up big time with you!

Vile: -turns to them menacingly- ...You say something, punks?'

Bit: I am Bit, and he is Byte. We're Dr. Doppler's enforcers and have come to eliminate you!

Byte: (cracks knuckles) I'm gonna enjoy this!

Vile: -clenches his fists and tenses up upon hearing "Dr. Doppler"- ...I don't care why you're here, I'll scrap you all the same, but since you've mentioned that name... -turns fully toward them- I'll show you hell! -instantly starts blasting them with his cannon-

Bit: (pulls out a large shield to block and deflect attacks)

Byte: (takes the blasts, but just barely affected)

Vile: (Damn! If only I still had my other weapons...but those fragments didn't fully protect me and they were destroyed in the process... This might be a challenge after all...) Hmph! -dashes at Bit to perform a double kick to kick away his shield and then kick Bit away before proceeding to jumping kick to Byte's head-

Byte: OOF!! (suddenly grabs him and throws him into a tanker)

Bit: Ngh...hehehe....

Vile: -comes out barely harmed, mainly having cosmetic damage- Hmph. Not bad. (it appears I have speed and attack advantages on them, but being able to tank my attacks is something only he could create...) -dashes at them again, winding up behind Bit to grab him and throw him at Byte's head-

Bit: HUH?! GAAAH!!!

Byte: (smashes through his partner but trips over a grenade and blasts back)

Bit: We underestimated you Vile. Like you underestimated us! But we'll be back, and you won't be able to beat us next time!

(Bit and Byte leave as weird new sports cars appear, turning into new Mavericks)

Vehicon Mavericks

Pallette: Huh?! Those must be new ones, I don't see them anywhere in the database!

Vile: Cowards... I don't care what they look like, I'll rip them apart all the same! -dashes at them and begins to dismantle them his cannon blasts and martial strikes-

Vehicons: !? AAAAHH!!!! (some start blasting at him)

Vile: -evades and even forces some of them to shoot each other- Hmph!

Vehicons; GAAAH!!!

Pallette: They may look menacing, but they don't look too bright....

Vile: Menacing? These are pathetic excuses for scapegoats. -chokes out the last one then dashes onward-


(X appears down in front of him)

X: Vile! What are you doing here?!

Pallette: X?! What is he doing?

Vile: Today's your lucky day, X! I'm not hunting for you today! I've got a date with Sigma, because apparently you didn't roast him enough! I'll just be finishing the job!

X: Ha! As if you have a chance against Sigma! You couldn't even beat me at his fortress! And you had your stupid Ride Armor!

Vile: What's this? Are you mocking me? And to think this is the noble X that made me sick! Or maybe it's because Sigma has finally made you his slave? Talk about a pathetic end!

X: How's this?! (fires a charged shot)

Vile: -blasts it with a shot from his cannon- Alright, since you insist, I'll put on a good show before I crush that face of yours! -whips out buster and starts showering X with suppressive fire-

X: GAAAH!!!!

Vile: (...This is too easy.) -follows up with several cannon shots-

X: AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(X's figure glows and turns into a Next-Generation Reploid, who dies immediately)

Pallette: Just a copy. Why am I not surprised?

Vile: I figured as much... -notices that it left behind a strange chip and baton-like item, and picks both up- Wonder what these are?

Pallette: Head back and I'll prepare an analysis. Maybe I can determine what it is....

Vile: If you insist... -teleports out-


Pallette: (analyzing them) Hmm....looks like these are for a copy system. When Gate revived you, he outfitted you with components from Next-Gen Reploids. The chip will allow you to copy abilities, and the baton can let you copy weapons.

Vile: I see. -takes the baton- How the heck do I use it though... -suddenly, the baton glows and becomes the hilt to a Chaosblade- Hmm... -activates it- Heheh... This is the tactical advantage I needed... -chuckles to himself-


(just then, a tall Reploid appears behind them)

Pallette: !? Soundwave!

Soundwave:....(approaches the console, pushing Pallette aside; tentacles from behind him appear and attach to the computer and some data is uploaded; the tentacles then detach and retract as he looks at Vile)

Vile: Huh? Soundwave...? -looks at the computer, and at Soundwave, confused and dumbfounded-

Soundwave: (presses a button on the console and then teleports away)

(a transmission from a familiar face appears)

Sigma: Vile....long time, no see....

Vile: Apparently not long enough! What do you want?

Sigma: I've had Soundwave send this message to you. I have been extremely impressed by you Vile and wish to ask you to join my side again. But before you can, I need to test your abilities. Soundwave has downloaded coordinates to 8 of my commanders. If you defeat them and impress me enough, I will invite you to my arctic outpost in the North Pole to test you....personally. I hope you don't disappoint me....

(the message ends)

Pallette: I have a bad feeling about this...

Vile: ...Hmph. As if. Joining him means getting killed by X. Besides, it seems as if both of my former masters have conspired against me...they will die. -clenches the baton-

Pallette: Vile....they were using you all along. You don't need to worry about them anymore. You're--

Vile: As long as they live I have to worry about them! I don't care if X lives or dies, as long as I am the undisputed victor, but them...I must make them pay for making me their slave!

Pallette:......(holds his hand) Well, I'll be here to help you. No matter what.

Vile: Wha-?! ...This is a joke, right? Something stupid that X thought up isn't it?

Pallette: (shakes head) X wants you dead as much as you want him dead. This is genuine. I promise.

Vile: -looks away, as if embarrassed- ...Why, then? Why go this far when all your friends want to see my smoldering chassis which has killed you before?

Pallette: (blushes a little bit) Because they don't really know you....I do...

Vile: ...Maybe that's why I haven't killed you again yet... All this time, nobody knew...but I thought that nobody needed to know, because this was my problem after all...

Pallette: You don't need to be alone anymore....I promise....(gently smiles)

Vile: Hmph... If you insist...

Pallette: (smiles)


Nana: Wow...

Zero: ...I'm at a loss for words.

Alia: Oh my...


Zero: -grumbles- What does she know? And why-- -looks at X- ...Nevermind, I think I know why she didn't tell us.

X: Are they really truthful about this? I still can't believe that Vile was only just a misunderstood Reploid after all he's done....

Nana: People change, X. I think Vile should be given a chance to prove himself.

X: Maybe....

Zero: There's no excuses for what he's done, but at least now we know why he does the things he does, and why he talks the way he does. Pallette didn't tell us what she knows because she's afraid of us, what we would say or do. X and Axl more so.

Nana: Yeah, Axl still wants to get even. And as for X....(looks at X, who is now leaving outside)....

Zero: ...Maybe X and Vile are not so different after all...

Smokescreen: Guess not....

Chapter 2: Factoring Intense Heat


Vile: -looks at the commanders that he has before him, noticing that they're most of them are the former commanders that rebelled with Sigma- So, these idiots are back from the grave also, are they? -pays particular interest to Flame Mammoth- I know just who to start with too... -chuckles to himself-

Pallette: Just be careful. X barely made it out alive from him, and I don't want you to get hurt so badly.

Vile: It just so happens that I was a sparring partner for him while I was still a Hunter. Well, more like the only one who would spar with him. Just gotta show him again, that size doesn't mean much. Good test subject for my new toys. -selects the location and heads for the teleporter-

Pallette: Good luck.

Flame Mammoth Stage - Prototype Weapons Plant - Megaman Maverick Hunter X Music Extended30:00

Flame Mammoth Stage - Prototype Weapons Plant - Megaman Maverick Hunter X Music Extended

Flame Mammoth Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in- Hmph, let's go. -dashes forward to proceed-

Pallette: The weapons plant is operating at full capacity, and there's molten lava nearby, so be careful!

Vile: Nah, really? I thought it was water, and I was thinking about taking a dip! -trips a Sniper Joe into the lava-

Sniper Joe: AAAH!!!

Pallette: Blame Alia, she's the real Captain Obvious....

Degravers: !? Vile! Let's get him!

Vile: -chuckles- Time to give this thing a test drive! -brandishes his saber and hacks them apart-

Degravers: GAAAHH!!!!

Hoganmer: (attacks him with its mace)

Vile: -stabs the mace, then kicks the Hoganmer aside- Hmph!


Vile: That's the least -of your worries today! -cuts him vertically in half-

Vehicon: This one's too tough! Call in the tanks!

(Vile feels large stomps and sees a much larger tank-like Vehicon coming his way)
Tumblr mewk1iBRVQ1rgf1lto1 400

Vehicon Tanks


Vile: Hard to aim a cannon when you're not even looking! -blasts the cannon with his own to force its orientation up, then stabs at the head between the cannon barrel and the shield-

Vehicon Tank: (still standing upright, shield up)

Vile: Heh, still don't want to go down, eh? -climbs up on top of it and starts hammering its top by blasting it with his cannon- (I can't use the Supra-Force Metal's energy... I don't know how long I have left...)

Vehicon Tank: (finally loses its position, but starts blasting away at Vile)

Vile: Whoa there, tiger! -slips up close to it and starts blasting its face with his cannon-

Vehicon Tanks: AAAHH!!! (falls off a conveyor belt and into the lava)

Vehicon Car #1: The tankbot's failed!

Vehicon Car #2: Retreat! We must report this to Lord Megatron!

(The Vehicons escape as Vile rushes through to the boss door)


(Flame Mammoth is there waiting for Vile)

Flame Mammoth: Vile... It's been a while, hasn't it? You've changed your look too, but yet you're still small.

Vile: Yeah, going through death and back is an experience. By the way, you've been schooled many times about that, size never matters.

Flame Mammoth: C'mon, Vile! I'm much more powerful than I was before!

Vile: Too bad, because I've also gotten more powerful. Let me show you!

Flame Mammoth: Just like old times, right?

Vile: Except that you're really going to die this time! -starts blasting Flame Mammoth's head with cannon-

Flame Mammoth: OOF! -tries to blast Vile with flames-

Vile: -evades and baton glows for a second- (Huh?)

Flame Mammoth: Get back here! -tries to chase him down, shooting his flamethrower-

Vile: Nah, not feeling it. -jumps toward the side and blasts Flame Mammoth's legs with cannon-

Flame Mammoth: GAAAH! You have gotten better, but how about my oil?! -starts shooting oil at Vile from his trunk-

Vile: -jumps and kicks off a wall- No thanks, I don't feel like getting slobbered on! -takes up his baton and it transforms into a rifle-like version of Flame Mammoth's flamethrower- (Aah, this I'll enjoy!)

Flame Mammoth: C'mon Vile, it's a fine day for a little oilin'! -about to shoot more oil-

Vile: How about, no? -shoves the end of his flamethower up into Flame Mammoth's trunk, and blasts fire up his trunk as Flame Mammoth sends oil through his trunk-

Flame Mammoth: Wh-Wh-WHAAAA?! -his trunk explodes, sending him into the wall hard- OOOOOF!!!

Vile: -also blown back, but not as much, expecting the explosion- Hah! Now let's finish you! -flamethrower turns into saber as he charges at Flame Mammoth-

Flame Mammoth: -tries to get up, dazed from the explosion- Uuuugh... Wha...?

Vile: -shoves his saber up into where Flame Mammoth's trunk was, then yanks down hard, cutting through his entire body-

Flame Mammoth: WAAAAARRRRGH!!!! -explodes violently with a powerful concussion blast-

Vile: -is sent into a wall from the blast- NGH!!

Pallette: Vile! Ae you okay?! Vile, do you copy?!

Vile: -laughs- You worry frantically when I get a little roughed up by a wall, yet you say nothing when I land on a tanker? C'mon, these are nothing to me, I'm fine. Start worrying when I crash down from orbit! -teleports out-

Pallette: I.....I'm sorry.....

Vile: Now you're apologetic? -laughs- This is what I call "fun"! Kicking ass and taking names! -goes over to the console- I'll never understand you hero-types...

Pallette: Yet you almost were one yourself....

Vile: Talkin' 'bout Redips? Like I could sit by and look at a bot that could be stronger than me? Yeah right! Hero, villain, stupid labels that people use. I just do what I want, when I want, how I want. Sigma can't do scrap about it!

Pallette: That's not what I meant. I meant way before when.....(looks down, not even finishing, thinking he knows what she means)

Vile: -mood suddenly turns cold- ...When I left?

Pallette: (shyly nods; then changes the subject) One down, seven to go.

Vile: -nods, then mutters- Then I'll have to end this game, fast.

Pallette: (hears him).....


Nana: It's very sweet of Pallette to do this.....

Alia: She is doing well, despite the risk factor...

Zero: -spacing out, concentrating on his own thoughts-

X: (nods; takes a look at Alia, staring when he thinks no one else is looking) (Reminds me of how I feel of Alia....)

Zero: -takes notice, then smirks- Hey X, I think I hear Cutty-kid flirting with I again.

X: HUH?! Why that little--! (runs off, yelling for Cut Man)

Nana:.....You're not a good liar, Zero.

Zero: Doesn't take one to get that blue bomber going. -chuckles-

Nana:......Alia, X was staring at you. (smirks)

Alia: Eh? -blushes- N-No, no, you must be mistaken, he's not that type of guy...

Zero: Pfffft, you don't know him when you're not around...

Nana: Alia, you do like him, right?

Alia: I-I don't really think about those kind of things...

Zero: -smirks- I guess this has become a girls-only coversation, so I'll just go face the music, and completely embarrasses X. -chuckles and walks where X went-

Nana: Alia, I know how you feel about X, why do you not tell him?

Alia: B-Because...I don't think we can support such a relationship...we both have our duties, and we think very highly of them... And, X has become such a huge target...something like that may jeopardize his well-being...

Nana: You'll never know unless you try....right?

Alia: Making the mission too personal could compromise our effectiveness... I'd rather not take such a risk...

Nana: I....understand.....

Chapter 3: Blastin Cyber Space


Vile: Hmm... Looks like there are some new faces as well... Where's the bird-brain and iron-butt? Or that squaking penguin for that matter?

Pallette: Chill Penguin faked death and formed his own band of bounty hunters called Team Chill-Out. Storm Eagle and Armored Armadillo are Maverick Hunters now.

Vile: They couldn't stomach the carnage, eh? Hmph, pathetic.

Pallette: Storm Eagle only joined Sigma because of hostages, and Armadillo was just blindly loyal. I honestly still don't see what she sees in him....

Nana: (growls) Oh, I'll show her one day!

Signas: Nana, calm it.


Pallette: Cyber Peacock appears to be in Cyber Space. I'll need to make adjustments to the teleporter to get to him.

Vile: Sounds like some cyber-junk to me... -walks over to the teleporter and leans against a wall- What a nuisance...

Pallette: (begins making some modifications)

Vile: -puts his hand on his chest- (How long will the Supra-Force Metal last, before I'll have to rely on my core again...? I can't risk losing precious time...)

Pallette: (notices something is troubling him)

Vile: -crosses his arms- Well? Are you done yet?

Pallette: just seem troubled...I feel worried...(keeps working)

Vile: Hmph. It's nothing. -looks away-

Pallette: Don't lie. I can see it in your, uh...visor.

Vile: So what if I am? It doesn't concern you.

Pallette: (sighs) I told you, that I'll be here for you no matter what, and I meant it. I want to help you at every turn and in every way. But there's some things about you that I really don't know. So tell me....what's wrong? Please?

Vile: ...I'm running out of time, now hurry up! -growls-

Pallette: (gasps and hurries up) There! It's done!

Vile: ...I'll explain later. -rushes into the teleporter and teleports off-

Pallette: (resumes her duties)

Maverick Rising 4-06 'Slashing Through Cyberspace' (Cyber Peacock, Slash Beast) by prophetik MMX405:15

Maverick Rising 4-06 'Slashing Through Cyberspace' (Cyber Peacock, Slash Beast) by prophetik MMX4

Cyber Peacock Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in- Stupid cyberspace... Let's get this over with. -proceeds-

(he steps on a panel and some laser target appears on him)

Sigma: (voice heard from the air) Vile, you have stepped in a cybernetic training ground. I want to see how well you do and how fast you can do it.

Vile: Oh, please! Get that bot to a repair room, I don't have time for this! -dashes, not wasting time-

(several cyber enemies and Mavericks appear to hinder his progress)

Vile: Get lost! -hacks them apart with his saber as he moves forward- Hmph, now I know why Zero likes swords so much.

Pallette: Do not forget the copy chip as well. Try mixing it up a little.

Vile: I would if I could. -flies over several enemies with jetpack-

(as he continues, he enters through a small portal and then into the boss door)


(Cyber Peacock teleports in)
Cyber Peacock

Cyber Peacock

Sigma: (voice heard) Allow me to introduce you to my personal hacking chief and creator of our new spy, planted within the Repliforce--Cyber Peacock!

Cyber Peacock: -cackles- Pleasure to meet you at last, Vile! How's that old ticker? Can you spare some time for me? Or do you not have the time? Nyahahahaha!

Vile: Buzz off! I don't need to explain anything to you!

Cyber Peacock: That's true, you don't. Besides, why waste your precious time on me? I wonder what things will look like when your time does run out?

Vile: Shut up and fight! -charges at him, swinging his saber-

Cyber Peacock: -teleports around to evade-

Vile: Oh, you're so cute! -transforms saber into flamethrower and torches him the instant he next appeared-

Cyber Peacock: DAAAH!! -shoots lasers at VIle-

Vile: -evades with jetpack and torches Cyber Peacock again without warning-

Cyber Peacock: GAAAWWK!! -teleports and fires more lasers-

Vile: -takes a few hits- Ngh! How about this? -transforms flamethrower into another launcher, and visor glows blue, activating copy chip and teleports above him, and dumps oil onto him, then follows up with his flamethrower, roasting Cyber Peacock-

Cyber Peacock: GAAAAAAWWWWK!!!

Vile: You're finished, cyber trash! -teleports in front of Cyber Peacock and uses his saber to cut him in half-

Cyber Peacock: GAAAAAAAAWWWWK!!! Hahah... No... You're the one who's finished...! -causes a digital explosion from himself that starts to engulf the area-

Vile: What the?! Kamakaze...! -teleports out-

Pallette: Vile! You're okay! But--

Vile: I'm fine. Even got a useful ability off of that cyber trash. He was good for something.

Pallette: I heard what he said....the Supra Force Metal is wearing off....isn't it?

Vile: -sighs- It's not that it's wearing off completely, but yes, it's wearing out as I use stay alive... That tank, I could've destroyed it much sooner had I used energy from the Supra-Force Metal to break through it, but that would be wasting my lifeline...

Pallette: Which is fading so much faster.....(looks worried)

Vile: The thing is, I don't know how fast the Supra-Force Metal is wearing off... It should last me for a few years at least... But I can't waste any of it unless I absolutely have to.

Pallette: I don't want you to die, Vile....I'm scared that--

Vile: It may be better that way! -turns away- I was created to be a monster and a monster I became! That's why I have to make my enemies pay before I die for good...

Pallette: Vile....


X: (still running trying to find Cut Man, suddenly overhears a conversation between I and Cut Man)

I: Cut Man... I'm sorry, you're a sweet guy and all, but I don't like you that way...

Cut Man: !? B-but I--


I: -shakes her head- I'm not ready for something like that. I've got and had enough to deal with.

Cut Man: O-okay.....I'll respect your decision. Maybe one'll find someone better. But...we're still friends, right?

I: Of course.

Cut Man: (smiles)

X:...(I hope I finds a good person too....)


X: (enters the control room)

Nana: Unbelievable...

Alia: X... You won't believe what we just heard...

Nana: Vile's core is dying out. That's why he needed the Supra-Force Metal.

X: It is?!

Zero: Signas yanked me back in here for this. Vile said that he has a few years at least with the Supra-Force Metal keeping him alive, but he's not sure how fast it's dissipating. That's why he can't use it for combative purposes.

Alia: It's like he's on life-support...yet still can fight...


Zero: It's sad... Pallette said that she doesn't want him to die...yet...Vile said that it might be better that way...

X:.....Maybe she was right. Maybe Vile isn't as evil as he makes us believe.....

Zero: Correction. As evil as he thinks he is. He also said that he was created to be a death machine, and became one he did.

X: But...he isn't....and Pallette's helped us see that....

Zero: You and him aren't too much different...just had different origins and had different paths set before you...

X: (nods)

Chapter 4: The Vile Jungle

Pallette: Ready for the next challenge?

Vile: Who's up?

Pallette: (shows the remaining six Mavericks)

Vile: Aaahh... That scrap head... The idiot that almost made X go Maverick... He gets everyone pissed at him.

Pallette: Sting Chameleon?

Vile: I don't see why not. Better to shut him up quickly.

Mega Man X - Sting Chameleon (Sega Genesis Remix)01:51

Mega Man X - Sting Chameleon (Sega Genesis Remix)

Sting Chameleon's Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in and starts off-

Pallette: During my run with the Maverick Hunters, I made a Ride Armor panel system. Do you see any platforms anywhere on the ground?

Vile: Ride Armor? Hmm...

Pallette: One platform allows you to utilize one of the ten developed Ride Armors. The Chimera Armor and Raiden Armor are the standard types you're quite used to; the Rabbit Armor and Kangaroo Armor have spikes for fists and can be used to deal heavy amounts of damage to enemies; the Frog Armor hops around, but is best recommended for underwater usage; the Hawk and Eagle Armors are good for airborne combat, complete with blasters; the Raiden II Armor is a four-legged monster with drill and fist for melee; the Gouden Armor is slow but durable with great machinegun weaponry; finally, the Cyclops Armor has a shoulder cannon and typical melee fists. Pick your poison, sweetie. (does not realize she just said that)

Vile: ...What was that last word?

Pallette: (realizes what she said and blushes tenfold) Uhhhh.......nothing!

Vile: Right... -mumbles- For the first time, I officially feel awkward...

Pallette:....I am so fired.

(everyone at Hunter Base is absolutely shocked at what just happened)

Nana: Did...she just....?

Alia: Sh-She did...

Zero: Stupid girl! What is she thinking?!

X: We're lucky Axl's not here to see or hear this.

Axl: (walks in) Hear or see what?

Smokescreen: Scrap....

Zero: ...Pallette's brain left the building.

Axl: (shoots him with the Bound Blaster) What was that you said?!

Zero: -deflects it back at him with saber- Her brain left the building.

X: Axl...(tells him what happened)


X: I was afraid of this....

Mavericks: (patrolling the jungle)

Vile: -ambushes them by teleporting to them and slashes them apart with saber-

(several Rock-based Mavericks appear down to attack)

Pallette: Rockmen! I thought they went extinct 3 years ago.

Vile: Too bad, because they're going extinct today! -blasts them with cannon and a new laser blaster-

(easily blasted apart; Vile comes across a marsh with a convinient Ride Armor Platform nearby)

Pallette: A Ride Armor's needed to traverse through this swamp.

Vile: Now I know how X feels when Captain Obvious is on the mic... (Seriously... I can clearly see that I wouldn't have the hangtime to fly over it.) -heads over to the Ride Armor Platform-

Pallette: Nnnnno, you don't, hun. OOF!! (blushes even more) Sorry....I dunno what's come over me today!

Vile: ...I wonder... -mumbles- That kid is gonna be even more pissed at me for no scrappin' reason...

Axl: WH-WH-WH-WH-WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X: Uh oh.....

Pallette: Which Ride Armor is best? Let's see....

Vile: How about telling me what other things are ahead, like things I can't see. At least try to be more useful than Captain Obvious...

Pallette: Sorry. It's been a long time since I've done navigation, I'm a little rusty....The Chimera Armor works well here, but you may need to keep jumping to avoid being sunk. There are also some enemies hiding in the marsh, so look out.

Vile: Hm. How about one of the flying ones to avoid the marsh altogether?

Pallette: Where's the fun in that? You're not afraid of some weak little enemies in a simple marsh, are you? (winks)

Vile: Cute, but not gonna work. The fun part is blasting helpless enemies while not needing to constantly needing to take attention away to jump. Getting sunk is not exactly on my agenda.

Pallette: So you are afraid of people who are tougher than are you even scared of X? (smirks playfully)

Vile: -laughs- Please! You little liar! You know for a fact that's not true! Can you not handle that I'm actually being smart?  Wouldn't surprise me, because the kid is really stupid!

Pallette: Okay, suit yourself. Hawk Armor it is.

Vile: -gets in, and makes himself at home- Aahh... Feels good to be in one of these things again. Let's do this! -starts flying, and blasts enemies as they come near- Hmph! Like shooting fish in a barrel!

Pallette: Vile! Incoming bogeys! And they're airborne!

Vile: Still wanna laugh at me for taking a flyer? -flies up to them and blasts them-

Pallette: (giggles) Not at all....(What is wrong with me? Why do I feel weird talking to him? Am I....?)

Vile: (Why is she acting so weird? It's completely awkward, what's going on with that girl?) -lands on the other side of the marsh-

Pallette: Chameleon is straight ahead. I'm sure you know of his cheap and sly tactics, so I don't need to tell you to--

Vile: -hops out of the Ride Armor- Be careful, yeah yeah.


(Sting Chameleon appears through thin air)

Sting Chameleon: NYA HAHAHAH!! Well if it isn't Vile! I once had so much respect for you, y'know!

Vile: Too bad that isn't reciprocated. You have a knack for pissing everyone off.

Sting Chameleon: Aww, don't feel bad! It's not like you were any good anyway! I lost that respect when I heard those rumors of those Doppler bots that you're really just as soft as X!

Vile: Soft?! Soft?! I'll show you soft, you piece of scrap!! -teleports behind Sting Chameleon and starts blasting him with cannon furiously-

Sting Chameleon: NYAAH!! (disappears)

Vile: -visor flashes blue, copying his ability- Thank you for falling into my trap... -engages his saber, and waits paitently for him to reappear-

Sting Chameleon: (appears on the ceiling, dropping spikes onto his head) NYANYANYANYANYAN YAAAAA!!!!

Vile: Gotcha. -teleports next to him, levitating with his jetpack, and blasts his face with cannon-

Sting Chameleon: NYAA!! (disappears and blasts him from behind; laughing as he does so)

Vile: -jumps and disappears, using a newly copied ability-

Sting Chameleon: HAH!! I'm the master of this, Vile! You can't fool me! (fires at where Vile is)

Vile: -teleports behind him, reveals himself, and cuts his tail off with saber- Actually, I can.

Sting Chameleon: AAAAWWKK!!! YOU-!!!! (attacks head on)

Vile: You've been played. -teleports above him and uses another newly copied ability to rain down spikes on him-

Sting Chameleon: AAAAAHHH!!! (the spikes pierce through and kill him)

Vile: -lands- That's what you get for calling me "soft". -teleports out-

Pallette: He deserved that.

Vile: Not even Sigma could piss me off that much... But I got several decent abilities off of him, so it wasn't a complete let down.

Pallette: I'm glad. (My spark is pounding so hard.....I don't believe it...I think that-)

Vile: Hmph. "Soft"... That wasn't far from the truth, way back when...

Pallette:.....(smiles at him)


Axl: Tell me this is a dream!

Zero: Would you like me to give you a pain test?

Axl: DO IT!!!!!

Zero: -punches him in the face- How's that?

Axl:....I think I'm awake....

X: It's real Axl....

Axl:....(walks outside and rages)

Zero: This is something we will have a hard time accepting...

X: Pallette....and Vile....what is General gonna think of this?

Nana: It's best we not tell him or Colonel.

Zero: Especially not Colonel, he wants Vile put away for good. At least, not until I talk to them about it first.

Iris: (walks in) Talk to brother about what?

X: Uhh,....

Zero: Iris... It's about Vile. We're spying on him because he's acting out of character... We've found some eye-opening things about him... -Axl is heard raging- ...And Pallette's brain is becoming absent...

Iris:....Do I even want to know?

Zero: Well, you're probably gonna find out sooner or later.

Chapter 5: Climb to Devastation

Pallette: Who is next?

Vile: Hmm... Keheh, the battle specialist himself. He should be somewhat of a challenge for all of my new abilities.

Pallette: Boomer Kuwanger, of course. He won't be easy. Be sure to keep your emotions in check.

Vile: Heh. If I kept my head against the lizard, the beetle should be nothing.

Pallette: Right.....and, umm...(blushes a bit)

Vile: What? What is it? -starts to get impatient-

Pallette:'s nothing. Good luck....

Vile: Hmph. -goes to the teleporter- If ya got something to say, say it. Don't waste time.

Pallette: Have you....ever been in love? I'm just curious...

Vile: What kind of question is that? I have no idea what you're talking about!

Pallette: I...was just asking....I'm sorry....

Vile: Well, sorry I don't have an answer for you. -steps onto the teleporter-


Kurogane THIRD, T14 Rockman X1 Boomer Kuwanger Stage03:40

Kurogane THIRD, T14 Rockman X1 Boomer Kuwanger Stage

Boomer Kuwanger's Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in- Hmph, let's test these skills.

(the tower is now more fortified than it was before with more enemies and turrets than ever)

Pallette: Security is tighter than my sister now--oopsie. (giggles)

Vile: Time to make it even looser and easier than she is. -disappears-

Pallette: (laughs at his joke)

(the scanners begin scanning the area; he then encounters some unknown enemies with some sort of search detection)
Guardian investigate mode foc

Guardian Mavericks in Investigate Mode

Pallette: Vile, be careful! Those Mavericks are using stealth crackers! Those beams will see right through your cloak!

Vile: Who says I'll be going through them? -teleports past them and blasts them with buster-

Guardian Mavericks: (blasted apart)

Pallette: There's probably more in this tower. Be careful!

Sniper Joes: (lining up for a good shot from above)

Vile: Oh, please. Is this basic training? -teleports behind them and blasts them with cannon-

Sniper Joes: DAMN YOU!!!

(many turrets begin firing on Vile)

Vile: Hah! -flies over them and disappears, then slashes them apart with saber- Hmph! Pathetic!

Pallette: Great job! (feels infatuated)

Vile: Heh. -starts teleporting above cannons and shoots them with laser blaster-

(all defenses are destroyed)

Vile: Hmph! Piece of cake! -proceeds-


(Boomer Kuwanger dashes in)

Boomer Kuwanger: Hmm....I've been studying your files, Vile. I must say I am not sure whether to be impressed or disappointed.....

Vile: Why is everyone so quick to point out my scrappy past? In fact, why has everyone gotten so interested all of the sudden? I could have sworn last week everyone wanted nothing more than to see my glorious destruction.

Boomer Kuwanger: You're a unique specimen, Vile. You are hellbent on destruction and to change the world, yet not knowing why. Lord Sigma has found the reasons, and to hear of being tormented by your master and to kill the one person that ever cared for really sickens me, yet also intriegues me as well....

Vile: Care? I'm not sure if we're looking at the same story. No one "cares" about me, I've only been taken advantage of one time too many! All they want is to make me their slave, their ulitmate gun, their machine of death... That's why they need to die! Especially him, for cutting my lifespan short...for fighting against what I'm wanted for...

Boomer Kuwanger: Don't try to lie and manipulate data and history. It's impossible to hide. And I know you cared for her as well...but I'm more concerned about testing that Supra-Force Metal's potential.

Vile: If it was that one girl during my training it was because I had to! I had no choice! I was weak... I couldn't fight him... Another reason why he has to die... -clenches fists-

Boomer Kuwanger: So I wonder....what does Lord Sigma see in you to want to rejoin his forces? Perhaps I should find out myself....

Vile: I'll tell you why. It's because he needs someone to take on X. He needs a trump card to put the balance of power in his favor. I'm surprised you couldn't see that, of all bots.

Boomer Kuwanger: Enough talk! (dashs forward and hits some swift punches and kicks)

Vile: -teleports to make him phase through- Likewise. -delivers a powerful kick to the back of his head-

Boomer Kuwanger: UGH!! (throws some Boomerang cutters)

Vile: -evades and copies the abilities, and starts throwing his own-

Bioomer Kuwanger: HNGH!!

Vile: -dashes up to him and delivers fast punches and kicks-

Boomer Kuwanger: GAAAH!!! (charges at him)

Vile: -blasts him with an energy shotgun- Hmph.

Boomer Kuwanger: UGH!! (defeated) Im...possible....

Vile: You should've checked my recent files. Gate made me stronger than ever before. You may find that this is no surprise.

Boomer Kuwanger:.......

Vile: Hmph. I should finish you, but I don't feel like it. Unlike Mammoth, I always liked fighting you. -teleports out-


Vile: ...What?

Pallette: I wasn't aware the girl back then---

Vile: That was a long time ago. When I fought what I was made to be. I resisted, and I was punished for it. I didn't have a choice...

Pallette: I see.....and that's also why you wear that helmet....

Vile: It's why I wear it, sure, but I was given it to be that faceless, emotionless death machine. And guess what? It worked.

Pallette: That's not what I think....I still see you as a sweet and misunderstood Reploid tortured for so long....(holds his hand) And that's the truth.

Vile: (Eh?! Calm down, Vile, this is nothing, right?) Hmph, yeah, misunderstood to a point...

Pallette: (hugs him)

Vile: Huh?! -his hand brushes over the tracker- (What the...? Well then, might as well play along.) -smoothly takes it and puts it underneath his helmet, making it look like he's rubbing the back of his neck- Wh-What in the--?!

Pallette: What is it?

Vile: Hmph. It's nothing.

Pallette: Are you sure?

Vile: Yeah, I'm sure. Just caught me by suprise...that's all...

Pallette: (blushing) Sorry...I just--

Vile: Meh. I'll never understand you hero-types...

Pallette: (blushing more) ....


Zero: I can't tell if she's a brilliant genius or a lucky idiot...

Smokescreen: That's Pallette for ya.

Zero: -sighs- Well, whichever it is, it's working.

X: Hmm....I'm more worried about what happens between me and Vile...

Zero: We won't know that until you two face off again.


Zero: Maybe we'll see what kind of attitude he has towards you. I'm interested to see this all play out.

Chapter 6: The Dark Evil Sea

Pallette: Four down, four to go....

Vile: Hmph. Kicked the bigger threats out the door, there's nuttin but these small fries left. Guess the flamboyant squid there'll be entertaining to screw around with.

Pallette: Don't take Launch Octopus lightly. He is a master of underwater combat and is very smart too.

Vile: Granted, I don't fight underwater often, but I never cared for what my surroundings are, just do what I can with what's there. -goes over to the teleporter-

Pallette: The Frog Ride Armor can help you out.

Vile: Yeah. To an extent. Makes traversing open areas less cumbersome.

Pallette: (nods) Good luck

Vile: -nods and steps onto the teleporter-

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X - 011 - Launch Octopus05:55

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X - 011 - Launch Octopus

Launch Octopus's Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in- Been a while since I got wet. Not like that changes anything. -proceeds-

Bubble Crab: (instantly appears and kicks him down into the sea)

Vile: Ngh! Getting the drop on me, are ya now? -charges up at it and mercilessly beats it up, kicking it down- Hmph! Nobody gets the drop on me and gets away with it!

Chill Penguin: Oh contrare, Vile!

(Vile turns around to see Team Chill-Out)

Vile: Chill Penguin... I was wondering where my least favorite squaking penguin went off to when Sigma showed up again.

Chill Penguin: I am now leader of Team Chill-Out! GET HIM GUYS!!

Vile: Hmph. Are those your last words? -takes out his baton and a large V-shaped blade takes its place- I'll take you all on! -whips it, to slash through several of them-

Crush Crawfish: CRAWFISH CRUSH BUCKETHEAD!!! (charges with his pincers)

Vile: -evades swiftly as the boomerang strikes him in the back-

Crush Crawfish: GRAAAA!!!!

Vile: -rips the boomerang out from him and kicks him away- Hmph. Who else wants some? -whips it again, sending it in all kinds of directions-

Duff McWhalen: (begins attack)

Vile: Please... -disappears, grabbing the boomerang, transforms it into the laser blaster and starts shooting Duff McWhalen-

Duff McWhalen: NGH!!

Crystal Snail: (shoots Crystal Hunter)

Vile: -swiftly evades and winds up behind Crystal Snail, transforms blaster into saber and stabs him repeatedly, also makes his own attack explode on him by using him as a shield-

Crystal Snail: UGH!!!

Vile: -kicks him aside, becoming bored- Next!

Team Chill-Out: (keeps fighting him)

Vile: -keeps taking them down, becoming increasingly bored- This is just sad... -slashes Storm Owl in the back while giving Chill Penguin an earthshattering punch to the face-

Chill Penguin: WAAAKK!!!

Pallette: Vile, look out! A battleship is firing missiles from the surface!

Vile: Hmph. -disappears and zooms along the ground underneath it, then blasts it from below with cannon-

Pallette: Uhh.....the hull's made of solid Wiltanium. It won't be breached so easily.

Vile: Hmph. Then breaching it is out of the question. Let's see about its engines. -propels himself toward the engines-

Pallette: FIRE!!

Vile: HMPH! -starts blasting the engines with cannon-

(the battleship gets blasted down , but awakens a Uroboros)

Vile: Ugh! -lands on the body and starts blasting its head with buster-

(the monster begins getting severly damaged)

Vile: Hmph! -jumps over its head, and delievers the final blow with cannon-

(it is destroyed and Vile proceeds)


(Launch Octopus swims down)

Launch Octopus: Well, well, look what Volt Catfish dragged in....

Vile: I could say the same, even though I have no idea who you're talking about.

Launch Octopus: He seems excited to meet you, Vile, though I am not too thrilled to see you. (tentacles appear)

Vile: Your feelings are reciprocated. -brandishes boomerang-

Launch Octopus: (chuckles)

Vile: Laugh while you can. Your flamboyancy will become deadboyancy soon.

Launch Octopus: HERE IT COMES!! (shoots several Homing Torpedoes)

Vile: -disappears and throws boomerang-

Launch Octopus: (brushes it off) Boomerangs? How cute....

Vile: -suddenly blasts Launch Octopus from behind with cannon- You say something?

Launch Octopus: YOU LITTLE!! (throws water cyclones and homing torperdoes at him)

Vile: -quickly evades the cyclones and destroys torpedoes with buster as boomerang slashes off tentacles-

Launch Octopus: AAAH!!!

Vile: -catches boomerang and it transforms into a missile launcher, and starts shooting homing missiles at him with it-

Launch Octopus: Oh scrap! (blasted apart)

Vile: Hmph. You just couldn't learn, could you? -teleports out-

Pallette: (sighs)

Vile: He was always in and over his head. Hmph.

Pallette: Adler would agree with ya.

Vile: There's a surprise, X's pussy-buddy agreeing with me. Never thought I'd see the day that was possible.

Pallette: Adler is not fond of his brother anymore.

Vile: Probably because Octopus went Maverick, of course that's gonna happen.

Pallette: So did you, but I didn't lose hope, did I?

Vile: Bitch, I was born to be a Maverick, and guess what? I'm the Maverick among Mavericks. It could be said I chose to be a Maverick when I joined Sigma, but that choice was never mine to make, because it was only a matter of time before I became exactly what I was created to be.

Pallette: I don't believe that....

Vile: -turns to the side- You may know everything that happened back there, but do you know what happened afterwards, and before I joined the Hunters? Or what happened when you weren't around?


Vile: Betcha the only reason why I was accepted into the Maverick Hunters but not into Repliforce was because Sigma wanted to make me his slave, seeing power and victory. -looks at the screen- He's pulling the same tricks again, just like before. But, a great commander should know, that the same tricks usually don't work twice.

Pallette: You're right. And that's what worries me.....Vile, I don't want to lose you in any way...what if Sigma--

Vile: -grabs her head- Shut it. Sigma is not going to do a damn thing to me. I'll kill him first, and put him down for good.

Pallette: (blushes, eyes water) Vile.....(closes her eyes and at least tries to kiss him)

Vile: Erm, what? -lets go of her- The hell are you doing...?

Pallette: I'm sorry, I don't feel like body's following my heart, I guess, and it--(puts hands over her mouth, realizing what she just said)

Vile: Your...heart? -shakes his head- Bah, probably some hero-type thing.

Pallette: Y-yeah....something like that......

Vile: Nothing I need to be concerened about.



X: We're lucky Axl's not around to see or hear all this.

Zero: In before Axl walks in again.

(Axl runs in)

Axl: Guys, I need about 15,000 Zenny!

X: For what?

Axl: Well.....


Axl: (walking around a bit frustrated until he sees a young girl in a wheelchair) Hmm?

Ira: Hi there, sir. Are you a traveller?

Axl: Uhhh, yeah. I guess you could say that....

Ira: That's cool. Once my leg gets better, I'll travel all over the place. If I keep working hard with the rehabilitation, my leg'll get better in no time.

Axl: I'm sure ya will....


Axl: (walks to her) What a nice girl she is Nurse.

Hilary: She is...but I'm afraid the rehab is too difficult...

Axl: Huh? Why not?

Hilary: Ira is confined to a wheelchair because of an illness she had and we don't have sufficient enough technology to do it.

Axl: You guys are a hospital! You should be able to afford it or at least try!

Hilary: We have, but the governemnt fees are too much....if only people were kind enough to give us 15,000 Zenny, she could have a chance, but....


Axl: And that's the story....

Signas: A real shame Kattlelox Island has quite poor funds.....I can't honor your request Axl. I'm sorry.

Axl: But you gotta. That girl deserves a chance.

Signas: It's impossible....


Zero: Axl, I understand your concern, but there's nothing we can do directly. Maybe you can call up some of your old contacts from when you were with Red Alert. Didn't you say you bought your pistols from someone?

Axl: Oh yeah, Grizzly Slash! And they were made by our old friend, Craft.

Smokescreen: Craft's still kickin', but I haven't heard from him in a while.

Axl: Nana,can you give Craft a call?

Nana: I'll try....(tries to contact Craft)

Craft: Y'allo, this is the Craft Weapons Factory, Craft himself speaking, how may I help ya?

Axl: Craft! It's me, Axl!

Craft: Weell, if it ain't the little stinker! How've ya been?

Axl: Great! Listen, I got a favor to ask.....

Craft: A favor, eh? Howzabout you come over to the ol' shop? We'll talk it over here.

Axl: Alright. Smokey and I'll be there in no time. (ends transmission) See ya guys!

(Axl and Smokescreen leave)


Zero: Heh, and I call myself a bad teacher...

X: (chuckles lightly)

Chapter 7: Poisoning the Mushroom

Pallette: Well, who will be next....

Vile: -notices a mushroom character- Huh? I thought I already scrapped a smug-faced science-boy, there's another one?

Pallette: Afraid so. Good luck and be careful. This fungus dude creeps me out....

Vile: Pfft, he'll be nothing but fungus when I'm done with him. -goes to the teleporter-

Mega Man XXL Music Split Mushroom Split the Shrooms Mega Man X4 Split Mushroom Remix03:12

Mega Man XXL Music Split Mushroom Split the Shrooms Mega Man X4 Split Mushroom Remix

Split Mushroom Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in- Well, looks like he have more than fungi here.

Pallette: He is quite a strange scientist.There's Insecticons crawling all over the place!

Vile: Apparently he's some sort of biology specialist. The last science-boy was a cyberspace specialist, so that'd make sense. Hmm... -pauses to think for a minute, then proceeds-

(several bug-like enemies come up to try facing him)

Vile: Sorry vermin, the exterminator's here to clean the house! -roasts them with flamethrower-

Pallette: Vile, we got a problem. The lab you're close to an Insecticon hive....and they're coming right for ya!

Vile: Hmph. Bring 'em on! -dashes onward-

Insecticons: (start to approach and swarm in on Vile; shrieking)

Vile: Hmph! Go to bed! -torches them with flamethrower, following up with cannon shots-

Insecticons: (shrieking in pain, but some attempt to charge in and attack)

Vile: -speeds quickly between the attacking enemies and torches them as he speeds past them-

Insecticons: (shrieking)

Vile: -transforms flamethrower into saber and finishes them off by slashing through them-

Pallette: That did it, but I'm getting heavy readings dead ahead. Watch your back. This Maverick....he seems tota--(signal breaks up)

Vile: Hmm...the moment when she actually does say something useful, I can't hear her. How fitting. -proceeds with caution-


(Soundwave stands behind him as a Maverick appears before Vile)
Split Mushroom

Split Mushroom

Soudnwave: (plays a transmission by Sigma) Vile, I want you to meet my other big scientist. He is an extraordinare, loyal, and the first fungi-based Reploid ever made. I give you: SPLIT MUSHROOM!!

Split Mushroom: Hahahaha! Why hello, dear specimen! I can't wait to dissect you!

Vile: Unfortunately those plans are on hold, because I'm kicking your tin can!

Split Mushroom: Oh are you now? Let me show you how I'm different from others... -a copy of him appears behind Vile- C'mon! -both images release some sort of gas on Vile-

Vile: Hmph! -rolls out of the way- Hmph! A little gas? -visor flashes blue- Please. -slashes through both-

Split Mushroom: -duplicate disappears- Agh! Well, let's see if you can handle more! -three more images appear as they release toxic gas on Vile-

Vile: -flies over them, and lands on the other side of the room, visor flashes blue- Hmph, I can't tell which from which... -saber transforms into missile launcher- But I can still hit them all at once! -fires four homing missiles at the doubles-

Split Mushroom: -is struck, duplicates disappear- GAAH!!

Vile: Found you! -blasts him with cannon-

Split Mushroom: AAAAACK!! -is blasted into a wall, and falls limp-

Vile: Hmph. Talk about pathetic.

-All of a sudden, jets of toxic gas erupt from the floor-

Vile: Huh?! Another trap?! -the gas makes contact with Vile, causing sparking- GAH! I can't stay here. -tries to teleport out, but fails- Argh!  Fine then! -rockets himself up to escape the cloud, still taking damage from the acidic gas, and finally teleports out-

Soundwave: (chuckling evilly before taking out a purple stone and using Chaos Control)

Pallette: (gasps) Vile! (runs to him) Communications got jammed, so I couldn't help you....

Vile: Hmph. -looks away- I managed.

Pallette: Are you sure? (tries to check on him)

Vile: I'm fine! -backs away from her-

Pallette:'re hurt....severely....

Vile: Hmph. I've been through worse, and walked away fine.

Pallette:.....I...guess....(still worried)

Vile: Sigma knows I'll survive whatever he throws at me. This is nothing.

Pallette: But I'm still worried about what he has planned....

Vile: -laughs- He intends to convince me to join him, so killing me off would be a bad idea for him. He knows, for whatever he wants to do, he needs me to succeed.

Pallette: It's not killing you I'm worried's about how he'll get you to join him....

Vile: Hah. Let me tell you about the story of a brilliant yet careless scientist named Gate... -laughs-

Pallette: I know about Gate...but remember this isn't Gate you're up against.....

Vile: I'm saying, even if I "join" Sigma, I can always backstab him and hijack any cool toys he's got. -laughs-



Axl & Smokescreen: (walk in)

Craft: 'Eeeeeyyy little rascals! -opens the flap to enter behind the counter- C'mon in little men! -laughs- So good to see you!

Axl: Great to see you too, Craft!

Craft: Heard Red finally bit the dust. -goes over to his office door-

Axl: I beat him...but he's back, and wants me dead. But that's not why I asked to see ya....

Craft: Then ya want some new toys? I suppose I could cut ya a discount... -opens the door- C'mon, step into the office, and talk about it.

Axl: (walks in) Actually.....(talks about the whole situation)

Smokescreen: (He's gonna say 'no', I just know it....)

Craft: 15 grand, eh...? -leans back in his chair- Hmm...

Axl: Craft, I know it's a lot to ask, but that girl deserves a chance....

Craft: Heh, you're lucky I got twice that amount resupplying your favorite grizzly. Business has been booming recently, especially getting paid handsomely by Repliforce for my guns, so I think I can spare it. I trust you that you won't just pocket it, you're not that kind of guy. 

Axl: Of course not. I'm sincere. I just want that girl to be well....that's all that I care about right now.

Craft: Heh, it's a win-win situation, I think this'll boost my PR, meaning that I might get more sales outside of Grizzly and Repliforce, heheh. I'll see how this goes, maybe I'll start donating Zenny to others like her. -goes over to a safe and takes the Zenny out and gives it to him- Here, get it to her. -smiles-

Axl: Thanks Craft. I knew I could count on you! (fleis off to Kattlelox Island)

Craft: Hey, Smokey, sit tight for a sec. -goes to the back and grabs some guns-

Smokescreen: Alright, Now we're the way, ya ever heard of a dude named Zero?

Craft: That Hunter ace, right? -gives Smokescreen two shotguns- It's my latest model, blows up any bot in close-quarters, make sure Axl gets one.

Smokescreen: You got it. Thanks....mind making Zero a few weapons to give him a bit of an edge? He'll need 'em.

Craft: Hm? What's going on little man? I could try to make weapons he can use, but I mainly make ballistics, guns... Why do you think he'll need some weapons?

Smokescreen: He's got some catching up to do to match even Axl and X's artillery, let's just say. (laughs)

Craft: Well then... I guess that makes sense, but I heard that he more than makes up for it in sheer skill, that he's very good at the things he does. I might make some stuff, if I got a bit of pay for it. -smirks playfully-

Smokescreen: Trust me, I got it covered.....

Chapter 8: A Sparking Truth

Pallette: Only two left.....

Vile: Aye. -points at one- X made a mockery out of that pile of scrap, I saved him for later because I know he's weak. -laughs- 

Pallette: (giggles) This should be amusing. To see how ya do against Mandrill.

Vile: -chuckles- And I know how to mess with that pea-sized brain of his.

Pallette: Good luck. (kisses him on the cheek; the blushes immensly, realizing what she just did)

Vile: -looks at her oddly- Um...yeah..sure. -goes over to the teleporter-

Greatest VGM 4056 Spark Mandrill (Maverick Hunter X)05:24

Greatest VGM 4056 Spark Mandrill (Maverick Hunter X)

(Vile teleports in and notices it's mostly dark, with the Death Rogumer crashed through)

Vile: Looks like this place has had better days.

Pallette: After X "defeated" Storm Eagle, the Death Rogumer crashed into the Electro-plant, and now most of the power's out.

Vile: And it's been like this since? Guess that makes sense, hard to move a battleship from a building.

Pallette: Just make sure to watch your back. Lights flash back just briefly from time to time.

Vile: Certainly, not seeing where I'm going will be a challenge. -proceeds-

Mavericks: (attacking him in the dark)

Vile: -uses saber to light up the area and slashes them asunder-

Mavericks: AAAAHH!!!!

(some heavy artillery Mavericks attack ferociously)

Vile: If I can't see them, they can't see me! -moves quickly, using the dark to his advantage to get past them-

(it doesn't work well as they are able to detect his pressense)

Pallette: These Mavericks must have gotten training in battling in the dark!

Vile: Hm... -disappears, then releases a toxic gas on them, using his new ability-

Sniper Joe: Huh?! Where'd he go?!

Vile: -slashes them in the back- Right here!

Mavericks: GAAH!!!

Vile: -dashes onward- Hmph.


(Spark Mandrill lights up and climbs down)

Spark Mandrill: Vile, I was wondering when you'd show up.

Vile: Hah! I saved you for last, I hope I don't have to spell out why.

Spark Mandrill: Why do you oppose Sigma? I may not be the smartest bot around, but I think Sigma has good intentions.

Vile: Hah! You'd believe anyone! C'mon, I'll show you just how dumb you are!

Spark Mandrill: -launches electric attacks at Vile-

Vile: -jumps and splits into four other images of himself-

Spark Mandrill: Huh?! What?! Which one is which...? -sorely confused-

Vile: -cackles and begins to dash at him, slashing him up with saber-

Spark Mandrill: WAAAAAARRRGH!!

Vile: -hammers him with cannon shots-

Spark Mandrill: AGH! AGH! AGH! -falls over-

Vile: -releases a toxic gas upon him-

Spark Mandrill: -body starts sparking- OW! OW! OW! OOOOOOWWWWW!! -chest explodes, defeated-

Vile: -duplicates disappear- Heh. Piece of cake, didn't even break a sweat. -teleports out-

Pallette: (laughing at Mandrill's defeat)

Vile: He was always the crowd pleaser. -chuckles-

Pallette: You sure got it, VAVA-kun....(covers her mouth and blushes harder than ever, for speaking out without thinking yet again)

Vile: ...Huh? What? Uuuhhh... (Damn, so awkward... Why the hell does she say things that make me feel awkward...?)

Pallette: I'm really sorry, Vile! I keep saying and doing things I shouldn't, all because I know you're not as bad as everyone says you't gonna hurt me....are you? (shaking a bit, in fear)

Vile: That stuff actually gets me out of an ass-kicking mood... -rubs his head and turns to the side, then mumbles- So damn awkward...

Pallette: Sorry....I just--

Vile: Forget it... I don't know how to react to such things... -mumbles- Chick's confusing me all over the place...

Pallette: I heard that. (giggles playfully)

Vile: Hmph. I'll never understand you hero-types...

Pallette: You may, if you stop saying that. (laughs)

Vile: Hah. Never said I wanted to understand how hero-types think.

Pallette: Whatever you say, VAVA. (winks playfully)


Axl: (waiting patiently in the hospital)

Hilary: (comes out) Ira's all better. Thank you so much, Axl.

Axl: Mind if I see her?

Hilary: Of course.

Axl: (walks in and sees Ira walking fine on both legs)
Ira the Cat

Ira the Cat

Ira: Axl! (runs to him) The doctors and nurses said you were the one that paid for the operation on me. Now I can walk again! Thank you so much!

Axl: I did what I felt was right...I just wanted to see you happy. Now you can go visit other places once you get outta here.

Ira: Thank you so much. Here...(gives him a flower-shaped pearl) This is a thank you present. When I get out, come and see me, will you please?

Axl: I will, Ira. (kisses her forehead) Good bye. (leaves as he sees her waving good-bye)


Axl: (finally returns) It worked....

X: You did the right thing, Axl....we're all proud of you....

Axl: (smiles)

Alia: Zero may be rough, but he knows his stuff...

Smokescreen: (enters) Hey, Axl. Craft made this gun for ya. (throws him the weapon) It blows enemies apart in close quarters. And Zero, I got some other weapons ya can use too....

Zero: Thank you for including me, but why would I need them?

Smokescreen: Ya never know....(shows him the Triple Rod, T-Breaker, B-Fan, and D-Glaive)

Nana:....X. I've detected some activity...from DoppleTown.

X: I'll check it out!

Smokescreen: Hey, mind if I join ya?

X:.....Not at all. Let's go. (leaves with Smokescreen)

Zero: Hm. Do you really think I'm falling behind? -glares at Smokescreen, but takes the weapons anyway-

Chapter 9: A Chilling Meeting

Pallette: Only one left....

Vile: And an unfamilar one at that. He doesn't look like a smug-faced scientist...

Pallette:......He's Blizzard Buffalo. And he's in Dopple Town, turning downtown into a winter wonderland, minus the wonderland.

Vile: -falls silent and clenches his fists-

Pallette: You'll need to stop--....VAVA-kun? Are you....okay? (What am I saying?! Why do I keep falling in love with him with each passing second?!)

Vile: ...Let's just get in and get out of that hellhole already. And why are you calling me that?! Damn it all! -goes over to the teleporter-

Pallette: Sorry....

Vile: Ugh... Of all places... Why there?!

Maverick Rising 3-03 'The Leidenfrost Effect' (Blizzard Buffalo) by Level 99, Hemophiliac MMX303:31

Maverick Rising 3-03 'The Leidenfrost Effect' (Blizzard Buffalo) by Level 99, Hemophiliac MMX3

Blizzard Buffalo Stage Theme

Vile: -teleports in- Exact...besides all the ice...exact...

X and Smokescreen: (running by)

X:  The energy signature's close-by. Just watch out for any Mavericks, Smokescreen.

Smokescreen: (notices Vile and points to him) Uhh....does he count as Maverick anymore?

X: (looks at Vile) Vile....

Vile: -growls, walks forward, not noticing X and Smokescreen- This place is better in ice... My chassis is rattling from just being here... It's like hell had just frozen over...

X: You have no idea, Vile. One minute I hate your guts; the next I want you to be given amnesty....ironic, isn't it?

Vile: -looks around, and spots X, while seeing Smokescreen as an afterthought- X!! -dashes to get closer- Who would've thought you of all bots would stumble upon my old stomping grounds! As much as I'd hate to admit it...

X: So, there are some clues about your existance and creation here....what happened, Vile?

Vile: What, you didn't follow me here to kick my ass? -falls silent, remembering the past- ...What happened, you ask? Worse things than I could ever do to anyone...

X: Explain....I swear on the souls of Professor Gerald, Maria, and all those who died on the Space Colony ARK....I will not attack you, no matter what.

Vile: -approaches X- I guess I'll tell you, since we're here and thus it's been on my mind. After all, how can I not when nobody cared before...

X: (nods)

Vile: -begins to explain his past, even pointing out places where things happened-

X: (listening intently) So you were tortured Dr. Doppler, who was in exile...

Vile: Forced to be the death machine you know me as now...

X:......Now I see why Pallette really cares about you so much....

Vile: Hmph... I'll never understand you hero-types... When I tried it I was punished for it...

X: Vile, we learn from our own experiences and grow stronger at our own pace. You never fail at being one, as long as you try your best and do what you believe is right....

Vile: Ugh, it's simpler just to say "I do what I want, when I want, how I want." Right and wrong are foreign to me, I just have what I need to do in the short time I have...

X: No matter, I'll help you see that light again, as will Pallette....even if I'm labelled Maverick for doing it.

Smokescreen: (doesn't say anything)

Vile: ...Wow, X, you are a hero... But let's make one thing straight: I will not be a slave to anyone. Both my former masters have apparently allied themselves to get to me. Cute, but I'll kill them regardless. Don't make their mistake, for your own sake.

X: I won't....(to Smokescreen) Let's get going.

Smokescreen: (nods)

X: Good luck, Vile. (dashes off)

Vile: -nods and also dashes off-

(several ice-based Mavericks appear to try dealing with Vile)

Vile: Hmph. Out of my way! -slides past them, using the ice's physics, blasting them with his cannon-

Mavericks: HEY!!

Vile: That's my line! -kicks several in the face as he passes by-


(Vile proceeds and sees Blizzard Buffalo working on ice scultures of himself and several of Doppler's creations and ponders and thumbs-up at his work)
Blizzard Buffalo

Blizzard Buffalo

Blizzard Buffalo: Aah, true masterpieces....Dr. Doppler would be pleased. Now to do the same to Station Square. (turns around and sees Vile)

Vile: I don't think we've met, yet know know of me. Guess that means you're another one of his mindless slaves, huh?

Blizzard Buffalo: Mindless? You mistake me. I am Blizzard Buffalo, an artic artist. But I am not without battle prowess, despite my vile side....

Vile: Well aren't you cute? I like what you've done with the place, seriously. Ice truly fits this hellhole.

Blizzard Buffalo: I enjoy your sarcastic flattery. But I'm afraid we must fight. Don't worry; I won't make a popsicle out of you, unlike a certain someone....

Vile: I was serious about the ice. But anyways, I assumed that we'd have to fight. I won't completely tear you apart, you don't piss me off.

Blizzard Buffalo: Very well. (charges at him)

Vile: -whips out flamethrower and torches him with it-

Blizzard Buffalo: UGH!! (punches the ground, sending icicles his way)

Vile: -melts them away with flamethrower, visor blinks blue, copying the ability- Hmph! -punches the ground himself to send icicles back at him-

Blizzard Buffalo: (creates a Frost Shield to reflect/deflect them)

Vile: -visor blinks blue and then charges at him, firing flamethower as he approaches-

Blizzard Buffalo: GAAAAH!!!

Vile: -teleports behind him and starts blasting away at him with his cannon-

Blizzard Buffalo: UGH!!

Vile: -zooms forward and kicks him hard in the back- HMPH!

Blizzard Buffalo: (knocked out)

Vile: Heh. -teleports out-


Vile: Well...that took longer than I wanted it to.

Pallette: I heard everything....

Vile: I know. Because I don't care anymore.

Pallette: (hugs him tightly and kisses him on his "face", this time not even caring how anyone reacts)


Pallette: Sorry....I can't stop myself anymore, Vile..I...I think...

Vile: Wh-Wh-What?! (I don't even know what's going on! Can bots even act like this?! No...she must be insane! Yeah, that's it, nomral bots don't act like this!)

Pallette:....I like you Vile....n-no, I love you! (blushing, smiling)

Vile: -completely lost and confused- H-HUH?! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!

Pallette:......You're joking right?

Vile: I'm joking? Are you joking?! I don't know if you're insane or trying to annoy me! Regardless, you're speaking in that hero-type language...

Pallette: But it's true! I do!

Vile: -looks at her intently, trying to understand- ...I don't get it...I don't know what you're talking about...

Pallette: As in, I'm in love with you, Vile! Mate?! Romantic?! Valentine?! Get the idea?!

Vile: ...Such a thing exists? This world actually has that to offer?

Pallette: Yes! Of course it does! We Reploids think and feel just like Mobians! Doppler just made you forget that....

Vile: ...I never knew of that to begin with... He made sure it was a mystery to me... I've been given and seen nothing but hate...

Pallette: Not anymore. (kisses him again) I can teach you, now. (winks playfully)

Vile: Uh, um... O...kay...?

Pallette: (starts talking about it)

Vile: -trying to comprehend, but having trouble due to it being such a foreign concept to him-

Pallette: (speaks in a better way for him to understand)

Vile: this...what X fights for...? Fights with?

Pallette: You....could say that....

Vile: I see...

Pallette: (cuddles up to him)

Vile: -not as freaked out as before, but still doesn't know how to react-

Pallette: (tries removing his helmet)

Vile: -grabs it- WHOA! We did not talk about taking this bucket off!

Pallette: Aww, c'mon. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?

Vile: ...I'm not ready to show my face...I can't even remember what it looks like anymore...

Pallette: Alright....(kisses him) It's your decision, VAVA-kun. (smiles playfully)

Vile: Um, right...

X and Smokescreen: (reach an abandoned labratory)

X: Alia, is this where the signal originated?

Alia: It should be right in front of you. Be careful.

X: I will.

Smokescreen: Gee, Alia. You really are impressive, the way you state the overly-obvious!

X: Shut it, Smokescreen. (walks ahead to some computer control)

Alia: What do you see?

X: Looks like some data and plans.....for Vile...and other Reploids. Based on his design....

Alia: ...Is...Is there anything else...?

X: and audio files...I'll start downloading the data while we take a look....(views some video files)

Alia: Right...

(one video file is one X finds interesting; it's of the multiple abuse Vile took during creation)
Dr. Doppler

Dr. Doppler

Vile: -seems to be hesitating to shoot an already beaten down girl- I...I don't want to do this...I don't want to shoot her...there's no reason to...

Dr. Doppler: Oh? -punches Vile in the back, and electrocutes him, causing Vile to scream in pain- The reason is I want you to blast her into bits!

Vile: NGH! But why...?

Dr. Doppler: Because this is for your training! You need to be able to kill anything that moves! Now blast this piece of garbage into oblivion!

Girl: -nearly crying, having a "please don't kill me" look on her face-

Vile: -tries to turn around and shoot Doppler instead, but gets punched in the back of the head, with another dose of electrocution- GAAAH!! -mumbles "I'm sorry" and starts shooting the girl, killing her-

Dr. Doppler: There, was that so hard? But there's no need for apologies for the ones you kill! -punches and electrocutes Vile again-

X: Grr....what a sick monster this Doppler is....

Smokescreen: And to think....this guy killed Pallette and made you his toy....

X:....(starts downloading the videos and audio files) Repliforce needs to know....I gotta stop them from hunting him down.

???: I wouldn't try that, Maverick Hunters.

(the two turn around and see two Reploid Batfoxes standing behind them)
Skyquake & Dreadwing

Skyquake & Dreadwing

X: Skyquake!

Smokescreen: Dreadwing!

Skyquake: I am afraid we cannot allow you to take our master's data files! (takes out his X18 Scrapmaker machinegun) So back away or be exterminated!

X: (takes out his buster) I don't think so! (fires a few uncharged Claw Missiles at him)

Skyquake: GRRR!!!! (firing off his gun)

X: (takes out his X-Saber and deflects every shot towards him with finesse)

Skyquake: You are beginning to annoy me!

Dreadwing: (takes out his blaster and starts shooting at the  both of them)

Smokescreen: (barely dodging while somewhat showing off, then tries kciking the two of them)

Dreadwing: (catches him and flings him onto a table)

Smokescreen: AUGH!!

Skyquake: (takes out his own Chaosblade and begins to duel with X)

X: (using some powers and skills to try giving him an edge)

Skyquake: Not bad, for a hunter....but Lord Sigma will not tolerate your meddling, and will usher in a new era for Reploids when you are destroyed!

X: Not if I can help it! (uses Thunder Stab on Skyquake)

Skyquake; (staggers for a bit)

X: (charges at him)

Dreadwing: (had planted a proximity bomb in their path; smirks and then sets it off, blasting X in the other direction)


-a familiar green blade suddenly impales Dreadwing-

Dreadwing: UGH!! (on his knees)

Skyquake: Who dares harm my brother?!

???: -a familiar red Reploid removes his blade from Dreadwing- Am I late to the party, X? 

X: Right on time, old friend.

Dreadwing: X and Zero...I had longed to fight you....however, this is not the noble way I wished to.

Smokescreen: You call plating bombs to kill X noble and fair?

Dreadwing: That is besides the point!

Sigma: (through radio) Skyquake! Dreadwing! Return to base immediately! Repairs on our "testers" have been complete!

Skyquake: As you command.....(to the hunters) Next time will be different! (leaves)

Dreadwing: I hope to fight you two sometime in the future. But until then, farewell! (leaves)

Smokescreen: Ugh...

X: Feelin alright?

Smokescreen: I'll manage.

X: Alia, did the data get sent without a hitch?

Alia: All present and accounted for!

Zero: I'm glad. I'll talk to Colonel and General about this, and take this as evidence, if you don't mind. I think they'll take it better from me.

X: (nods)

Zero: Alia, I think we're done here. -looks at X for confirmation-

X: We are.

Smokescreen: Let's get outta here!

Alia: Roger that.

-they all teleport out-

Morph Moth: Resurrection and repairs on your eight commanders are done, Lord Sigma.

Sigma: Thank you, Morph Moth. Your payment will be made shortly. You may go now.

Morph Moth: Yes, m'lord....(leaves as some of his Maverick commanders and generals appear)

Sigma: It appears that Vile has grown increasingly stronger. He had to have to defeated some of you. Of course our final tests for him will prove to be far more different for him...

Soundwave: (taps his shoulder)

Sigma: What is it, Soundwave?

Soundwave: (his "face" shows a silhouette with the Maverick and Repliforce insignias on it).

Sigma: So, Cyber Peacock's little pet is ready for his report, is he. Link him through.

Soundwave: (nods and opens communication channel with a mysterious someone)

(a shadowy figure is seen, the message is all fuzzy and audio is a bit darkened, all seen in the figure is part of his orange fur and muzzle)

???: Lord Sigma, I have officially graduated from Repliforce Training Academy and am now a starting cadet in their ranks. The infiltration was a success, they suspect nothing.

Sigma: Good. This means we can have full access to their files, plans, and communications. You know what to do, right?

???: Yes sir. Everything you have asked will be done, and the ambushes and attacks you shall do will catch them off-guard. When they realize what I am, it will be too late.

Sigma: Remember what is at stake, worm! Do not fail me or you will be the Insecticons' next meals! That I promise!

???: Y-Yes, master...I will not fail....(the call ends)

Sigma: And now, to put Vile to the ultimate test....

Chapter 10: Re-opening Cold Wounds

Pallette: I'm picking up a transmission!

(the signal is from Sigma)

Sigma: Well done, Vile. I never doubted you could perform well...but you exceeded all expectations. I'm impressed.

Vile: It's nice to see I'm not wearing out yet.

Sigma: Yes, but I would like to test your true power in person. Meet me at my Arctic Outpost at grid location 00 - the North Pole! I hope you don't disappoint.....(ends transmission)

Vile: Heheh... You'll be sorry you asked...

Pallette: Vile, it could be a trap....

Vile: I break traps.

Pallette: I'm not sure if you can this time...he's bound to have something planned...

Vile: Hmph. I'll blow up first.

Pallette; No....I don't want to lose you, Vile....

Vile: Hmph. It's better than being a slave.

Pallette:......(crying a bit)

Vile: He won't take me. I'm not weak like I was before.

Pallette:....Okay. Just go. But be careful....

Vile: Hmph. -goes over to the teleporter-

Pallette: (softly cries) You don't have to do this alone....VAVA-kun....


Star Man: (yawns) Man....9 more weeks till suspension's over....can't believe Redips fooled me that easily....won't let that happen again...

Zero: -enters- Excuse me, I would like to speak with the Colonel and General.

Star Man: Hang on a sec. (contacts General and Colonel) General, Colonel! Zero wants to speak with you!

General and Colonel: (convinently enter just mere seconds later)

General: I heard, Star Man. What is it, Zero?

Zero: I've received information about Vile. Let me explain in private.

Colonel: Vile?

General: Very well. Star Man, you are dismissed. But your suspension has yet to be lifted. Keep that in mind.

Star Man: I know, I know....(leaves)

Zero: Firstly allow me to apologize for executing an espionage operation on Vile without notifying you; however, our findings may shock you. -begins to explain to them the situation and the operation-

General: And you have full proof of this?

Zero: Up til this point, I have gathered the audio tracks via tracker, and X had also found the laboratory Vile was created, and video logs of his "training". -takes out several external memory hardware devices- All of it, on hand.

General: (takes it and uploads it for viewing and examining)

Zero: -after some viewing and examining- I have probable reason to believe, that taking out Vile will not solve the problem. Vile is the result of the careless handling his creator: Dr. Doppler. This does not absolve Vile of his acts, I will not argue with that; however, it is my belief that our efforts should focus more on properly handling Dr. Doppler for his acts of brutality that clearly overshadow Vile's, which is in fact Vile's ultimate goal.

General: Yet Vile's agressiveness as the war machine we know him today solidify the doctor's true goal. I am reluctant to oblige....what do you make of this, Colonel?

Colonel: Hmm... Knowing what we know now, taking Vile out would do nothing more than taking another Maverick off the map, considering that others are being built based upon his original design. It also appears that the doctor has made an alliance with Sigma, whom was pronounced dead soon after his rebellion. They seem to take a keen interest in having Vile at their side, despite all this. It's as if the war machine is a tool to them. Vile has mentioned several times that he hates being a "slave"... Perhaps that is what he means, being used for his power. 

General:.....Very well. We will capture Vile, but keep him alive. But set all attention on capturing Doppler.

Colonel: Yes sir. I will have the priorities updated immediately.

Zero: -nods-

General: Very good. Thank you, Zero....

Zero: You're welcome.

Pallette: (calls all hunters) Attention all hunters! Vile is going after Sigma at the North Pole! It could be a trap. Any that are not available please dispatch!

Zero: Someone's worried...

General: You should return to duty....if Pallette is this worried, I fear Sigma may have something planned for Vile...

Zero: I think partially that comes from she's head-over-heels for him, but regardless, I'll go and bail him out if he gets himself into trouble. -turns to leave-

(Vile teleports into the Arctic Base)
Maverick Rising 4-11 'X-Hunted' (X-Hunter 1) by Dominic Ninmark Mega Man X2 OC ReMix05:20

Maverick Rising 4-11 'X-Hunted' (X-Hunter 1) by Dominic Ninmark Mega Man X2 OC ReMix

Sigma's Fortress Stage Theme

Vile: Alright, Sigma! Payback time! -dashes forward, not wasting time-

(there are a large sort of powerful enemies and traps throughout the fortress)

Vehicon Tanks: (begin blasting at him)

Vile: -busts through them by punching the ground to send trails of icicles at them-

Vehicon Tanks: HEY!! Someone get the snipers!

(a certain type of chopper-like Vehicon Sniper appears; several of them begin aiming at Vile)

Vile: Hah! Pathetic! -teleports in front of it and stabs it with an electrical prong, and electrocutes it- Hope you don't mind a little...ELECTRIC SPARK! -cackles and kicks it down-

Vehicon Snipers: (smirk and fire at him)

Vile: -disappears, then proceeds to slash them apart with saber-

Vehicon Snipers: GAAAH!!!!

(just then a female Maverick appeared; Polar Frostbite)
Polar Frostbite

Polar Frostbite

Polar Frostbite:......

Vile: ...What's up with you? You seem colder than the air around us.

Polar Frostbite: The new world is forging....I will purge the old world of its unworthy denizens....those unworthy will die......

Vile: Pfft, life itself is barely worthy. Why? Because I live my way, not a supposed "mastermind" thinks. Living that way is living the life of a slave. 

Polar Frostbite: Hmph. Die. (picks him up with one hand and slams him down hard)

Vile: Ngh! Fine then. -teleports behind her and starts blasting away at her with cannon-

Polar Frostbite: (staggers for a bit before using her Ice Sphere)

Vile: -teleports to evade, visor blinks blue as he begins to torch her with flamethrower-

Polar Frostbite:.....!!!

Vile: -throws a large orb of ice at her, using her own ability against her while following up with sending a trail of icicles along the ground at her- HMPH!

Polar Frostbite: (barely stands up and punches the iciles away effortlessly)

Vile: Hm. -disappears-

Polar Frostbite:......whatever. (leaves)

Vile: ... -reappears- ...Well that was anticlimatic. -proceeds-

Dreadwing: (flies down; smirks)

Enemies: (get in Vile's way)

Vile: Please. -teleports between the enemies, cutting them down with saber-

Dreadwing: (dashes forward behind him) Vile....

Vile: -whirls around, cannon ready- I heard my name. Spill.

Dreadwing: I am Dreadwing. My brother and I were made from your specs, by Dr. Doppler. Yet I possess greater honor and nobility than you....

Vile: As if! I doubt your words just from you talking! You must be so far gone, your cores got replaced before you exploded!

Dreadwing: On the contrary, Doppler learned from his mistakes, and built us much better. But we are the masters of our fate. I thought you had learned that by now.

Vile: No, on the contrary, if you serve anyone, they become the master of your fate! You become their slave! Never to think for yourself! But I'm wasting my breath, because he's obviously did a much better job at brainwashing you than me.

Dreadwing: I'm not brainwashed, you fool. I willingly serve Doppler and Lord Sigma. Pity the two of us were not destined to battle side-by-side,,,,

Vile: The brainwashed always believe they do things willingly, they never think they are brainwashed. That's the entire point of it all. It's a pity that only I escaped from that prison of lies and torture.

Dreadwing: (really isn't brainwashed)........You make Spur look like a smart pony. And that is not a good thing. But no matter. (takes out his blaster and shoots at him)

Vile: -evades and blasts him with cannon-

Dreadwing: (counters with blaster shots)

Vile: -teleports infront of his face and stabs him with electrified prong to electrocute him-

Dreadwing: (chuckles) Unlike you, I am not so weak to electricity. (attatches a bomb to him) But are you immune to explosions? Let's find out.....(prepares to pull the trigger)

(then the trigger gets shot out of his hand by a gunshot(

Dreadwing: ?

Axl: (with a smoking gun) I wouldn't try it, Dreadwing.


Vile: Kid?! The hell are you doing here?! -removes bomb and attatches it to Dreadwing, jumps back and blasts it with cannon-

Axl: Pallette asked me to help out....

Dreadwing: (deactivates his own bomb beforehand, shaking his head, then leaves)

Vile: Heh...that bot... I don't think I blasted her head when she got in the way....

Axl: Don't test me Vile! If Pallette didn't have the hots for ya, I'd blast your head clean off!

Vile: If you weren't so dense you'd be on your knees thanking her for saving your ass!

Axl: Grrr!! (about to shoot him)

X: Axl, that's enough! (teleports in)

Zero: -teleports in also- You have to admit, he has a point.

Vile: ...What the hell is this?!

X: Pallette asked all of us to help you. She thinks Sigma's planning a big trap.....

Vile: -unsure of how to react- ...She's insane...but...if all of you believe her...then I guess I can't complain...

(some of the other Maverick Hunters appear as well)

Geneva: (hiding behind Time Man, still afraid of Vile)

Time Man: (blushes a bit)

Cut Man: We'll split up and help out, Vile...

Vile: ...What is this...feeling...? I don't understand... Is it that thing she talked about...? -grabs his head- Gah! Not knowing what it is is pissing me off! Gotta calm down... 

X: You guys deal with the other forces. Sigma's mine! (dashes off)

Vile: Hey! Get back here! -dashes after him-

Zero: Well, that might not wind up as expected.

Axl: Eh, let's just get moving!

Zero:  Agreed.

Cut Man: (taking down several Mavericks, accompanied by his team and Geneva)

Elec Man: (uses Thunder Beam to easily dispose of the multiple waves of enemies)

Oil Man: (shooting his oil cannon) Little sticky, ain't it?!

Maverick: HEY!! I Can't see a thing!

Oil Man: That's the whole idea! Time Man, now!

Time Man: (uses Time Slow and kicks them down, slowly making them fall into a pit of spikes)

Geneva: (hearts in her eyes) (So dreamy.....)

(just then, they are greeted with an old enemy)

???: So Dr. Light's puppets still live...

Cut Man: Slash Man!

Slash Man: That's right! And now, you all die! (unsheathes his claws and dashes forward)

Cut Man: (barely blocking his attacks)

Fire Man: (fires flamethrowers at him)

Slash Man: GUH!! (fires claws and punches through Fire Man's armor)

Fire Man: UGH!!

Geneva: Fire Man!

Slash Man: (slashes through some of the others)

Geneva: (takes out her saber and clashes with Slash Man)

Slash Man: For my true master, you will all perish!

Geneva: Never! (duels with Slash Man but is bested)

Slash Man: Pitiful child. Die!

Time Man: NEVER!! (shots claock hands at him)

Slash man: GAAH!! (defeated)

Geneva: Time Man....thank you....

Time Man: (smiles)

Nellia: (slashing through several Mavericks with her saber)

Poker: (throws cards at Dino-Mavericks) I dunno how you talked me into this....

I: Well, you're here now, right?

Poker: Guess so....

Maxxima: (taking out enemies easily)

???: (laughs) Well well, look who it is....

Poker: That voice! It couldn't be!

(Incentas hovers down)

Incentas: Long time, no see, I the Hedgehog!

I: Not this guy again...

Incentas: Thanks to your interference, Commander Epsilon gave me the boot! I was disgraced, thanks to you! so I decided to get revenge and joined Sigma!

I: Well then... Guess we'll just have to take you out again.

Incentas: Oh contrare, I'm not the only Rebellion soldier to join Sigma....

(just then, Wild Jango, Silver Horn, Mach Jentra, and some other Rebellion forces appear)

Nutra Millipede: As Arcee would say....'Scrap!'

I: -sighs- Should've known...

Incentas: ATTACK!!

(the former Rebellion forces attack, and I's squad counters back)

Axl: (blasting a few Mavericks)

Smokescreen: HAA!! (punches a Vehicon down a bottomless pit) HUAAA!!!

Zero: -throws enemies into each other with Z-Chain- Hmph!

Cinnamon: (transforms to her Iron Maiden armor and fires light spears at enemies; her fist turns into a maid duster and fires it like a missile at a Vehicon Sniper) TAKE THAT!!

Axl: Heh....she's better than I thought....

Zero: -whips a Vehicon away that would've attacked Axl- C'mon, don't lose focus, kid!

Axl: (shakes head) R-right...sorry!

Cinnamon: (shows a great use of martial arts) HIYAAA!!! Who's next?!

(just then a shotgun is fired off and nails Cinnamon in the back)

Cinnamon: AAGH!! (falls in pain)

Axl: Cinnamon! (runs to her side)

The Ponica Sisters

Ranch and Spur Ponica.

Smokescreen: Huh? Sigma's hiring hot ladies? That's new...

Spur Ponica: (stares at Smokescreen, hearts in her eyes) OHMAIGOD!! You're so cute, and hot, and sweet and--

(just then, a fork knocks her aside, hard)

Ranch Ponica: Forget my sister. She's undisciplined and quite worthless in many aspects.....

Zero: I get the undisciplined part, but not the worthless part...

Spur Ponica: Oww....I'll show ya! (jumps down and throws a spur spike at Zero)

Zero: -flicks it aside with Z-Chain- Stupid little girls shouldn't be involved with bots like Sigma... -ensnares Spur and throws her aside- Hmph!

Spur Ponica: OWW!!

Ranch Ponica: How dare you speak of Lord Sigma like that!! (angrily charges with her Brony Fork)

Spur Ponica: (gets back up and throws her Spinning Horseshoe)

Smokescreen: (uses his Phase Shifter ability to dodge) Not bad....

Zero: -trips Ranch up by whipping at her legs- I dare, because he was my commander before he went Maverick, the very thing he's supposed to destroy.

Ranch Ponica: With assholes like you, it's justified! I will see it through that my lord goes through with his plan and those wretched Mobians go extinct! Unlike my lil' sis who just wants to get laid 24/7!

Spur Ponica: (in a gun-fight with Axl) Hey, last time I checked, you have a huge thing for Sigma yourself, so I wouldn't be talking if I were--AAAH!!! MY FACE!! HE SHOT ME IN THE GODDAMN FACE!! (trips up and falls down a pit, screaming)

Smokescreen: (catches her) Gotcha!

Spur Ponica: Huh?! You....saved me?

Smokescreen: (pulls her up) You're the better looking of the two...and better hearted....

Axl: First Pallette falls for a Maverick, now you two Smokey?!

Zero: -mumbles- It's probably better if we saved as many Mavericks as possible... -sighs- Reploids these days...

Ranch Ponica: (missing)

Axl:.....Zero, behind you!

Zero: Oh? -flicks chain behind him whacking Ranch in the face- What's behind me?

Ranch Ponica: SON OF A BITCH!! (tries stabbing him from behind)

Zero: -ensnares her by the neck, and yanks her to the ground- Oh, that's what.

Ranch Ponica: Owww.....I'm outta here....(limps away)

Spur Ponica: (winks at Smokescreen) Call me Smokey! (jumps away)

Zero: -groans- Where does Sigma get the Mavericks he does...?

Axl: I don't wanna know.....

X: (blasting any and all Mavericks in his path)

Vile: -ripping through enemies as fast as possible, even throwing some into each other-

X: Sigma, I'm coming for you!!

Vehicons: (begin blasting them)

Vile: That makes two of us! -teleports in front of them and slashes through them with saber- Hmph!

X: (uses charged saber version of Electric Spark) HAAAAHH!!!!

Vehicons: GAAAAH!!!!!

Vile: -pushes past them and proceeds-

X: (sees what appears to be Sigma) Sigma, I'm about to finish you!

(just then, and electric trap activates; the two are wound up in electric chains and electrocuted)

X and Vile: AAAAAAHHH!!!

Sigma: Did you two really think I would let you know of my location and not have something planned to control you?

Vile: B-B-Bastard... -struggles, unable to teleport due to electricity-

???: Don't try it, Vile!

(Dr. Doppler, Bit, and Byte enter the room)

Dr. Doppler: You may have new armor, and a new set of abilities....but deep are still that worthless, pathetic Reploid who failed to be the warrior I envisioned. And for that, I no longer need you! Bit, Byte! Kill him!

Bit & Byte: Yes sir!

X: (tries to break free, but is only shocked more painfully)

Vile: -becoming increasingly angry the longer Doppler is in the room- You... You take everything from me and say it's not enough... You force me to be something I never even got the chance to think about... -a gold aura glows around his arm- I'm better off dead...but not before killing you!! -delivers a punch using some of his Supra-Force Metal energy, breaking through the chains and flies straight into Doppler, hammering him hard in the face- GRRAAAAAAAH!!!

Dr. Doppler: AAAAHH!!!

Bit & Byte: (nod and merge together, forming Godkarmachine O Inary)

Godkarmachine O Inary

Godkarmachine: PREPARE TO PERISH, VAVA!!

X: (finally breaks free, looks at Vile)

Vile: -panting heavily and angrily- These assholes...are mine... They must pay... IT'S F***ING PAYBACK TIME!! -starts blasting away with cannon-

Godkarmachine: (uses shockwaves and rocket punches against him)

X: Vile, your core will overload and--

Vile: -evades the punches, but still hit by the shockwaves- GAAAH!! Grrrrrr...I'LL TAKE THEM DOWN WITH ME!! -visor glows yellow and and activates the Supra-Force Metal, making his armor gold- NOW DIE!! -charges into Inary with an energy-imbued tackle- GRRAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Godkarmachine: GRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pallette: (runs in) VAVA, NO!!

Vile: -follows up with blasting its face with a barrage of super-boosted cannon shots- (I'm sorry, Pallette...but I'll never be at peace until I do this...)

Pallette: (tries running to him)

Dr. Doppler: (snaps fingers)

Blast Hornet: (drops down and grabs her, choking her) Hehehe!!
Blast Hornet

Blast Hornet

Pallette: (struggling)

Vile: -still whaling on Inary, too angry and focused to notice-

X: You let Pallette go Doppler!

Dr. Doppler: Blast Hornet, destroy him!

Blast Hornet: You got it Doc! (fires several Parasitic Bombs)

X: (charges his saber and uses Marooned Tomahawk to counter)

Blast Hornet: Uh?!

Vile: -delivers a strong punch to Inary's face- HMPH! GO DOWN! -punches him again-

Godkarmachine: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Vile: HMPH!! -keeps whaling on it-

Godkarmachine: (uses the last of its power to try finishing him)

Pallette: VILE!!!!!

Blast Hornet: (stings his claws into her)

Pallette: AAAAAAAAHHH!H!!!!!!!

Vile: -charges at it again with energized tackle-

Godkarmachine: AAAAHHH!!!! (destroyed)

Vile: Hmph!! Now... -turns to Doppler and Sigma- Who's next to feel my wrath? Or are you going to hide like cowards?!

Blast Hornet: Hey asshole! I'd be more worried about her right now! (still stinging Pallette)

Vile: Oh? Wasn't someone kicking your ass? Or do you have a serious death wish?

Blast Hornet: Suit yourself: (ready to finish Pallette off)

Commander Yammark: Blast Hornet, stop! (rushes in)

Blast Hornet: Yammark!?

X: (uses Aiming Laser on Blast Hornet's back)

Blast Hornet: GAAAH!!!

Pallette: (falls) AAH!!

Vile: Hmph. Thought so. Now, where was I...? Oh, right. Completing my mission.

Pallette: (falls conviently on top of him)

Vile: Ngh!

Sigma and Dr. Doppler: All forces, ANNIHILATE THEM!!

X: Sigma wait! (tries to chase)

Sigma: Next time we will die! (leaves with Doppler as nearly every Maverick appears to kill them)

X: Grrr....

Pallette: Oh scrap!

Vile: GRRR!! YOU COWARDS!! YOU FLEE BECAUSE YOU KNOW I'LL KILL YOU!! -reverts to normal- Damn it...

Pallette: Vile!

X: (trying to hold his own against the army)

Vile: Hey, how about moving so X doesn't get his ass completely handed to him?

Pallette:'re hurt....

Vile: -sounds utterly pissed off- So what? Kicking X's ass is my job and mine alone! I can't let some nameless, mindless drones do it!

(suddenly the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce rush in to help out)

Arcee: I can't believe I'm helping a Maverick!

Vile: Excuse me, princess. Now if you'll excuse me, I have steam to blow off! -teleports in front of the enemy army and starts decimating them brutally using all of his weapons and abilites- GRRAAAHH!!

Silverbolt: Aerialbots! Prepare to extract the hunters and fugitive immediatly!

Aerialbots: Right! (dive down and grab X, Pallette, and Vile)

Smokescreen: We better get moving before things get worse!

Jazz: Alia, Nana! Boogey us on outta here, NOW!!

Nana: Understood! (prepares to teleport the Hunters and Repliforce back to their respective bases)

Megatron: NOOO!!!! (charges with a cannon, about to finish the job)

Vile: -blasts Megatron in the face before he can do so- How about, no?!

(everyone teleports out just before he could strike)

Megatron: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epilogue: Taming the Vile Spirit


Pallette: (asleep beside Vile).......

Silverbolt: I am not sure she should stay so close to matter how good he may have, he is Maverick nonetheless....

Air Raid: Really? Like that she-spider you're so swoon by?

Silverbolt: Unlike Vile, Blackarachnia is not a war-craven monster that has killed the innocent! I fail to see the reason why General wants him only arrested and not executed! His death sentence to too overdue!

Air Raid: He isn't the only one, Birddog!

Silverbolt: Do I smell mutiny?

Air Raid: Yeah, and it's comin' from you.....sir!

Silverbolt: (growls)

Nightscream: War-craven? It looked to me like he was revenge-craven just now, sir. As if he has specific enemies of his own.

Skyshadow: And he's extremely upset that his enemies ran from him, so much that he seemed like he intended on taking on that entire Maverick army himself, we had to subdue him just to make him calm down.

Jetfire: Subdue.....right.....

Jetstorm: You okay, bro? Nonono, don't tell me! It's about Starscream....again! You have got to let that go!

Jetfire: It's my fault he's a Maverick now, cuz I was afraid and careless....

Jetstorm: Dude, even if you didn't help out, he still woulda gone Maverick. He and his bros are all assholes, you know that!

Jetfire: Maybe, but it would been better than--

Pallette: Hey! Could you keep it down! I am trying to sleep with my VAVA-kun!! (cuddles up to Vile, asleep)

Aerialbots: O____O (back up, awkwardly)


X: (getting a good rest)

Zero: -already awake, relaxing in another bed- Hmm...

X: Doppler was a pain.....very powerful....hope we don't have to run into him again....

Zero: We may have to. The one thing that's worse than a fighting Maverick is a building Maverick, and it's really bad if it's both. It makes sense that Vile was created by such a beast.

X: Vile....he used some of the Supra-Force Metal....he may die soon.....

Zero: He definately intended to kill Sigma and Doppler right then and there. He must be livid that they ran.

X: Yeah....I was pissed I let Sigma get away day, he will die...and peace will finally be achieved....

Zero: To think, you and Vile have the same enemies...though you fight for different reasons... You fight for justice, Vile fights for revenge...

X: That's what spreads us apart. My creator was peaceful-bound. He wanted to use his research for the greater good.....while Vile's creator wanted nothing more than to wage war and take down anyone or anything that got in his way.....

Zero: Not to mention your creator allowed you to make your own decisions, Vile was not. Vile was treated like a tool, and when tools break and you can't fix them, you throw them away. That's what Doppler did to Vile.


Zero: Heh, makes you think. What about Doppler's other creations? They're probably being treated the same way, yet they don't seem to know.

X: Dreadwing and Skyquake don't seem void by Doppler anymore. From what I hear, they now work for Megatron.

Zero: Hm...

X: And Yammark seems to know Blast Hornet, too.....but the way he acted....I wonder what she thinks of him now....

Zero: She doesn't trust most bots, whatever it is won't surprise us.

Double: (runs in) Here's some  E-Cans for ya.

X: (takes his) Thanks....Double, was it?

Zero: A fresh recruit. Good to see new faces.

Double: Thanks a bunch!-(looks over and stares at Sari)

Sari: (humming)


X: Double?

Double" UH?! S-sorry, phased out there! (gives Zero an E-can) Well, back to worr--(slips on a banana peel) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! (crashed into something outside) I'm okay!

Zero: ...A klutz at that.

X: I'll admit, he's rough around the edges....but I do see he has potential....

Zero: Hm. Freshies can go anywhere if they try.

X: (nods)

Pallette: (walks in with Vile) X...

Zero: Hm?

Pallette: Vile...he wants to....well...

Vile: Where is the Force Metal Generator? I don't know her name...

X: Geneva.

Geneva: (hiding, scared)

Vile: Geneva, eh? -seems to have regret in his voice- So she does have a name...


Pallette: You can come out Geneva....he's good now....

Geneva:...(slowly comes out of hiding, but still looks scared)

Vile: -turns to Geneva- ...I've never done this before...but... -seems to struggle to speak- My creator...wanted to use a tool...yet I turn around...and went after use destroy him...that wasn't What I'm trying to say is...I...I... I'm... -looks away- ...sorry...

Geneva:.........(nods) I...forgive you.........Mr. VAVA....


Pallette: Eh, it's a long story....

Vile: I don't even know, X. -shakes head-

X: (chuckles)

Axl: (hanging back).......

Zero: Well, never expected that from "VAVA"...heheh...

Vile: just so happened that she reminded me of that girl... -shakes head- Urgh...

Pallette: (hugs him tenderly and kindly)

Vile: Heh...

Pallette: I love you....Vile.....

Zero: Whoa, that came out of left field! Too bad I'm too lazy to stop the "Jealousy Train"...

X: Maybe we should give these two some space.....

Vile: ...Well this is embarressing... 

Pallette: (kisses him)

X: (leaves to give them some space)

Vile: -sighs-

Pallette: I'll stay be your side till the end, Vile....I swear....

Vile: Look... This is all very new to I don't know how to think of you yet...

Pallette: I understand....then I'll stay by you until you learn all you need to....I promise....

Vile: You're very persistant... Just...don't be in my way, and don't be around me when I explode... I've stopped the clock for now...but I don't know how long that'll last...

Pallette: If you go....I'll go with you.....that's the power of love, VAVA-kun. (smiles gently)

Vile: -shakes head- You are the second bot I don't want to be destroyed...

Pallette:......Okay. But I'll still love you forever. Remember that....

Vile: You won't let me forget...

Pallette: (giggles and hugs)

Vile: Heh...

Nana: (eavesdropping) If only I could have the courage to tell--

-a familiar purple-clad Reploid nearby seeing what's going on-

???: So...guess we could work together again after all...

Nana: A-Armadillo!

Armored Armadillo: ...But he's still a pompous Maverick that has no sense of duty.

Nana:......Umm...Armadillo...there's....something I need to tell you.....

Armored Armadillo: Hm?

Nana: (takes a deep breath) You see.....for the longest time.....I.....well, I...(blushing)

Armored Armadillo: What? Out with it.

Nana: I....I really like you, Armadillo! I love you in fact!

Armored Armadillo: ...I'm sorry, I can't return your feelings. I'm a soldier and a soldier alone. -leaves-

Nana: Wh...what? W-wait! (tries running after him, but then falls and cries)

-a cat-like purple Reploid looks on, wishing to help-

Nana:.....(walks in his direction, saddened and not even noticing him)

Vile: -walks up behind X- X...

X: What is it Vile?

Vile: Guess it'd be only fair to let you know... -takes the tracker out from under his helmet and shows it to X- Found it by accident.

X: So you knew that we were listening in....but you couldn't hear us...

Vile: I did. I didn't crush it right away because you probably had some reason for it.

X: At first, I wanted to stop you, but Pallette stopped me....she knew so much about you and she cares for I'm glad I listened to reason.

Vile: Heh...didn't expect to hear that from you... I expected you to laugh, to want to let the clock run...

X: No Vile....unlike Sigma, you had good reason for it. I won't forgive and forget what you've done, but I won't ever see you as  an enemy anymore.....I feel something more personal now....almost like a long-lost brother of mine,...

Vile: Huh...I guess we could say I feel the are the only bot I see as an equal.

X: (smiles)

Vile: Well, I guess I should be taking my leave...

X: time we'll be as allies and rivals....and not enemies. (gives him a thumbs-up)

Vile: Heh... -points at him challengingly- Don't die on me, alright?

X: You got it!

Vile: Heh. A bot that hunts for Mavericks is called a Maverick Hunter... -starts walking off- What do you call a Maverick that hunts other Mavericks?

X: A Maverick Rogue.

Vile: Heh... I like the sound of that. Also, make sure Pallette doesn't die. You nearly slipped up back there. There'll be hell to pay next time.

X: You can count on me Vile....

Vile: I know. -walks off-

X: (smiles)


Sigma: (walks into the control room of his base) Peacock, Mushroom! How goes the status of the Jakob Project?

Split Mushroom: Nearly complete, sire. The seeds have been planted.

Cyber Peacock: The strategy is flawless, no one suspects a thing!

Sigma: Has your sad excuse for a spy hacked Repliforce's communications yet? Even with the visual and audio tracker, we will still need to monitor and learn their every move....

Cyber Peacock: It is regrettable to report that he hasn't been able to get close to anyone noteworthy of espionage as of yet. We still have time; however, before that intelligence would become required. He'll come through, sire.

Sigma: For your sake, he had better....(to Mushroom) What of our new commanders and their armies? Have they been prepared?

Split Mushroom: Ah, yes. Our new-generation commanders are in place, even the prince and princess are also in place...

Sigma: Speaking of which, she has yet to report back and I am not in the mood for waiting. (contacts Iacon) Red, can you hear me?

Red: (through monitor) Yes, my want me for something.

Sigma: I want you to find my liason. She has yet to report back for days. Find her! Bring her back! Contact her! ANything, just get it done!

Red: You've got it!

Sigma: Don't fail me lik that spy! I!!! WANT!!! LUMINE!!!!


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